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Friday, July 11, 2014

Sun of a Beach ~ Sports Sunblock

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I'm sure most of you out there have already known the existence of sunblock and why is it a must to have one nowadays especially if you tend to expose to the direct sun often.  The main reason is definitely to prevent you to being barbecued by the sun rays.  It may not provide a total protection but then at least it could act as a shield to provide some coverage to prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays (UV) to penetrate straight into your skin.  

So here is a homegrown product by Sun of a Beach.  I have got the one specially formulated for sports which have SPF 50 which could also be used if I were to swim (as if I do lol).  Honestly speaking I have not really have the chance to put it for a good use yet as I have been a couch potato lately due to the need to non stop clearing my tasks but I do tried it on for daily basis.

· Broad Spectrum Protection from UVA & UVB
· SPF 50
· Blend of crisp & cool refreshing fragrance.

+ Moisturizing Shea Butter
+ Hexylresolcinol that helps to lighten dark spots while promoting a smooth & even skin tone. 

Here's how it looks on skin, it is not the type that I have been using before, super white and was rather opaques but this one is sheer and luminous which is definitely something I would opt for on the go.  Whats more when it could actually not only be used on the body but it is safe to be used from head to toe which definitely mend for me (that type of lazy bum who always prefer multi function or all-in-one product).

To sum up : Personally I'll give this product 4/5 stars

Stylish/sporty packaging
Non-sticky consistency
The scent
Kinda makes my skin illuminates slightly 

As of now I don't have any yet as I have only used it on daily basis but not for some outdoor strenuous activities yet which is what it is said to mend for. 

Take note: Do reapply it after every 2 hours or when you undergo excessive perspiring.

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