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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Wines of the World" Tasting Session @ The Best Brew, Four Points by Sheraton Penang

Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Asia Pacific welcomes new "Wines of the World".  In conjunction of their latest debut, they are currently having a Flight of Three Wines promotion at over 300 restaurants & bars across Asia Pacific.   Not neglecting our Pearl of the Orient, this package is currently available at The Best Brew which is housed within Four Points by Sheraton along Tanjung Bungah.    So, are you a wine lover?  If you are then continue reading on as you will have the opportunity to enjoy the aforementioned promotion in which a selection of  250 wines from 30 quality wineries in 11 countries across five continents are featured in order to celebrate its launching.

Thanks to Starwood Hotels & Resorts for having me.

Surround shot before the sun goes down 

A cozy corner with comfy chairs.
 Ain't this a perfect place for bonding?

The bar counter 

De Bortocoli Sparkling Brut N/V from Australia RM60+/glass, RM 250+/ bottle was served for a refreshing start.  In order to hold the effervescent, this decent bottle of Sparkling Wine were served to all the guests after it was perfectly chilled.  Upon my first sip, slight fizzy sensation could be felt followed by a zesty note which I personally find it not as light on the palate as I presumed after a quick sniff.  Aside from the acidic note, this moderately long finish sparkling wine is literally not a figment of my imagination.

Selfie with my pretty partner, +Kharn Yee ! ;)
 She's holding onto my phone and I'm in charge of her camera lol.

Just to show you we were wearing the same shoes but in different colour.  Got it during Jelly Bunny Opening Event here.

Besides the wines, the funky fresco managed to captured my attention as well. ;)

The Whites of the night were Parellada Torres Mas Rabell (Spain) RM 35+ /glass, RM 150+ /bottle, followed by Bianco, Frescobaldi Remole Toscana (Italy) RM 170 + /bottle and Sauvignon Blanc, Deen Bortoli Vat 2 (Australia) RM 160+ /bottle to end the tasting for Whites meticulously.    Although I am not an expert in tasting what's more if it comes to alcohol but personally I would say that wine tasting is a very subjective experience as preferences of each and every individual may vary.  So basically I will be providing you with my personal preferences after the gradual tasting out all of the Whites, with no doubt, Parellada Torres Mas Rabell (Spain) was my favourite White Wine of the evening.  The aroma of this elegant glass of wine was pretty mild and was not that attractive in its first impression as compared to the others despite of that I instantly felt in love with the velvety smooth blend after taking a sip as it does not leave me feeling harsh afterwards.    If you guys adore wines that are fruity and easy to drink this is definitely a good one for you to start with.  

Moving on to the Red Wines line ups were Carinena Garnacha, Torres Mas Rabell (Spain) RM 35+ /glass, RM 170+ /bottle, Sangiovese, Frescobaldi Remole Toscana IGT (Italy) RM 140+ /bottle and lastly Shiraz, Deen Bortoli Vat 8 (Australia) RM 160+ /bottle.  

Whether  it  is  the  scent  or  taste, Carinena Garnacha, Torres Mas Rabell (Spain)  was  a little overwhelming at first.   However, after a few good swirls while chit chatting with the bloggers the deep  ruby  wine  gradually  becomes  more  and  more  soothing  to be accepted.  Fascinating experience I had by ending my wine tasting experience gracefully.

It is selfie time!
From left +henry tan , +Kharn Yee whom always appear on my blog lately & yours truly
 From left ME, (not need to say also you guys should know her already) & +shelyn ooi 
please ignore my retard face in this pic :(

From now till 15th July 2014, members of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) loyalty  program can now enjoy a discount of 25% for purchase for any three wines from the  "Wines of the World"  menu.  Love wines but not a SGP member yet?  Fret not as new members can obtain their membership via Starwood's website, Starwood's Facebook App or through any Starwood Hotels and Resorts.  The sign up is free of charge. ;)

Signing off with my #ootd

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