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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Systema Spiral Toothbrush

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Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Having Japanese test again later but still dropping by to share with you guys about this new toothbrush that I have been introduced to by Lion Corporation.  It is one of Systema new toothbrush with 0.02mm spiral.

As the packaging shows, it is capable in removing 40% more plaque.  I was given the opportunity to try out this in medium soft.  Fyi, I dislike toothbrushes that are too hard as that I personally find it reducing the bristles flexibility to reach into certain areas.  Worst of causing my gums to bleed, but if the bristles are too soft it may also have difficulty in removing stubborn plaque.  Therefore, medium soft ones are undeniably the best brushes to use.

Before ending this post, I should comment a little about the body of this toothbrush.  I find its body exceptionally longer than the usual toothbrushes that I have been using previously, at first I did not get used to its extraordinary lengthy body but after using it for some time this sort of design actually enable us to reach into the inner corners of our molars which are often the most difficult ones to clean yet are the ones your should really take extra care of!  

What I like : 
Super flexible bristles
Its softness 
Ability to clean plague effectively

What I dislike:
Its not so attractive design
(looks like conventional cheap toothbrushes :P)
but don't get me wrong, though it doesn't look that appealing it is good at doing its job as a toothbrush.  *thumbs up* for that!


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