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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pre Birthday Celebrations @ Soba Yoshi & Dolce Desserts

It has been quite some time since I last sat down to blog about food in detail.  Topic for today is all about FOOD!

#1 31st May 2014, Advance Birthday Celebration with my parents @ Soba Yoshi

Family comes first all the time!  It is somewhat a tradition for me to pick my favourite place to go for meal when it comes to my birthday.  Even tough I also do that during normal days but when it comes to my birthday I will have the privilege to choose without worrying about how far the place is nor worrying so much about the pricing as I'm not the one who pays the bill (talking as if I have to pay for my food all the time *giggles*). :P  Decided to go back to my or I should say our (including my parents) favourite Japanese Restaurant which is located at Krystal Point.  Before Sushi Kings and Sakae Sushi outlets started mushrooming, Soba Yoshi has been our most frequent Japanese restaurant till we move over to another side of the island.  I was looking forward to a decent dinner after a super tiring day due to the need to host a team building for my society and having a restless week but sadly now after loving this place for more than a decade, 现在我在这儿已经是找不回以前的那个味道了 (which literally means I couldn't savour their best of the best taste anymore :( ).   Their pricing is slightly cheaper (not very cheap also, just by RM1/RM2) than market price but then as compared to before I would say their food quality deteriorated and my heart actually sank when I knew they already closed down their on the spot Teppanyaki section.  Worst come to worst when my order was served. 

RM 26.00
My appetite was not really that good on that day as I had pre-gastric(idk if you guys get what I mean) before my meal so I was hoping that by ordering my favourite dish will boost my appetite.  Fyi, I actually prefer Eel more than Salmon when it comes to cook fish for Japanese cuisines but this dish just spoiled my appetite entirely on that evening.  Even my parents agreed with my super fussy and selective taste buds, this dish was way too sweet which really killed the authentic taste of Unadon, made the eggs non-existent and not to mention the overpowered mushroom flavour just make this even worse.   Crossed out!

Fish Cake
RM 12.00
Lucky thing they didn't spoil my favourite Japanese snack.  Or else I would have regretted even more for not just heading to Goodall cafe for their Japanese food over there.  Cheap and good yet the quality is there!

#2 1st June 2014, Gathering with the NS mates @ Dolce Dessert

Didn't really make the effort to dress up on that day because I am totally annoyed by the hot weather which made me perspire like a soggy sponge.  Just simply pulled out the most airy top and shorts and then walked out the house in slippers which explains the pretty crappy outlooks LOL.  By now you should know the reason why I couldn't be a fashion blogger.  If I were to become one I am afraid that my laziness will spoil the entire fashion evolution.:P

Didn't really capture the surroundings even though the place is filled funky and creative artworks.  So here's one with my two lovelies in it.

Mango Cube Cake Tart
RM 10.00
Saw many good reviews about their highly rated Mango Cheese cake.  So I simply concluded that mangoes related servings are their signature dishes.  As my taste buds wanted to explore something more interesting on that day I decided to go with their Mango Cube cake tart since I am a big fan of tarts as well.  This one consist of perfect ratio of mangoes, cream and its sweetness level is definitely at my satisfactory level.  However the only thing that makes this not so perfect is the tart underneath, it is a bit to thick for a crafty piece of cake tart, would prefer something that melts in the mouth otherwise it is definitely something I would highly recommend to you guys especially if you are a mango lover.

My ex-comrades whom are also one of my current most like to hangout gang.
A night before my 'jie' (sis) was asking me and the other limelight to be what flavour we don't eat, at that time we insisted that we don't want any birthday cake for that day as I am pretty much bored of cakes and it would be absurd to have cakes when you are already at a dessert restaurant right?  After all birthday celebrations doesn't necessarily need cakes in my opinion especially when you have to think of how to finish it up at the end of the day.  So no point having it.  I would prefer you guys to spend more on presents :P at least I could keep and utilize them in future or can keep it as remembrance or maybe do something more special like what I did for my mum here in which it is more budget savvy as well as no need to stuff each other forcefully just to not waste food. 

No cake so I bought myself my favourite desserts aka macaroons!  You know what?  While standing at the counter to pick my desire flavours I had a sudden thought of having 21 different macaroons to replace the traditional birthday cake for my 21st birthday LOL  

RM 3.50 per piece
RM 15 for 5 piece

I have to say by far this is the cheapest macaroons I have bought even though RM 3.50/ RM 3 for a piece of not even palm size thing is still consider not economical.  Hey!  It's my birthday so it's ok!  That's always the way I always consoled myself after burning my pocket. =_=

Green = Matcha (green tea)
Purple = Lavender
Pink = Raspberry 
Dark Purple = Hazelnut
Blue = Mint
My usual favourite for macaroon are black sesames (too bad they don't have it), vanilla & lavender but out of those five flavours above, Mint has been my favourite of all!

Selfie when the driver is driving :P

Thanks for fetching me!!! <3  In return, I shall present you a portrait of yours below.

#candid shot
Don't you guys think that her gestures resembles a 景点美人?
Perhaps this is the look a woman in love should have.  Congrats for successfully finding your Mr. Right!  Being loved by someone is one of the most bless happening in life, happy for you (though I know you would probably kill me for putting up this pic :P)! <3

Ending this post with some macaroon promoting poses cuz those dainty desserts deserves more than just to be eaten #mylametheory
Goodbye for now dearies!
>>> more to come
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