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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder

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No More Touch-Ups with 
the No.1 Makeup Brand in the World 

Gorgeous skin is rocking the catwalks this season. You can now show off 
a more than flawless complexion with Maybelline New York’s 
latest cake powder breakthrough. 

Generally, this is what this product claims to do.  You may or have yet to see this product in the market.  So, continue reading on to find out if this product work out as it says or not.

Fyi, I was given the colour 04 Honey 

From a quick look this colour actually suits my skin tone and could actually incorporate with my newly purchased Cushion BB.  For a drugstore brand, I would say Maybelline really did well in producing a simple yet sleek packaging.  What do you think?

Before I move on to demonstrate, I have to say that I like the soothing scent of this product.  To me it smells like erm..flower? idk LOL  Maybelline New York White Superfresh Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++ is available June 2014 for a recommended retail price of RM23.90. Refills are available for a recommended retail price of RM11.90.  So just go and test it out at your nearby local drugstores in order to get a better picture of its payoff. 

Bare face kind of thing 

Don't  runaway  kay!   Doing  this  need  some  courage  especially  when  you  don't  have  a flawless skin TT  Just do be plain honest, if pictures are taken from near (unless when I have sun shining on me) or else my skin have moderate visible pores, is annoyingly oily and acne prone esp. when it comes to that time of the month or when I am under stress, my silly face just reveal it all.  Not forgetting to mention that when I take too much deep fried food (not that bad yet) and Durian which heat up the body thus pimples tend to pop out like crazy.  However, I usually live on this phrase "Eat first, then worry later" LOL  After all I eat or not it will still attack, might as well I satisfy my craving first.  :P

Actually there are a few ways to use this product.  Today I'll be sharing with you guys how do I do it for everyday basis which lasts up to 8-12 hours I suppose.

Step 1 : Practice your usual skincare regime (Cleanse, tone & moisturize) < if you use makeup, these are the three ultimate basic steps you should not skip!
Step 2 : Conceal your flaws (zits & under eyes) beforehand.

Step 3 : Apply CC cream (if you have skin that tend to grease, just apply for the high points of your face for that highlighting effect/if you want that dewy skin then full face) or BB cream (apply on full face for better coverage) or just skip to Step 4 right after concealing.

Step 4 : Pat the powder over the face but focus on the T-zone area first and then only move on to other parts with the excess.


My verdict on Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder are:
- It really help controlling oil better (at least 6 hours under super hot weather that makes you perspire) but definitely didn't make me stay matte for the entire day, just a few hours extra than usual but I'm thankful enough.
- Actually I couldn't accept the colour upon my first few applications but I gradually learn the way to avoid it from leaving me with that 僵尸(literally means vampire in chinese) look disastrous cakey look. 
- I always have the perception in which powder with clump into small lumps after some time but surprisingly this does not.    Fyi, I don't do any touch ups throughout the day especially when I'm in college, at most I'll only blot my face with oil blotters but these days just tissue papers.  It do melt down a lil in sweaty condition but then in a graceful manner.  So no worries!

Above pictures are not edited with any skin beautifying mode.  Just an update, these days because my skin conditions are not at its worst state (*touchwood* I don't want in to be either), so I kinda skip the concealing part as well. :P  However, different skin types may vary in results, above are just my reviews after testing.  If you have any queries regarding this product, you may leave me a comment and I will try to reply you asap.

Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline! 

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