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Friday, June 6, 2014

H-Artistry 2014

Hey yo!

There is always the first time in life and yeah...I know I have always be a good girl :P don't be surprised, if you guys are following me on my social sites like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter you guys have probably found out that I actually went to the H-artistry 2014 which happened on 17th of last month at sPICE (formally known as PISA). 

I know this is like a happening since a month ago but it is still better to be late than never right?
Speaking frankly, if they are people who jio (invite) me to hit the club, without a second thought the fellow would have just got rejected. :P  You guys can just say I am lcly (proud) or whatsoever or just continue to read on what is the reason of me acting this way.  However, when I got an  exclusive invitation from my best blogging pal +Kharn Yee (Amber) I was like saying it to myself "okay girl here is your best chance to experience a Saturday night life!"  So before giving Amber an affirmative reply, instead of asking what I did was informing my parents cause doing it this way is much more easier for me to get a green pass. :P  Don't misunderstand or misinterpret my statement, that does not mean my parents are stringent, it is just they do not like me getting back home till the wee hours.  Perhaps it is due to the influence of all sorts of scenes being shown in movies which made them worried on my behalf?  I am really glad that my parents do allow me to do some reasoning and I do understand their painstaking.  No doubt, reasoning is one my niche as when I am really eager to get or achieve something I am that type of person who actually give all out to own it, if not also at least try my best to fight for my own rights. 

Ps for the blabbering but I guess if you were to get an official permit to go into such places, that is probably the process you have to go through LOL  Call me a mummy's girl or daddy's girl I don't care but the reason of me doing so is to avoid unnecessary things from happening in future.  Imagine that if I were to lie and go I would have to undergo a more tedious process than this, for instance, constantly have to come out with a lie to cover another which is probably going to be endless.  Not to mention that my mummy is a super smart woman and definitely not that type of mother I should mess up with or else...I will be skinned alive HAHA I have learned my lesson.   Reflecting back on my younger days if she were to let go all of my wrongdoings without *educating* me properly or pamper me and protect me like what my belated grandmother did, I would said today I am definitely a spoil brat.   From the bottom of my heart, I really thank you!

On the very day of the event, I went over to Amber's house and then together with another friend aka YiTing which is also my friend whom I knew her when I was doing my form 6, we were lucky enough to be chauffeured by Amber's friend to the party place.   We were a few of the early birds on that day.  So we chit chatted and of course snapped a trio picture together before entering.  

Before the official kick start of the party we were hanging around the bar counter in which we were taught of the art of mixing prior to the concert.

The real party begun when we were released into the main stage area.   Alcohol line ups at our party zone.  Those beverages are like the only thirst quencher for the night.  So yeah just drink 'em.  Just because I don't go around telling the whole wide world like some people I do drink but if possible I do try not to due to my gastric problem which sometimes really hurts me severely T.T so have to avoid as I still have many not fulfill dreams so I don't want to die in pain/vain.   Lucky thing my gastric didn't strike on that day or else I might need to drink water from the tap LOL
  Was partying in Zone O which I was told that it is the VVIP area which are mainly filled with medias, people who paid handsomely for it and popular figures.   At first I didn't know the difference of being at this area and other areas till the artists came out performing.  I was like OMG (ps. a bit *ah gao* as I don't really go for concert stuffs also) so I'm just standing right in front of them, no zooming is required for pictures taking and what is best is after their performance, they actually came down to meet and greet us.  Now I see the privilege.

No doubt the opening was exhilarating, I like their light effects and the grand presentation on the big screen!

DJ Brooklyn! 
She is actually one of the artist that I am anticipating to meet her in person.

Selfie with the artists as well as the fellow bloggers <3

Some stuffs that were on me for the long night.  Ps. as of now I still don't really splurge on makeup because I don't really like to do so due to laziness and I always find it not necessary to do so if I am on a casual outing...zzz

Bounced into a long lost acquaintance +Jxhia Wong whom I knew her when we were representing our respective schools for debate and not forgetting to mention that she is a true beauty in person as well.  Lucky thing she has a good memory too.  :)

With the pretty ladies before we bid our goodbyes.
Yi Ting, Yours truly, Amelia, Amber & Cynthia

More group photos

It was a fun-filled night.  If you guys are wondering whether I would turn into a party-goer or a season clubber, I don't think so.  Who knows if this would be my first and last time?  Probably yes, probably not depends on what type of party I am invited to but let me tell you I am definitely not a party person but a person who rather SLEEP all day long lol.  Even me myself are unsure about my decision later on but then if you guys were to ask me to splurge and enter to such places in which I have to inhale the cigarette smoke and then smelling like an ash at the end of the party, needing to raise my voice to communicate but still merely being heard haha...I would say I actually prefer having a lazy meetup at a cafe or go shopping like what a girly girl does. :P  

Like what Amber said "Party is fun when you are with the right people", if there is invitation from the awesome people then of course I would consider going provided if my schedule allows.  Wanted to go to the washroom before leaving but at the end we just quickly fled off before the party officially ended with my gang because we saw many drunker and I told Amber that actually I am not afraid of anything BUT I really hope no one is going to puke on me la!

Never try never know how party is like so yeah this pretty much sums up my virgin clubbing experience. ;)

Last but not least, this is my OOTN for the theme Impress in Red.

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