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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Catching Up @ Ben's

Wearing a yellow top just reminded me of the minions. 
(Does this statement makes sense?)

So happy to meet this chatty girl again.  We have pretty much to talk since the last time I met her was already one month ago which was during the H-Artistry party.  Keeping in touch with her via WeChat is not enough sometimes as we either don't really interfere each other's life but once we do we literally don't know how to stop till we are sick of typing on our smartphones.  Here we are taking selfies while waiting for our desserts to be served.  

Using  the  privilege  as  an  expired  birthday  girl, I  was  the  one  who  suggested  to  dine  at Ben's since I was dying to try their highly raved about dessert and my ex-colleague was the one who actually revived my craving to get here for their dessert.  Lucky thing +Kharn Yee was easy going with me since she is always lazy to decide where  to  dine  and  sometimes  lazy till the extend of not wanting to decide what to order unlike me who is a total opposite.


Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae
RM 15.00
 This is all mine!!!!  Nope not really as I got a bps ("beh pai seh") partner who actually happily dug in her spoon to steal this from me.  LOL That also means she eating my saliva was also part of the package >_< (Disgusting?  Never mind since I don't mind if the person is close with me.  As if you guys never eat people's saliva :P)  So, I did the same to hers as well since by doing so we could actually try both desserts.  Hers was berry themed and was more appetizing due to the blend of sweetness and sourish taste of berries while mine was more of a creamier consistency.  Think of caramel, cheesecakes, vanilla ice cream, granola underneath and topped with crunchy macadamia nuts.  Whole lot of happiness and satisfaction though it was a sinful dessert.

I guess I would have to show you a close-up picture to let you know what I am talking about.   mm...lip smacking!

Every scoop of this may result in your ominous calories but if you are a person who really loves creamy delicacies like me, this concoction will make it worthy for you!!!  Getting a friend along with you would be the best since this may cloyed you out especially if you are a small eater.  This was actually my lunch of the day or I should say heavy snack of the day since I just recalled having porridge before this. :P

Attempting to take picture with my wonderful dessert.
 Not really a perfect portrait, in which the dessert actually looks more appealing than me.
 How am I suppose to concentrate for pictures when there is such a distracting dessert in front of me?
(I know I look really *kiampak* literally means made people felt like giving me one tight slap & I'm aware of that)

Okay that is all for now, having lots more to do (presentation, tests, assignments bla bla bla....).  Thinking of next week just made me felt the need to not procrastinate anything anymore so that I will not feel remorseful at the end of the week.  In fact, these days I have been much more accountable than I used to be but tasks just non stop coming in endlessly.  

Will see you guys soon in my next post.  It won't be long.
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