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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Angkiki Hot Pot @ Anson Park Food Court

Being a big fan of steamboat, aside from home cooked ones I noticed that to find one that is up to par with what we usually get to enjoy at home yet with affordable pricing without all those surcharges are rare to be found.  You might not want to miss out being informed about this newly opened  place which also provide convenient parking space (one of my major concern lol).  

Many thanks to Angkiki for the invitation

Two pax - RM48 /current promotion (valid till 31st of August 2014) - RM 29 

There is also set for 4 pax - RM 68 / current promotion (valid till 31st of August 2014)- RM 49

Set for 8 pax - RM 138 /current promotion (valid till 31st of August 2014) - RM 99

The ingredients for the 8-pax set include:
. Tofu
. Mock abalone slices
. Prawns
. Mushroom balls
. Pig's stomach
. Fish maw
. Fish balls
. Enoki mushooms
. Squids
. Fish
. Jellyfish
. Minced meat
. "Kangkung"
. Spinach
. Fish paste noodles
. Selection of Rice, Instant noodles, Vermicelli Noodles and Glass Noodles (portion for 8 pax)

Close- up of the available soup bases namely Clear Soup, Tomyam and Nyonya Assam Pedas to opt for to fill up your Ying and Yang Pot:

The Ying and Yang Pot which was featured in the 8 pax package on the above picture.

Left is Clear Soup, right is their Tomyam Soup

The natural sweetness of the clear soup was expected as it was boiled with Chinese Cabbage instead of being loaded with msg.  As for the Tomyam Soup it was not as enticing as I thought it would be but don't get me wrong as I personally prefer Tomyam with a spicier and more sourish blend instead of sweeter ones like this.  Unless your liking akin to mine or else those broth-liked consistency Tomyam which are usually found in Authentic Thai cuisines are more likely to suit my preference .   

My favourite soup base of the night goes to something that you don't usually find when having hotpots or steamboats.  Doubting its taste at first because whenever it comes to the so called "Asam Pedas" which is one of the dishes we could easily reach at most of the economy rice sellers, they usually disappoint me with their "Asam Manis".  Upon inhaling the aroma of Angkiki's Nyonya Asam Pedas, excitement level to have a spoonful of it into my mouth has immediately strike my mind.  MM....*paused* and allow the flavours to linger after a mouthful of this appetizing soup base then gulping it gradually for maximum satisfaction.  

Angkiki's in house speciality - Nyonya Asam Pedas

Taste of this soup was skillfully adjusted to bring out the authentic flavours of spices and herbs.  In addition, the pineapple puree which gave the soup base a thicker consistency while not overpowering the herby flavours of Asam Pedas made this a worthy soup base to go with while savouring your steamboat as its ability to stimulate one's appetite was simply amazing.  

Just an extra note for you guys, the level of spiciness could be altered according to your liking.

Deep Fried Bean Curd

Assorted Seafood

Enoki Mushrooms

Fish Paste Noodles

Something that you should not miss if you are someone who likes 'laksa' noodles, their fish paste noodles are springy and have the fishy smell as the name applies, goes well with their spicy soup bases in my opinion.




Mushroom Fish Balls & Meatballs


Mock Abalone Slices



Minced Meat

Pig's Stomach

Kuruma Shrimp

Crisp on the outer, packed with seafood fillings on the inner.  One word to describe this = heavenly!
Homemade Fish Ball

Another of my favourite dish.  If you guys know me in person you guys might have found out that I dislike fish balls especially those which are usually included in Koey Teow Theng because I loathe that fishy taste even though that's the prime taste fish balls should have (ikr, I have weird taste buds).  Despite of that, I really have a thing for homemade fish balls like the picture above, to make things clear, what I actually mean is fish balls with irregular shapes tend to gain my liking.  In other words, I like it when I could feel the chunkiness of fish paste.  lol Period.

Venue: Angkiki Hot Pot @ Anson Park Food Court, Jln. Anson, Penang.  (Next to Wisma TNB/KDU college
GPS : 5.420195, 100.323496
Business Hours: 6.00pm - 10.00pm.  Close on every Tuesday.
Contact: 013-4219191 (Mr. Choong)

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