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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder

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No More Touch-Ups with 
the No.1 Makeup Brand in the World 

Gorgeous skin is rocking the catwalks this season. You can now show off 
a more than flawless complexion with Maybelline New York’s 
latest cake powder breakthrough. 

Generally, this is what this product claims to do.  You may or have yet to see this product in the market.  So, continue reading on to find out if this product work out as it says or not.

Fyi, I was given the colour 04 Honey 

From a quick look this colour actually suits my skin tone and could actually incorporate with my newly purchased Cushion BB.  For a drugstore brand, I would say Maybelline really did well in producing a simple yet sleek packaging.  What do you think?

Before I move on to demonstrate, I have to say that I like the soothing scent of this product.  To me it smells like erm..flower? idk LOL  Maybelline New York White Superfresh Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++ is available June 2014 for a recommended retail price of RM23.90. Refills are available for a recommended retail price of RM11.90.  So just go and test it out at your nearby local drugstores in order to get a better picture of its payoff. 

Bare face kind of thing 

Don't  runaway  kay!   Doing  this  need  some  courage  especially  when  you  don't  have  a flawless skin TT  Just do be plain honest, if pictures are taken from near (unless when I have sun shining on me) or else my skin have moderate visible pores, is annoyingly oily and acne prone esp. when it comes to that time of the month or when I am under stress, my silly face just reveal it all.  Not forgetting to mention that when I take too much deep fried food (not that bad yet) and Durian which heat up the body thus pimples tend to pop out like crazy.  However, I usually live on this phrase "Eat first, then worry later" LOL  After all I eat or not it will still attack, might as well I satisfy my craving first.  :P

Actually there are a few ways to use this product.  Today I'll be sharing with you guys how do I do it for everyday basis which lasts up to 8-12 hours I suppose.

Step 1 : Practice your usual skincare regime (Cleanse, tone & moisturize) < if you use makeup, these are the three ultimate basic steps you should not skip!
Step 2 : Conceal your flaws (zits & under eyes) beforehand.

Step 3 : Apply CC cream (if you have skin that tend to grease, just apply for the high points of your face for that highlighting effect/if you want that dewy skin then full face) or BB cream (apply on full face for better coverage) or just skip to Step 4 right after concealing.

Step 4 : Pat the powder over the face but focus on the T-zone area first and then only move on to other parts with the excess.


My verdict on Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder are:
- It really help controlling oil better (at least 6 hours under super hot weather that makes you perspire) but definitely didn't make me stay matte for the entire day, just a few hours extra than usual but I'm thankful enough.
- Actually I couldn't accept the colour upon my first few applications but I gradually learn the way to avoid it from leaving me with that 僵尸(literally means vampire in chinese) look disastrous cakey look. 
- I always have the perception in which powder with clump into small lumps after some time but surprisingly this does not.    Fyi, I don't do any touch ups throughout the day especially when I'm in college, at most I'll only blot my face with oil blotters but these days just tissue papers.  It do melt down a lil in sweaty condition but then in a graceful manner.  So no worries!

Above pictures are not edited with any skin beautifying mode.  Just an update, these days because my skin conditions are not at its worst state (*touchwood* I don't want in to be either), so I kinda skip the concealing part as well. :P  However, different skin types may vary in results, above are just my reviews after testing.  If you have any queries regarding this product, you may leave me a comment and I will try to reply you asap.

Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline! 

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Angkiki Hot Pot @ Anson Park Food Court

Being a big fan of steamboat, aside from home cooked ones I noticed that to find one that is up to par with what we usually get to enjoy at home yet with affordable pricing without all those surcharges are rare to be found.  You might not want to miss out being informed about this newly opened  place which also provide convenient parking space (one of my major concern lol).  

Many thanks to Angkiki for the invitation

Two pax - RM48 /current promotion (valid till 31st of August 2014) - RM 29 

There is also set for 4 pax - RM 68 / current promotion (valid till 31st of August 2014)- RM 49

Set for 8 pax - RM 138 /current promotion (valid till 31st of August 2014) - RM 99

The ingredients for the 8-pax set include:
. Tofu
. Mock abalone slices
. Prawns
. Mushroom balls
. Pig's stomach
. Fish maw
. Fish balls
. Enoki mushooms
. Squids
. Fish
. Jellyfish
. Minced meat
. "Kangkung"
. Spinach
. Fish paste noodles
. Selection of Rice, Instant noodles, Vermicelli Noodles and Glass Noodles (portion for 8 pax)

Close- up of the available soup bases namely Clear Soup, Tomyam and Nyonya Assam Pedas to opt for to fill up your Ying and Yang Pot:

The Ying and Yang Pot which was featured in the 8 pax package on the above picture.

Left is Clear Soup, right is their Tomyam Soup

The natural sweetness of the clear soup was expected as it was boiled with Chinese Cabbage instead of being loaded with msg.  As for the Tomyam Soup it was not as enticing as I thought it would be but don't get me wrong as I personally prefer Tomyam with a spicier and more sourish blend instead of sweeter ones like this.  Unless your liking akin to mine or else those broth-liked consistency Tomyam which are usually found in Authentic Thai cuisines are more likely to suit my preference .   

My favourite soup base of the night goes to something that you don't usually find when having hotpots or steamboats.  Doubting its taste at first because whenever it comes to the so called "Asam Pedas" which is one of the dishes we could easily reach at most of the economy rice sellers, they usually disappoint me with their "Asam Manis".  Upon inhaling the aroma of Angkiki's Nyonya Asam Pedas, excitement level to have a spoonful of it into my mouth has immediately strike my mind.  MM....*paused* and allow the flavours to linger after a mouthful of this appetizing soup base then gulping it gradually for maximum satisfaction.  

Angkiki's in house speciality - Nyonya Asam Pedas

Taste of this soup was skillfully adjusted to bring out the authentic flavours of spices and herbs.  In addition, the pineapple puree which gave the soup base a thicker consistency while not overpowering the herby flavours of Asam Pedas made this a worthy soup base to go with while savouring your steamboat as its ability to stimulate one's appetite was simply amazing.  

Just an extra note for you guys, the level of spiciness could be altered according to your liking.

Deep Fried Bean Curd

Assorted Seafood

Enoki Mushrooms

Fish Paste Noodles

Something that you should not miss if you are someone who likes 'laksa' noodles, their fish paste noodles are springy and have the fishy smell as the name applies, goes well with their spicy soup bases in my opinion.




Mushroom Fish Balls & Meatballs


Mock Abalone Slices



Minced Meat

Pig's Stomach

Kuruma Shrimp

Crisp on the outer, packed with seafood fillings on the inner.  One word to describe this = heavenly!
Homemade Fish Ball

Another of my favourite dish.  If you guys know me in person you guys might have found out that I dislike fish balls especially those which are usually included in Koey Teow Theng because I loathe that fishy taste even though that's the prime taste fish balls should have (ikr, I have weird taste buds).  Despite of that, I really have a thing for homemade fish balls like the picture above, to make things clear, what I actually mean is fish balls with irregular shapes tend to gain my liking.  In other words, I like it when I could feel the chunkiness of fish paste.  lol Period.

Venue: Angkiki Hot Pot @ Anson Park Food Court, Jln. Anson, Penang.  (Next to Wisma TNB/KDU college
GPS : 5.420195, 100.323496
Business Hours: 6.00pm - 10.00pm.  Close on every Tuesday.
Contact: 013-4219191 (Mr. Choong)

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Systema Spiral Toothbrush

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Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Having Japanese test again later but still dropping by to share with you guys about this new toothbrush that I have been introduced to by Lion Corporation.  It is one of Systema new toothbrush with 0.02mm spiral.

As the packaging shows, it is capable in removing 40% more plaque.  I was given the opportunity to try out this in medium soft.  Fyi, I dislike toothbrushes that are too hard as that I personally find it reducing the bristles flexibility to reach into certain areas.  Worst of causing my gums to bleed, but if the bristles are too soft it may also have difficulty in removing stubborn plaque.  Therefore, medium soft ones are undeniably the best brushes to use.

Before ending this post, I should comment a little about the body of this toothbrush.  I find its body exceptionally longer than the usual toothbrushes that I have been using previously, at first I did not get used to its extraordinary lengthy body but after using it for some time this sort of design actually enable us to reach into the inner corners of our molars which are often the most difficult ones to clean yet are the ones your should really take extra care of!  

What I like : 
Super flexible bristles
Its softness 
Ability to clean plague effectively

What I dislike:
Its not so attractive design
(looks like conventional cheap toothbrushes :P)
but don't get me wrong, though it doesn't look that appealing it is good at doing its job as a toothbrush.  *thumbs up* for that!


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Wines of the World" Tasting Session @ The Best Brew, Four Points by Sheraton Penang

Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Asia Pacific welcomes new "Wines of the World".  In conjunction of their latest debut, they are currently having a Flight of Three Wines promotion at over 300 restaurants & bars across Asia Pacific.   Not neglecting our Pearl of the Orient, this package is currently available at The Best Brew which is housed within Four Points by Sheraton along Tanjung Bungah.    So, are you a wine lover?  If you are then continue reading on as you will have the opportunity to enjoy the aforementioned promotion in which a selection of  250 wines from 30 quality wineries in 11 countries across five continents are featured in order to celebrate its launching.

Thanks to Starwood Hotels & Resorts for having me.

Surround shot before the sun goes down 

A cozy corner with comfy chairs.
 Ain't this a perfect place for bonding?

The bar counter 

De Bortocoli Sparkling Brut N/V from Australia RM60+/glass, RM 250+/ bottle was served for a refreshing start.  In order to hold the effervescent, this decent bottle of Sparkling Wine were served to all the guests after it was perfectly chilled.  Upon my first sip, slight fizzy sensation could be felt followed by a zesty note which I personally find it not as light on the palate as I presumed after a quick sniff.  Aside from the acidic note, this moderately long finish sparkling wine is literally not a figment of my imagination.

Selfie with my pretty partner, +Kharn Yee ! ;)
 She's holding onto my phone and I'm in charge of her camera lol.

Just to show you we were wearing the same shoes but in different colour.  Got it during Jelly Bunny Opening Event here.

Besides the wines, the funky fresco managed to captured my attention as well. ;)

The Whites of the night were Parellada Torres Mas Rabell (Spain) RM 35+ /glass, RM 150+ /bottle, followed by Bianco, Frescobaldi Remole Toscana (Italy) RM 170 + /bottle and Sauvignon Blanc, Deen Bortoli Vat 2 (Australia) RM 160+ /bottle to end the tasting for Whites meticulously.    Although I am not an expert in tasting what's more if it comes to alcohol but personally I would say that wine tasting is a very subjective experience as preferences of each and every individual may vary.  So basically I will be providing you with my personal preferences after the gradual tasting out all of the Whites, with no doubt, Parellada Torres Mas Rabell (Spain) was my favourite White Wine of the evening.  The aroma of this elegant glass of wine was pretty mild and was not that attractive in its first impression as compared to the others despite of that I instantly felt in love with the velvety smooth blend after taking a sip as it does not leave me feeling harsh afterwards.    If you guys adore wines that are fruity and easy to drink this is definitely a good one for you to start with.  

Moving on to the Red Wines line ups were Carinena Garnacha, Torres Mas Rabell (Spain) RM 35+ /glass, RM 170+ /bottle, Sangiovese, Frescobaldi Remole Toscana IGT (Italy) RM 140+ /bottle and lastly Shiraz, Deen Bortoli Vat 8 (Australia) RM 160+ /bottle.  

Whether  it  is  the  scent  or  taste, Carinena Garnacha, Torres Mas Rabell (Spain)  was  a little overwhelming at first.   However, after a few good swirls while chit chatting with the bloggers the deep  ruby  wine  gradually  becomes  more  and  more  soothing  to be accepted.  Fascinating experience I had by ending my wine tasting experience gracefully.

It is selfie time!
From left +henry tan , +Kharn Yee whom always appear on my blog lately & yours truly
 From left ME, (not need to say also you guys should know her already) & +shelyn ooi 
please ignore my retard face in this pic :(

From now till 15th July 2014, members of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) loyalty  program can now enjoy a discount of 25% for purchase for any three wines from the  "Wines of the World"  menu.  Love wines but not a SGP member yet?  Fret not as new members can obtain their membership via Starwood's website, Starwood's Facebook App or through any Starwood Hotels and Resorts.  The sign up is free of charge. ;)

Signing off with my #ootd

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Catching Up @ Ben's

Wearing a yellow top just reminded me of the minions. 
(Does this statement makes sense?)

So happy to meet this chatty girl again.  We have pretty much to talk since the last time I met her was already one month ago which was during the H-Artistry party.  Keeping in touch with her via WeChat is not enough sometimes as we either don't really interfere each other's life but once we do we literally don't know how to stop till we are sick of typing on our smartphones.  Here we are taking selfies while waiting for our desserts to be served.  

Using  the  privilege  as  an  expired  birthday  girl, I  was  the  one  who  suggested  to  dine  at Ben's since I was dying to try their highly raved about dessert and my ex-colleague was the one who actually revived my craving to get here for their dessert.  Lucky thing +Kharn Yee was easy going with me since she is always lazy to decide where  to  dine  and  sometimes  lazy till the extend of not wanting to decide what to order unlike me who is a total opposite.


Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae
RM 15.00
 This is all mine!!!!  Nope not really as I got a bps ("beh pai seh") partner who actually happily dug in her spoon to steal this from me.  LOL That also means she eating my saliva was also part of the package >_< (Disgusting?  Never mind since I don't mind if the person is close with me.  As if you guys never eat people's saliva :P)  So, I did the same to hers as well since by doing so we could actually try both desserts.  Hers was berry themed and was more appetizing due to the blend of sweetness and sourish taste of berries while mine was more of a creamier consistency.  Think of caramel, cheesecakes, vanilla ice cream, granola underneath and topped with crunchy macadamia nuts.  Whole lot of happiness and satisfaction though it was a sinful dessert.

I guess I would have to show you a close-up picture to let you know what I am talking about.   mm...lip smacking!

Every scoop of this may result in your ominous calories but if you are a person who really loves creamy delicacies like me, this concoction will make it worthy for you!!!  Getting a friend along with you would be the best since this may cloyed you out especially if you are a small eater.  This was actually my lunch of the day or I should say heavy snack of the day since I just recalled having porridge before this. :P

Attempting to take picture with my wonderful dessert.
 Not really a perfect portrait, in which the dessert actually looks more appealing than me.
 How am I suppose to concentrate for pictures when there is such a distracting dessert in front of me?
(I know I look really *kiampak* literally means made people felt like giving me one tight slap & I'm aware of that)

Okay that is all for now, having lots more to do (presentation, tests, assignments bla bla bla....).  Thinking of next week just made me felt the need to not procrastinate anything anymore so that I will not feel remorseful at the end of the week.  In fact, these days I have been much more accountable than I used to be but tasks just non stop coming in endlessly.  

Will see you guys soon in my next post.  It won't be long.
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