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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week in Jottings for a Brand New Academic Year


 So this is actually how I kick started my brand new academic year = lining up or simply standing around in non specific queue just to get the car park sticker to park within the college premise.  Do things like this happen in your college?  Or I'm absolutely right to hash tag #onlyinTARuc everyone seems to be so 'kiasu' (competitive till the extent of seeing everyone as their rival) lol including myself this time since I have had enough wasting my donkey time to seek for a parking space outside especially during odd hours :P 

 Since we only had one lecture and it was just a morning session, we headed to Gurney Paragon & Gurney (our usual hangout spot I would say) after that for our bonding time.  Week one has always been the best weeks in every semester :P.  Correction from the previous sentence, I should say eating time since they are not only my best mates but my best foodie pal as well :P  Since most of them have not try Miam Miam before which is one of my favourite dining place in Gurney Paragon, we decided to have our meals there since the new cafe nearby our college was not opened :(

  Both of us who managed to get there first just could not wait any longer to feast since we were absolutely hungry but then after placing our order #letustakeselfies :P

Reunited with 'em after missing them for a month plus!
from left ME, 鱼儿/ah Fish, 白老鼠, Yong & Shuen

The longer we know each other the shorter the more informal we tend to address each other, guess that's how I got my super un-glam nickname from them aka Aunty (I would be like "Hello!  What Aunty?! those days but now I'm so adapt to them calling me that way nowadays) >_< 
Lobster Bisque
 Tasted not bad as a whole but then its just a little bit too salty to my liking.

RM 26.80
 Overpriced yet by far one of the worst Carbonara I've had!  Tasted so flat and watery instead of having the creamy consistency. :( 

Peek a boo!  Meet my lil sis from another parent LOL
I don't know if this is due to the angle or what but these days we seem to look more and more alike whenever we take selfies???  Am I hallucinating?  

'Riz Noir' Squid Ink Rice
RM 28.80
 Finally get to try Squid Ink.  Don't get cheated by my close-up shot as portion for this dish is much more smaller than it actually looks like.  Good enough to filled up small eaters' stomach but not suggested for those who are calorific cautious because it is actually very oily.

All of them rather look at their phones than me =_= an example of bad companions :P JK
Actually we are almost the same type of humans when we are together which explains birds of the same feathers flock together.
Meanwhile in college out of all six subjects, Japanese have been the toughest subject for me and I felt alienated once I started reading in that particular language.  Worse comes to worse when I started writing because I think my writing simply resembles all sorts of worms.  =_=   Perhaps I just need more practice.   Whatever it is, no matter how tough the subjects are I have no plan to forgo anything yet because of this:

Realized that I am super in need of a camera to capture those moments I want to hold on to since I already have a couple of things on mind that I wanted to do before ending my life as a college student (not gonna disclosed anything about that plan till I own my desire camera by hard). Not really looking for those super professional ones but at least something that have the look of a DSLR lens/wide lens (is that what you guys call it?) and the most important thing is portable and not too heavy and bulky to be carried in my handbag.  Not to mention I also need a flip screen so that it would make taking selfies a lot more convenient.  I think I should pay more attention to survey about this gadget.  I know some of you have already own one of this, so any recommendations?     

When to watch The Amazing Spider Man 2 after that since there were many positive reviews about this movie.
I kinda like this couple.
Parker & Gwen

What will happen if this situation happen in our local U? lol

Too bad the ending was really heartbreaking </3

Treated parents for dinner at Javrie's Restaurante & Pizzeria by using up my vouchers!  LOL  I know I am cheapskate but what do you expect from a person who merely earns a steady income yet?  So now all I could do it haha...make the thought counts, hello at least I purposely saved up the vouchers for my mummy and daddy. :P

Chamomile Tea
 Having insomnia?  Perhaps you could try drinking this flower tea.  According to my mum she always get to sleep soundly every time she drinks this particular tea.  As for me, you better not ask.  Why?  Give me Ginseng, Essence of Chicken, Red Bull, Coffee (Espresso/Nescafe/Kopi O), Tea or whatsoever beverage that states to make people feel energize have no effect on me so whether I drink this tea or not I can still enjoy my bed time anytime anywhere unless there is some over thinking process going on or else.....zZzz

Sorry I have forgotten the name but to me this tasted so-so which explains the lacking of impression it gave me.

I am certain that this pasta begins with a P letter but too bad I just could not recall its name (short term memory lost :P)

Overall servings over here are just average which I think it's not really worth the price they charge in my opinion but if you happen to dine there do give their Wild Mushroom Soup a try since it's one of the best I have had in town. ;)

Toh Soon Cafe

Kopi C
Woke up pretty early on Saturday to go for our weekly marketing.  Dropped by the very humble and old school kind cafe for breakfast.  To be in precised it is not really that type of posh cafes but it is a place more towards street food kind of thing as it is just casually set up in an alley of Campbell Street.  Did not really capture anything else besides this but let me tell you their toast and curry puff are finger licking good.  ;)

#saturdaynightlife @ SPICE (known as PISA previously) for 2014 H-artistry event
Will blog about that in my next post.  In the meanwhile I should be fully prepared to welcome my full fledged of packed schedule.  No I am not ranting since I am the once who asked for it. ;)

Ask me any questions here without the need of exposing your identity.  Frankly speaking, the reason why I am using this is because sometimes I am curious of what people want to know about me.  Is it the same like the others or what?  

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