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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thomas & Uber Cup 2014

Kudos!  Dato Lee Chong Wei just contributed one point and gave Malaysia a winning start.  :D
credits to TheStarOnline
Guess many today are just staying home to watch the finals of Thomas & Uber Cup 2014 which is currently happening in India.  It has been quite some time for me to see him winning in finals these days in such a grand tournament despite his excellent skills.  However, for this round his winning against world no. 4 Kenichi Tago from Japan is somewhat expected since they didn't go for a rubber match, or else my judgement will be different. :P   If it is not our country that Tago is competing with, I would actually support him and I am not joking!  Though I am not there but by judging how humble those Japanese reacted throughout the match which oppose "some" overconfident countries, they are really much more worth supporting in my opinion. :P

I think this is my first time watching this pairing of our double players Hoon Thien How and Tan Boon Heong in action.  If I'm not mistaken Tan Boon Heong used to pair up with Koo KK in the past?  Do correct me if I'm wrong.  I'm just a big fan of badminton but not a pro which explains :P Personally felt that this pair should have to further foster their partnership as by judging the way they play for the first time corperating without any ranking, potential players they are!  
credits to TheStarOnline

Too bad they have been defeated by Japan's Hiroyuki Endo & Kenichi Hayakawa which are holding a world rank no. 3.  Thus, letting go one point to Japan allowed them ended up tying a 1-1 score at this point.  Not being bias on my own country but I have to say for a no world ranking team to face such a tough opponent who actually successfully defeated the Great China as well, despite there were several careless mistakes that should not be done by professional players Malaysia's double really put up a good showdown this time!  Anyway congrats to Japan for their narrow win 12-21, 21-12, 21-19.

You know what as much as I am rooting for Malaysia, I have already made a presumption that tomorrow is just going to be another normal Monday, no foc Baskin Robbins, no more extra holidays which means yay! no more extra replacement classes to ruin my normal schedules.  As much as I am disliking holidays (I think I've knocked my head somewhere lol) due to the need of replacing classes on odd hours and giving us restless hectic routine, deep in me I am hoping that Malaysia could proof my judgement wrong! ;)

Before signing off, let me ask you guys a random question.  Who is/are your favourite badminton players?

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