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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Havaianas Summer Kit Giveaway

"Having the dream of a prince charming to slip in your glass sandals for you?   Still couldn't find that particular gentlemen that you have been long awaited for?  Fret not!  Keep calm and continue reading on and wait for good things to happen...."
picture source from MTV style
Ever heard of the brand Havaianas?  If not do not let go of this chance to get to know about it as they will be looking for two Cinderellas who can fit into and walk away with their glass shoes limited edition (only 20 pairs of these are available in Malaysia & yet they are not for sale) Havaianas flip flops.  Not only that but it also comes with a matching towel to show off to your prince charming!


Last but not least, I'm the modern/21st century Cinderella who needs a size of no. 7 to fit in and would love to own Havaianas limited edition flip-flop with a vintage pin up illustrations along with a matching towel is because :

  • I always adore fashion pieces that has a vintage themed 
  • Limited edition flip-flops, oh I want them so that I won't be bouncing into the same pattern with others on the street
  • My old faithful pair of slippers decided to end it service under my feet :(
  • Heels are nice to see, nice to hold but not nice to wear especially when a lot of movement is required on a casual day.  A pair of rubbery flat and airy flip-flops are the perfect to go with as I believe it could provide comfort and not causing irritating blisters to pop up when I'm on the go. :)
Wanting to turn a childhood fairy tale into reality, click here to join the ongoing giveaway.  Act fast before the clock strikes twelve, you would have to wake up from your dreams to reality once it is 6th April 2014.

Goodbye & good luck!
Till then I shall see you again when I have the time

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