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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Penang On 6 Opening | 'Taste of Fashion' | Gurney Paragon Mall

Rise and shine guys!
Do at least view the video (taken & edited by me) if you guys are too lazy to read the whole posting, okay?
Taste of Fashion

Approximately a week before this event, my blogger friend (Kharnyee, sounds familiar?  If you've read my blog since 2013 yes she was the one whom I asked to accompany me to the Jelly Bunny Opening event last time) were asking me if I'm free to tag along with her to the event since she is allowed to bring along a partner on that day.  Without further hesitation nor checking my schedule excitement was filled in me due to ever since my last promoting job at sPICE for Homedec I were literally growing mushrooms and mosses at home.  Thus, her invitation to me was like FINALLY I CAN HANGOUT :P  hehe...ikr I sounds so *hong so* (outgoing) anyway thanks!  I did enjoy tagging along to the event at least it lighten up my currently still consider mundane sem break.

Official opening of Penang on 6
It seems that this place have already brought in more stores to cover up the empty spaces near the entrance where they have lots of vintage liked posters.

Group photo with the fellow bloggers before we head to another station for the Fashion Show.  

Surround view of the tented ground right in front of St. Joseph's building.

A moment of red carpet feel. :P lol Thanks for the nice pictures from the photographer who offered to snap pictures for us while we were attempting to snap full body picture with the board.
credits to John Toh & Gurney Paragon's official photographer
Which is your favourite picture among those four in the collage?

The Runway 

VIP seats for Datuk/Dato, Datin & celebrities.  Fyi, two of our local celebrities namely Henley & host Xiao Yu were actually there for the event.

Wamssler's Bartender pouring wines for fellow attendees 

Finger food by TGIF

Fellow bloggers or should I hashtag #asiansatwork? :P
credits to Shelyn Ooi 
It was nice meeting you guys.  From left ME :P > Kharnyee/Amber > Fione > Shelyn > Jason :D

Honey Wine

My lucky draw number which doesn't seem to be lucky :(
Anyway, liking the funky logo design.

Before the show

After the show

Since we didn't have dinner due to time constriction (only had TGIF's finger food at the event), we headed to Chocolate Passion to have dessert for supper.

Brownie Chocolate Pizza - Half

Still prefer their Signature Chocolate Bomb as compared to this.   Do read up my previous posting here. Don't really like the thick bread/pizza base but the toppings seem okay, just a lil too dry to my liking.

Thanks for the door gifts vouchers :D
can't wait to use them!!!

Top from Blogshop of Penang on 6
Skater skirt from H&M
Leopard print wedges from Vincci+
Bag from Match U

*ah chiu* 
(sneezing all the way :( )
Signing off!
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Break Free Trip with My Best Mates

Hello!!!  I'm back again ;)

Main topic of the day

#mondaynoblue as I'm already off from working at Homedec.  Fyi, I've been working as a promoter for the past three days and I kind of forgotten my identity during my first day of work lol.  Usually I'll only visit Homedec as a customer (first time being a staff)  therefore, was strictly prohibited from the Staff Entrance but during the first day of work I hesitating whether I could walk in to that entrance as I've forgotten I am also consider a staff *blurcase*

My major intention to work at the fair is actually to be in the footsteps of those roadshows promoters. :P  No doubt,  I applied to work is also to earn some extra pocket money $ by making my sem break worthwhile.  

Simply like this selca group photo with the colleagues.  It was nice to meet hyperactive peeps! :D

Back to the main topic > Throwback the other day's break free trip with my college besties ;)

1st stop >>> Ah Lai Coffee Shop (Under the Big Tree / Maggie Soup)

When to college hostel to pick 'em then straight away headed for breakfast. 

Kopi Special

 Perfect drink to kick start the day.  Sweetness at the first sip which eventually ends with a hint of bitterness at the end of every gulp made this glass of coffee more outstanding than other usual ice coffee we usually drink from other coffee shops.

Having the same orders for once!

Eggs is something that I am willing to eat for breakfast of my entire life like seriously!  Whether it is boiled, poached, omelette, scrambled etc.  Anything that has to do with eggs are probably my favourite food.

2nd Stop >>>  Somewhere near to Swettenham Pier but I've forgotten the name of this place.  Could only remember Hainan Restaurant is situated here.  Strolled from our breakfast spot to Chew Clan Jetty as well cuz I told them I need to boost my digestion by walking as I was bloated after having such a big breakfast lol.

3rd Stop >>> Redbox, 1st Avenue Mall for Karaoke Session

 My white rat :P WenShie & me with that epic fail wink

My angelic all time camwhore partner YongShin & Me <3  
Do we look alike?  Would you believe it if I tell you she is my sis?

4th Spot >>> Penang Road Chendoi

Back to the air conditioned mall again.  LOL found an extremely good place to take good group photos even if there is no one to hold the camera :P  Washroom with gigantic mirrors are just the perfect spot!

Spot the difference of the below pictures!  Do comment below what are the differences you've spotted aside from our poses ;)

5th Spot >>> Santorini Cafe
Cozy yet classy ambience

Because I like their floral curtains :P
 Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup

If you know me well or have dined or read my previous entries, I think I've mentioned that I always prefer chunky mushrooms in my mushroom soup over creamy mushroom soup but of course if I could get both in one bowl it would be perfect!  I can tell you that their wild mushroom soup is absolutely tasty with the appropriate blend of creaminess as well as chunks of wild mushrooms!!!   

 Hermusney Chicken Chop

Succulent and herby grilled chicken which comes with their special sauce turn out to be a nice concoction.


Group photo

This simple vintage interior place is actually my ideal bed room design!!!
Cream coloured based floral curtains, potted lavenders (artificial but still lavenders)...just so dreamy

For my lovely readers <3

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Havaianas Summer Kit Giveaway

"Having the dream of a prince charming to slip in your glass sandals for you?   Still couldn't find that particular gentlemen that you have been long awaited for?  Fret not!  Keep calm and continue reading on and wait for good things to happen...."
picture source from MTV style
Ever heard of the brand Havaianas?  If not do not let go of this chance to get to know about it as they will be looking for two Cinderellas who can fit into and walk away with their glass shoes limited edition (only 20 pairs of these are available in Malaysia & yet they are not for sale) Havaianas flip flops.  Not only that but it also comes with a matching towel to show off to your prince charming!


Last but not least, I'm the modern/21st century Cinderella who needs a size of no. 7 to fit in and would love to own Havaianas limited edition flip-flop with a vintage pin up illustrations along with a matching towel is because :

  • I always adore fashion pieces that has a vintage themed 
  • Limited edition flip-flops, oh I want them so that I won't be bouncing into the same pattern with others on the street
  • My old faithful pair of slippers decided to end it service under my feet :(
  • Heels are nice to see, nice to hold but not nice to wear especially when a lot of movement is required on a casual day.  A pair of rubbery flat and airy flip-flops are the perfect to go with as I believe it could provide comfort and not causing irritating blisters to pop up when I'm on the go. :)
Wanting to turn a childhood fairy tale into reality, click here to join the ongoing giveaway.  Act fast before the clock strikes twelve, you would have to wake up from your dreams to reality once it is 6th April 2014.

Goodbye & good luck!
Till then I shall see you again when I have the time

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