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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Verdict on Samsung Note 3

Time is scarce these days which is why I have not been so into blogging lately.  Too much things to do yet too little time in this fast moving pace short semester till I could hardly squeeze in time to come out with a proper blog post, thus still having quite a number of pending posts being abandoned as draft.   However, no matter what I should not delay this post any longer, so I purposely stole some of my time which is suppose to be allocated for assignments purpose to blog about this procrastinated post before the discount code for you guys become invalid! :P 

Without further ado, WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG PEOPLE!!! <3

Before that, I would like to take this opportunity to review about my current best companion which is also as known as Samsung Note 3 which falls under the Mobile Phone Category.  I have been using this since November last year as a replacement for my first smartphone namely Samsung Galaxy S Advance which has already became a partial retarded thing >_<.  

picture taken from iPmart
I know many out there have been complaining about the size of this bulky semi tablet smartphone 
"but I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you"  
Personally, I really like how it fits on my palm, the feeling of having it in hand is like 
"you belong with me..."
Lightweight plus big screen is definitely the thing for small eyes person like me :P  Just imagine  I'm able to watch videos and play games without the need to strain my precious eyes to zoom into the screen display.  Amazing!  I presume you must be saying that this unusual smartphone size is so inconvenient for you to keep it in your pocket.  Frankly speaking, I was that type of person as well which made me gave up on buying my desire phone at that time which was the Galaxy Note 1 and  opted to buy Samsung Galaxy S Advance.  Without making the attempt to conduct further research of the features and specifications, I quickly bought that few days or at most a week once it was released, after using it for a few weeks only I discover that the camera could not be zoomed WTH, a phone that costed me for more than RM 1K couldn't be zoomed?!  Should have waited for the supplier to restock my 2nd choice at that time which was Samsung Galaxy S2 instead of buying it in a hurry.  Lesson learned, nowadays whenever I want to get something especially gadgets, I will definitely find out everything about it besides the pricing to make sure I do not repeat the same silly mistake again.  As for the cannot keep in pocket reason, hmm...actually to me it is not a bad thing, at least the tendency of my organs/tissues being radiated could be reduced lol.  Actually it could still fit into some pockets despite its gigantic size, so don't judge haha...but of course it won't be as easy your typical phones such as Iphones which could conveniently slip into your pockets
Last picture captured by my Samsung Galaxy S Advance before it retire :P

Vainer in action!  First picture captured by the phone in charge! ;)  Samsung Note 3 is on duty from this picture onward.

If you ask me how does the camera works?  I would definitely answer, impressive!!!   Seriously an ultimate convincing front camera, which I actually thought that it is too clear for my imperfect complexion. :(  Its Beauty Face camera function is da bomb!  Without the need of further editing, it automatically beautifies the whole look *jawdrop* but after using it for quite some time I found out that the drawback of this function is it could only work perfect when there is adequate amount of light source or else pictures taken will be appeared as dull.  However, if you guys are lucky enough to have a flawless skin then the front camera is already enough to serve you and you can just ignore the beauty face function while taking close up selfie shots.  As for the back camera, I seriously have nothing much to ask for because it already met my expectations and the ability to take quick shots is the most satisfying part of all.  Fyi, my previous photo ability to capture images are as slow as snail which really get on my nerves and made me felt so agitated whenever I was about to snap pictures.   

I'm a happy and super lucky girl, was jumping up and down at my friend's hostel when I got the call from Maxis that I could collect my phone after the two weeks of waiting.  Guess what?   My new babe just came JIT for me to be brought to an opening event, have been worrying for days whether I should accept or reject the invitation due to my shitty phone performance in capturing pictures and worst of all my digital camera already RIP which means I do not have a dependable gadget to take pictures. :(  Once I collected my babe from the Maxis Centre I quickly RSVP to the blogger event invitation which I know I will never want to miss an opportunity like this! ^_^  Thank God!

@ Gurney Paragon's Jelly Bunny Opening Event

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Signing off!  You won't be seeing me till I'm done with my assignments! 
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