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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Lion Men Fans Meeting @ Megamall

Tuning in Pachebel's Canon in D for tonight while dealing with my work

Bottoms up!  Treat you guys drink :P

First try Asia Dolce Frap instead of my usual to-go beverage aka Green Tea Frap to pamper my taste buds.  Was really annoyed by the extreme weather after spending my after class hours in my college hideout which air-cond seemed to malfunction again =_=  Felt like I'm heading the gym or sauna every single time I head to college, tend to end up sweaty and stinky despite wearing comfortable airy clothes >_<   Should probably cut out blabbering from this post because I'm just limiting myself with 15 minutes to complete this post and then get back to face what I should actually face right now.  

So back to the point, I have to say that I really love this concoction, Espresso tasted so much better this way.  Lingering bitterness at the end after every sip is heavenly as it could help to keep me refresh and of course a moment more awake while driving under the blazing hot weather.   Not to mention I actually bought this to prevent my uncooperative stomach from churning as I was pretty hungry at that time but too lazy to drive around, search for parking, get down the car Starbucks drive thru was my only on the way choice.  :P

"Don't drink & drive was quoted by Johnie Walker" if I'm not mistaken < do correct me if I'm at wrong as I think I've seen that motto while stumbling on some blogger's promo posting back then.  In my perspective why not drink & drive, no harm drinking while driving right?  As long as it is not alcoholic beverage, drinks containing caffeine should be perfectly fine...right?

Gosh!  Budgeting should be enforced or I should say reinforced once I get my next allowance, have unintentionally overspent for this month.  Really have to get back to be the frugal me before I have to eat sand for survival.  LOL  Hopefully I won't but yeah...mum is always right in this case, saving money for rainy days should be a compulsory thing!  The only way for me to do that is to keep myself busy, in that case I will definitely forget about spending money and won't be splurging on non essentials lavishly like a lark  ;)

Traveled from our island to the mainland just to meet them, awesome people who came here all the way from Singapore!  Continue scrolling down if you wanna find out who they are.

Oh hey!  Met an old friend who came for the same purpose.  HAHA...we thought we were the only insane humans???  So welcome to the gang my dear friend!

Nowadays, I'm pretty good at finding the perfect angles right?

Noah in action 

The cast for The Lion Men which are about to air on cinemas starting from 27th February 2014 < promoting for one of my favourite director aka Jack Neo :P  Always love his productions!  

Thanks to my dear Mar Mar & her boyfriend, from the island to the mainland we went to meet this awesome bunch of talented people live for real.  I would say their spontaneous beat boxing and rap performance during the fans meeting were terrific! *THUMBS UP*   Speaking frankly this is my very first time going to a fans meeting intentionally to meet celebs ( I think I've knocked my head somewhere or what idk) and I still couldn't get over the fact that humans especially fan-girls could get so fanatic over celebrities, can't blame as most of them were really good looking but blame myself for being a stone-liked fan-girl who basically just stood there feeling meh while others screamed and get high.  Don't misunderstand, it's not I don't like them, I really love them but just it would have be so not me if I were to have be in that typical fan-girls manner.  I think I only know how to scream whenever I see some creatures like those freaky cockroaches or otherwise I'm just mute even tough I'm excited or in fear. What do you expect from a person who don't even scream on roller coasters?  Never encounter people like this before?  Perhaps you should try sitting beside me for a ride, not to say that I'm fearless but it's just lol idk how to scream leh???  Maybe someone should train me up to do so lol.

Lobang in action ~ His like the Hokkien master rapping like a pro

woohoo!!!  Here you go Tosh Rock in his charismatic act ;)

If you wonder why there aren't pictures of me with the celebs, it was because I failed to fight for one and this failure was an expected one lol.  It would be great if I could meet them in person coincidentally...ikr I'm day dreaming much *snapsfingers* if not also never mind, I guess I'll just continue to look at them from far, being able to watch them live is already more that enough for me. 

That's all for today, time for blogging exited by 10 minutes.  Before I bid my goodbye, please take note that I'll be collaborating with a gadget company so if you wanna get discounts upon purchasing  a wide variety of your desire gadgets from various brands do stay tuned on my blog!

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