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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fashion Ideas for Valentines Day

Hey guys!

Finally the most awaited day we have been planning & postponing has come which is collaborating with  +Eileen Pang  to do a fashion post which never in my life I did something like this.  There's always a first time on everything in life, actually in order to make this blog post I've personally stepped out of my comfort zone to try many things for the first time.  

Heels & heavy make up are the two things where I don't usually never go with despite being extra chic in heels I still prefer flats/sandals/flip flops for a day out to make myself to feel more comfortable.  As for makeup I usually do the no makeup makeup till people hardly realize I actually put on makeup ;)

#1 For those girls who don't wear skirt and/or dresses

Believe or not, I was once that kind of person?  A girl with a tomboy soul you could say but that personality does not last for long as time passes I became someone who pays attention to how I look.  Nature of girls being girls I guess.  So I gradually started to develop my own style which emphasize mostly on timeless pieces & the most important thing is being comfortable with what I'm wearing.  Excuse me for being long winded for the suppose to be brief introduction on my style.

Venue : 6th floor of Gurney Paragon Mall

Now back to the point.  The main reason for me to pair a shoulder cut out top with a jeggings is to bring out the casual feminine look (loose top to keep that extra fats out of sight & provide an airy feel & tight bottom to elongate that average short legs) despite being in pants.  Personally, I think this look will look even better if it is paired with stilettos for that extra feminine look (I was supposed to wear my Vincci+ Nude Platform Pumps but in the end....hehe...still sticking to something that is more comfortable < not as comfortable as wearing sandals/flip flops though ==) but in order to make sure I don't break my legs or sprain my ankle in heels on my very first look of the day I've decided to bring out my Leopard Print Wedges which could still allow me to embrace that chic look, don't you agree with that?  Even though we want to look good, my advice is never ever over accessorize like a Christmas tree but by just adding a statement necklace on the plain top is already good enough to complete this look as a whole.  As for me, having a watch on my wrist is a must to keep track of time round the clock despite having a mobile phone with me, so basically that is that one essential accessory that I could hardly live without.  
Shoulder cut out top from Taiwan
Jeggings from H&M
Earrings from random flea market stall
Necklace from Langkawi (belongs to Leen)
Watch from Danopolo
Bag from Guess
Leopard print wedges from Vincci+
Venue : Chocolate Passion Chocolate Cafe @ Straits Quay

#2 Two Way Typical Girl Look
~ Volume 1 : Classy girl look
~ Volume 2 : Girly girl look

If you are going to a fine dining restaurant, coffee house or a five star hotel and you're looking for that simple classy look which is more on the conservative side .  Perhaps you could consider to take this humble look as your reference.  Personally, I think a lady don't really have to reveal too much skin to be sexy or carry all branded goods or wear all those glitzy glitters stuff as long as you have a black lace piece or even better a lacy Little Black Dress, it is gonna be your life saviour!  Agree or not it is much more easier to pick accessories when you are wearing plain clothe especially this universal colour aka black rather than those with lots of details and prints?   Besides that, wearing black or some other dark colours such as one of my current favourite colour aka Burgundy could really help you to create an illusion as if you are looking slim even tough if you don't have that perfect model figure! ;)  So by now you should know why I love black so much!  

Venue : Straits Quay
Dress from Tokyo Fashion
Floral Dangling Earrings from random accessories stall @ Straits Quay
Watch from Danopolo
Bag from Guess
Platform wedges from Payless (belongs to Leen)
Bringing the sexy back!?  
Hairdo (braids) by the bestie as well ;)  

If you think that the first look is too mature and are worried that this body hugging piece might made your belly appear a little too visible after meals.  Continue scrolling downwards ;)

Venue : Maricosa @ Straits Quay

Underlay the black lace dress with skirt to create the girly girl look but make sure it is longer than your dress and skirts with flare is highly recommended not only for providing a feminine personality but also a more comfortable outfit to keep you cheerful for the whole day.  By doing so you will have another look to go without the need to get an extra piece. ;)

> #3 Do help me to name this look ;) <

Venue : Straits Quay
Top from SODA
Skater skirt from H&M
Bag from XOXO bag
Earcuff from H&M
Sunglasses from Vincci Accessories
Shoes from Joy & Peace

As for this look I'm not gonna elaborate anymore but summing it up as a casual simple coordinate yet not too slouchy for a date.  I was about to make this a monotone aka black & white pairing but taking note that this year's Valentines Day falls on the same day as "Chap Gor Meh" (literally means 15th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year) due to cultural superstitions I've decided to add a hint of red & gold embellishment to oomph up the whole look making it less dull and of course more friendly to be wore on festive season as well ;)

Do leave a comment below which look will you wear for your special date!  
Kindly feedback to me which look fits me the best & why? 

there's something missing in this post & it'll be updated asap :P
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