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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Experiencing 7 days Acne-Free Trial with Kiwi AC

Happy Chinese New Year & welcome back to my blog peeps!
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If you guys followed me on my Instagram or Facebook you all might probably found out that I'm gonna do this review.

Kiwi AC is today's product focus

 Hold your breath & control your breathing....Here you go with my pre treatment trial as well as 100% bare face with no edits >_<  

So I begun consuming my trial pack accordingly to the method stated below.

& upon the sixth day of consumption I applied the come together Acne Rescue Mask as well to rejuvenate my problem skin ;)

#1 Cleansed my face with my trustee cleanser, dab dry
#2 Applied toner (I'm using my 2nd toner here instead of my Biotherm for this time)
#3 Let the mask be on the face for 20 minutes
#4 Remove the mask & pat the remaining essence into the skin for better absorption ;)

~ redness have been reduces
~ brighter looking skin

Below is my daily look wearing my no make up make up ;)

Guess what I actually snapped this picture a day after using the mask without using the Beauty Mode on my Samsung Note 3 camera function which could work wonders in smoothing out skin. 

For a better understanding on how Samsung Note 3 Beauty Mode function work.  This picture is the Auto Mode which is 3/5 & basically it work wonders in helping you to 欺骗人家的感情 :P which literally means bluff people's feelings with your outlook.  To be frank I used this mode quite often especially taking close up selcas cuz my horrid complexion appear way too clear & visibility of flaws are like being magnify with the front camera :P  but I used 2/5 so flaws still could be seen but then of caused in a slightly enhanced manner :P

Before telling you about the effectiveness, I would say that the taste of the Kiwi AC is like hmmm...kinda zesty and gassy type.  Overall I find the Kiwi AC product though it didn't really help me in eliminating those bigger pimples but then those tiny zits have been reduced idk whether is due to my current skin care regime or what?  One thing for sure this product did help my skin to reduce oil secretion effectively.  As I've been out for practically whole day form the first day of CNY till the fourth day consecutively & to my surprise despite being under the blazing sun I don't quite need to use oil blotters like I usually need! :D

Where to purchase?
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