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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whatsup 2014?! ~ Resolutions & Recaps

In a blink of an eye, here comes 2014!  It's like the time is ticking even faster nowadays.  Before setting new goals, would like to look into the pass year and look how many resolutions I've achieved and how many have been procrastinated :P

If you have never read my post about those resolutions I've set for myself, you may link here for reference ;)

Target Achieved = TA / Target Postponed = TP

1. Excelling in my studies <<< Though I've managed to ramp up my academic but then knowledge are infinite and I would like to gain as much as I can :D = TA

2. Get back in shape <<< LOL!  Yes for a short period after illness but then resume back to the out of shape figure since I've not really exercise since I left NS ~ kinda miss those strenuous workout. = TP

3. Improve my makeup skill <<< I could at least handle the eyeliner in a more proper manner nowadays and could help to do simple makeup on other so = TA but then still have lots of space for improvements!

4. Be more active <<< I'm back to my old self or even more active with pack schedules & holding a number of responsibilities but then lol!  not in the sports field at all HAHAHA typical couch potato I am :P = TA/TP

5. Travel <<< Yeah but only domestically yet I'm blessed to have my family with me but then the stupiak thing is I've MISSED THE CHANCE TO GO TO TAIWAN!!!! T.T  = TA/TP

6. Korean food!  <<<  I'm still waiting for the date with my best mates!!  = TP

7. Improve languages & dialects <<<  I think my Malay deteriorate a lil since ever since stepping in to college as I seldom or no longer use it anymore but then according to many I've improvemed tremendously in my mother tongue!!!  YAY!  & the word *tremendous* is added by me into the statement to exaggerate things :P  Thanks to those who thought & corrected me :D

8. Get myself employ for a part-time job <<< Worked during my last sem break but then right now I'm unemployed once again. I've no choice but to sacrifice my job for the sake of somethings that I should be prioritizing.  So resigning reluctantly is my opportunity cost!

9. Spend a day at the library or read more <<< I think I would fall asleep in the library if I'm alone & if I'm with my mates I'm gonna chit chat for the entire time in there so lol = TP

10. Update my blog more frequent <<< HAHAHA!  not really but then I'm grateful that I'm starting to get event invitations & sponsors as well as earning a minimal amount of income through doing the things I enjoy :D  = TA

Overall year 2013 have been good despite I've been undergoing some downs but then I'm so thankful that I actually have more ups than downs.  Thus, making year 2013 to be one of my best year in life!

Little recap:

The beginning of college life
Orientation Week ~ Group 24 Iron Man

Classmates of 1DBU6


Surprise Birthday Celebration for Michelle & Peh Khim who shared the same birth date but unexpectedly I was also one of the birthday girl for belated birthday celebration :D

Acing together with my fellow best mates of the same group for presentation. :D

My advance birthday celebration with my BFFs :D

picture credits to iblogmyway
Meeting bloggers in person for the very first time during Jelly Bunny's event bonding session

Best of 2013 ~ total random stuffs based on personal preference with non bias views:

Best experiences:

               Was one of the invited blogger for Gurney Paragon's Jelly Bunny Opening :D
Ever since I have started to blog publicly instead of just keeping my blog as secret(my previous blog), blogging is no longer just a hobby or a personal diary but it has gradually becomes a responsibility and opportunity to broaden my monotonous social life.   I'm so glad to be proposed to work with some organizations but at the same time I felt kinda regretful to not being able to work with all of them despite my wanting to grab the opportunity due to my tied up schedule >_<  Good enough I have the opportunity to do several sponsored postings, paid review, attend event & the happiest thing is to host a sponsored giveaway for my supportive readers ^_^  Hopefully, I could have more opportunities and time to do more meaningful stuffs for this year instead of just spending my donkey time so wastefully on the Internet.  Perhaps, the saying that you cannot have everything in life is true no choice but to deal with what that has to be prioritized first.  However, no matter what is it my blog will still remain its ultimate ideology which is to jot down bits and pieces of my life as well as to share my personal preferences and mingling around with people who likes to do the same thing as I do. :D  If you are wondering which blogger category do I belong to, I shall say that I'm a Lifestyle Blogger as I'm a very random person who has countless hobbies and yet still in search of more interesting stuffs to be inculcated.  <<<  Typical Gemini?  One of my bff ask why not I blog about food?  Oh yeah!  That's a pretty awesome suggestion since  I really love seducing people's taste buds with my #foodporn posting but then blogging solely on food is way too mainstream for me.  Besides that, I've also thought of claiming myself as a beauty blogger since I kinda like primping myself especially MY NAILS LOL or I should say I prioritize more on skincare products rather than splurging on expensive makeup products due to I don't have that kind of budget nor like wearing makeup all the time cuz I'm too lazy =_=  So, I've finally concluded myself as a Lifestyle Blogger so that I can most importantly jot down hip happenings that I wanna share and keep for reminiscing purpose, foodporn post, fashion, reviews of products, nail arts etc.  Basically, whatever that strikes my mind ;)  So, just stay tuned for more random posting peeps :P

Here goes my first time being on stage to host an opening ceremony.  Honestly, I have stage fright!!!  but with the stand & a script its not as scary as I thought it would be hehe...
Emceed twice for BDC organized by FAU of TAR

Semester Break Free Day Trip with my 猪朋狗友 :P

click to read more:

Semester One Break Free Day Trip ~ Part 1 (Posers with Heritage Site Murals)
Sem One Break Free Day Trip ~ Part 2 (Foodporn)

Volunteering at Dog Shelter 

                                                               click to read more:

Volunteering Project cum Civic @ 4PAWS Dog Shelter

MV filming for Social & Work Etiquette Coursework
 pending post :P

Pre Christmas Celebration ~ Social & Work Etiquette Event which was also part of our coursework ;)
Don't laugh but that was my very first time celebrating Christmas!  It's not like I've never been to a Christmas party or exchange gifts during the season but getting to dress up in Christmas feel attire with all those props, it was really my first time.  < ikr I'm so outdated 

pending post :P
Best Salad I've had :
from Italiannies
Best movies:
Ah Boys to Men 2

Escape Plan

Best product to remove heads :

Best beverages :
Mojito Classic is one of my all time fav.

Best Cha Soba :
from Azuma

Best nail art done by myself ;) :
Christmas Themed

Fav. restaurant of the year : Miam Miam

Best Kdrama: The Heirs

Best angle for selca :P

Most inspiring figure : Michelle Phan

Best mask : ePure Membranous Jelly Masque

Best pimple cream : Miyome

Best deal of the year 
Floral Brushes for RM 19

Goals of year 2014 :

1. Strive academically & get perfect score for at least once in my Diploma!  It's really sad to say that I have never get perfect scores nor is academically inclined but then I still hope to gain what I want!

2. Stay fit & healthy

3. Travel!  I want to go to Taiwan to shop so badly!

4. Broaden my network by meeting more people of different backgrounds, skills, genders etc.

5. Spend less & save more $

6. Throw a birthday celebration (my ulterior motives is just to make an excuse to gather with my BFFs :P)

7. Read more

8. Participating in community service or volunteering work

9. Be more active in the blogosphere!  Not just constantly just updating my own blog but I wish I could have more time to socialize with other bloggers as well.  It's felt so awesome to have people whom share the same interest cuz honestly it felt quite stupid to be blogging alone & then ss with my own postings :D

10. Be more action oriented & procrastinate less!

11. Get a part-time or freelance job

"All in all I just wanna be a better person than I were yesterday!"

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