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Monday, December 23, 2013

Quick Break ~ When Christmas Comes Early?

Hello Dearies!  Suppose to be MIA from this space but then in the end I just decided not to procrastinate this posting of joyful jottings or else you might not be seeing this like forever :P  So, just treat this as a Christmas celebration post cuz I'm not gonna have time for Christmas celebration this year. :(  Oh that just remind me of my pending post >_<

Though it was just a domestic trip by car, I've been like so excited for weeks to go on a trip with the family cuz I told myself I really needed a break and so I did :D  I don't know about you guys but then I personally never get bored of visiting Genting Highlands as it's to me it's the paragon of places that you could have all forms of entertainment and enjoy the serenity as well due to the cool weather that could just make you calm and not sweaty!  

Day 1

Selfie in the car just to show you my face?  wth :P
Denim Lace Top & Floral Leggings are from Taiwan (Night market stuff are just so awesome :P)  If it's not for that dumb mid terms I could have followed mum to Taiwan T.T  What a golden opportunity to miss sad case!  

I kept on looking at my self DIY Christmas themed manicure 
      snowflakes, snow, glitters & silver are some of the colours to bring out the Christmas mood

bow is also another thing to have :P  My say!

Did less drawings on this hand due to time restriction & what more do you expect from my left hand?  

Kinda gave order to daddy to stop by Ipoh!  :P  I'm not that demanding right, am I?  LOL!  Since it's on the way, so WHY NOT?

Had  蕾茶 for lunch and I'm super amazed that I could actually swallow the whole bowl of rice which is a super rare happening!  Perhaps it was due to PMS LOL!  :P

The first thing when I'm in a hotel is to....dump all luggage aside & to test the spring of the hotel bed :P  A good excuse for me to ZZZ or lol book my spot to sleep first :P

Then the next thing is to look out for mirrors to snap pics :P  Yay!  Found a gigantic toilet mirror! 

Enough of nonsense now it's time to get into something more serious!  Study!  No joke I actually brought along some notes with me >_<  I'm officially a cuckoo! ==  Agree or not sometimes a different environment could just provide a total different atmosphere despite doing the same thing? 

>  FOCUS <

Got a lil distracted by the dressing table mirror which is big and clear so...hehe...snap* while having my headphones on and doing some brief revision.

 Top from G&H
Burgundy Pants from Cotton On

The exact #ootn
Inner was the G&H white blouse
Top was mum's gift from grandpa & I'm the 2nd generation to wear it!
Leather like coat from Nicole
Bag from XOXO
Shoes from Jelly Bunny

When for a stroll alone around First World like tai tai while my accompanies when into the adulthood place.  You guys should know where I mean right, since that's what Genting is well known for!

Loving those two pants but then didn't get it cuz they don't have my size T.T  That's so sad cuz as of now I only have one new long pants for CNY which means no bottom to be worn to college wth.

Was super duper hungry after strolling around so I ask mum to chia me supper LOL but then it seems that no matter its the food or service Kenny Rogers at Genting's First World just sucks!  Therefore, when a person is hungry and the food is shitty....there goes shitty pictures.  Only 1 portion of this platter could be accepted as a restaurant dish I would say reluctantly!

Chicken Macoroni something...which I kept of stir around to find their invisible macoroni ==  Speaking frankly, I could make better soup from scratch than this!

Those two dishes were definitely spoilers of my good impression towards Kenny Rogers :(

Major love Christmas decorations, if only I have a better photographer with me ==

This is the best photo I have for the night.  Notice something missing from my #ootn?
There goes a day...

Day 2

Woke up super early in the morning, snapped & send a pic to greet le bff before getting ready to head to Kayelle :D

Top belongs to mum :P
Burgundy pants from Cotton On (yeah lar!  wore the same pants as the previous day since I didn't perspire :P)
Earcuff from H&M

Buffet breakfast?  Too mainstream we had an awesome vegetarian breakfast prepared by mum's friends who's a vegetarian as well as a good cook!

Christmas deco at One Utama

Nice pairing or not?

Prepared for a Jacuzzi Bath after whole day of shopping trip.  I have to say 6 hours of shopping is seriously not enough for me!  

I'm not really a huge fan of Starbucks, so here goes my first time of trying something hot from them.   What a sad case when Peppermint Mocha & Toffee Frap actually ran out of stock T.T but lucky thing Hazelnut Frappuccino did not let me down in keeping me warm with the lingering fragrance of the hazelnut mm...

 My name is Rachael not Rachel =_= though the pronunciation is the same.

Day 3

Last picture to sum up the relaxing shopping spree trip?

Had 蕾茶 again for lunch again today with Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea which tasted so flavourful that could put all the Penang urine colour like/powder form ones to a good shame :P This stall at Ipoh Garden South serves the best of the best 蕾茶 in town I've ever ate yet this time my appetite went back to normal again, thus, didn't manage to finish it alone & have to ask parents for help to clear up this awesome bowl!  

That's all about all I should be talking about at this hour before I get even hungrier :P  Goodnight!  


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