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Friday, December 13, 2013

Liebster Blog Award Volume 2

Peekaboo!  Just dropping by to make a quick posting since I'm having a short break from the thing that could make me doze :)  

First and foremost, a shout out  +irene widya Hey!  Thanks for tagging me & hehe...sorry for the hiatus :D  Here you go with my answers for the 11 questions being asked:

1. What most do you like, eating or shopping?
Hello!  I like doing both but then shopping tend to burn up my pocket so...EATING! as I don't have to worry so much about the budget because I'm just a small eater. (I'm a FOODIE) 

2. What kind of pet you like?
Dogs (Golden Retrievers <3)

3. Who's people who inspired you?
Too many to be listed out but here are a few:
Michelle Phan
Tania Joy
Jacqueline Saburido....

4. If you're stuck in an island with only 2 stuff allowed, what you'll bring?
hehe...Comforter :P

5. Which color you like most?
I've been loving lots of colours except for orange...but then have been obsessed with Burgundy lately

6. If you should choose, which one you'll choose - a camera or a smartphone?
Smartphone!  All in one compact gadget :D

7. Do you have any fans?
Me?   Fans?  I don't think so ~

8. If you can choose what life you'll have if you're reborn, which one you'll choose - bruce wayne's life or richie rich's life?
idk who are they :P 

9. What do you like most, a smokey eyes or a natural eyes make up?
Natural eyes make up

10. What time you always wake up in the morning? 
Nowadays, I'm awake before 8am on a daily basis 

11 random facts about me:
1. I love to eat, sleep & day dream
2. I'm a perfectionist yet I'm imperfect wth >_<
3. I love being busy rather than having nothing to do as that will make me feel so useless
4. I love to work at my own pace rather than being pressurize into something
5. I wish that I could dance, swim and play the piano
6. Sometimes I wonder why am I still single :P esp. when I'm watching romance dramas like The Heirs or looking at people around me getting into BGR (ps. I'm not dry kay! cuz I'm already used to being alone)
7. I always like to try and explore things that might seem as an alien to others esp. food
9. I long to be worry-free & financially independent 
10. I don't like sleeping in air-conditioned rooms
11. I love pastries & gifts but not candies! :P 

Actually I've done this before, do check out my volume 1 here

Without further ado, I'm nominating:
5. +Kharn Yee 
8. +henry tan 
10. +Happy Okta
11. +win lyn

My questions are:
1. What would you like to do before this year ends?
2. What's your favourite style to go with for a gathering?
3. Name 3 countries you would like to visit in future.
4. City life or country life?  Why?
5. What is/are your talent/talents?
6. If you won RM20K, what will you do with that sum of $?
7. What time do you usually go to bed at night?
8. What's your ideal type of guy/girl?
9. Name me a must watch movie/drama for this year. :D
10. What do you usually do when you are emo?
11. What do you think about my blog? (interesting/informative/boring/lame, ...etc.)

Do send me a direct link after you are done with it as I would like to read them!!! :D

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Keep calm & stay tuned till my next posting!

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