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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jelly Bunny Opening Part 2 ~ Lunch @ Italiannies

Welcome back guys!

Schedule have been insanely hectic for the past weeks especially the 10th week of college and its good to say that I have already completed the final wave of assignments for this semester...phew...Perhaps this is what it takes to make the best out of the best?  >>> Sleep deprivation T.T, not only me but then majority of my mates are also fighting throughout this weeks to combat with the pilled up assignments.  Is this a pre-entry training for the rat race?  Whatever it is seriously hope that all of our hard work and sacrifices will paid off handsomely! *keepingmyfingerscrossed*

Actually I'm not a person who aims to gain blog traffic but then looking at the increasing number of visitors visiting my blog it really means a lot to me. :D  Thank you readers!

Just in case you are wondering why am I here, now is the time I felt like making you guys drools :P #foodporn posting!  This post is a continuation of the Jelly Bunny Opening Event at Gurney Paragon Mall (don't know what is that about??  My gowd!  Please read my previous posting here for God sake or else you are missing out :P).

Testing out my new smartphone's camera function...
Surround shot mode

Salads ~ Smoked Salmon (Regular)
RM 38.90
Major love this tangy plate of garnishing salad which consists of  tropical cubed mango, cubed tomatoes, juicy oranges, cubed cream cheese, crunchy romaine lettuce and leafy baby spinach topped with slices of smoked salmon with cheese sticks tossed with orange vinaigrette dressing.  Seriously this is so far one of the best salad I've ever had and I could really order one of this as my main meal!

Mojito Classic
RM 20.50
Besides being a good choice to go refreshing beverage, I personally finds this as a good thirst-quencher.   I don't known about you guys but then I tend to like things that are minty with a sourish herbs flavour.

Fettuccine Tartufo 
When its well handled mushroom & cream with spaghetti may be simple yet delightful.

Salmon Oreganato
RM 49.90
I have nothing much to comment about this dish as I don't usually order Salmon at a non Japanese restaurant but then don't misunderstand about my personal preference.  This dish is not that bad but just I just don't find it being able to tickle my taste buds so no raving about it.  

Pizza Enorme
RM 55.90
I remember when I was younger, those typical pizza hut's pizzas are my favourite till my taste buds are being spoiled by thin crust pizza like this.  I have to say this is the biggest pizza I have ever have on my table lol :P

Spaghetti & Meatballs
RM 24.90
Something I did not tried but the meatballs looks very succulent! So, I bet it tasted well :P

Sizzling Roasted Chicken
RM 40.90

Bloggers behind the scene :P


RM 21.90
 Another dish that I missed tasting was their Tiramisu, what a waste right?  But no choice I was really too full to stuff in anything anymore at that time! :(

Was planning to post this later on but then since for some stupid reason I can't use my phone at the moment, here you go!

Yours truly,

Will most probably go MIA as final examination is around the corner >_<

In the mean time, do follow me on Dayre!  Microblogging will definitely be more convenient to share whatever that strikes my mind during my pre-final examinations period ;)  C u guys there!

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