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Monday, December 2, 2013

AXA AFFIN 101 Cancer Care

This post should be written earlier than it should be now but then it's still better to be late than never.  Felt really regretful for the hiatus as the past week was insanely hectic but then of course I did stole some time to laze around without making the attempt to blog. :P   Do let me go once okay?  As I need that enthusiasm in order for me to come out with a proper posting and its a sin for me to do things in a rush and then I felt meh with the outcome.

Just asking a random question.  Have you guys ever heard about the story of Talia Joy Castellano?  By chance, do you guys know who she is?  If not do continue reading as I'm going to tell you about this inspiring American Internet Celebrity briefly.  Talia Joy known for her YouTube channel not just like the other You Tubers, she's actually a 13 years old young lady who was diagnosed with cancer and yet still remained bright and full of energy and managed to battle through for approximately six years.  As all of us know, it is not an easy thing to fight cancer and even it could be controlled there's no guarantee that it won't relapse in future.  Unfortunately, the inspiring young lady has passed away in mid this year after spending her last three months hospitalized for palliative care but then her legacy still continues.  RIP Talia Joy.

After going in depth to understand about part of her journey in combating cancer, mix feelings overpowered me a lil as I felt thankful, relieve and some other undescribable feelings probably because I felt contented and fortunate enough that I have never experience any lost of family members to cancer. *touchwood* but I do know how is it like to lost someone you love.  As we don't know when would it strike or relapse, life for those who are diagnosed with cancer could be very unforeseen and fragile, therefore seeking for treatment as soon as possible is probably one of the best way to battle with it.

"AXA knows that the earlier you fight cancer, the better."

AXA AFFIN is working in collaboration with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to support patients that are currently undergoing chemotherapy.  They'll be funding chemotherapy daycare usage for one cancer patient for every blogger than links back to their 110Cancer Care website in their efforts to take care for cancer patients.  In short, a post from every blogger will be earning a one-day funding for their daycare usage at NCSM Treatment Centre.   

After reading this post, perhaps some of you might be saying that this is some sort of bias advertising but then let me tell you guys, I did this for zero income but even tough its sort of an advertisement as long as it could be saving another patient, why not?  Those patients who are undergoing cancer treatment don't only need physical and mental support but then they also need a large sum of financial support and it could cost them a bomb especially for those who are not from a rich household.  

For further information, do log on to

If you are happened to be a blogger and would like to lend a helping hand to this campaign, kindly contact the person in charge aka Danial to help to change someone's life.

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