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Friday, November 1, 2013

Volunteering Project cum Civic @ 4PAWS Dog Shelter

Hello dearies!!!  Welcome to November!  Time really flies, now is already the last second month before bidding goodbye to 2013.  So, how are you guys doing lately?  

As for me life nowadays is pretty happening  till I couldn't really enjoy my self time.  Noh!  I'm not a big business woman but then it's like whenever my bff ask me out I couldn't free out anytime at all, schedules is really packed and sometimes I myself don't really get it what I'm busy with???  LOL Perhaps it's the never ending assignments, homework plus some other extras I'm working on... I always have this perception where college life should be more lite and easy  but then I think I've got it wrong as sometimes it really requires a lot more commitment but it depends and varies on what are you into.  However,  I just felt great to keep myself busy rather than being a couch potato or parasite sitting at home doing nothing.  ^_^  May God bless my college life to be a fun-filled chapter in my life while being able to strive! (Idk why but ppl tend to mistake me as a Christian whenever they look at me??  Really wonders what makes you guys wonder that I am but ps. I'm not a Christian but a somewhat semi-Buddhist or free thinker kay!) 

Now back to the topic of the day....but before that *teehee* a group picture with my mates before heading to our volunteering project destination just because we finally get to walk in to college with our shorts & slippers :P

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all???

I would say that it is a fun-filled day as if it is not this particular project, I don't think we'll(classmates) make an attempt to gather with each other this way.  Whether you agree or not, most of the time we tend to flock with our own gang and seldom hangout with other mates.  So, I guess I've finally found something good about this subject despite most of us tend to doubt its importance perhaps this is one thing that could bring togetherness and foster our relationship bond with our classmates.  Totally had fun as I'm not the driver for that day yay! car pooling is like one of the best thing for me hehe...especially if I don't know the place well, washing and playing with the hyperactive doggies etc.!!  So, if you are about to own a doggie as your pet, instead of buying it why not considering to adopt  from 4PAWS?  You may check out for details about them at their website here or also at their Facebook Page for latest updates.

Upon walking into the dog shelter you'll be welcome by various species of dogs!  Due to that, I have to put on my face mask before entering as I have very sensitive nose/sinus, dust, fur & haze to name a few are those killer that would caused my nose to face doomsday. ~  Aside from the dog odour, the dogs there were very tame and I would say well behaved because they don't bite but of course they'll get a lil hyper as a sign of welcoming us visitors.  Thus, its very usual for them to sniff here and there or jumping up and down but lucky thing they don't really bark at people, yes they do bark but they are not the type that will stare and bark at you furiously, if you get what I mean.

Now lemme show off to you a bit how many puppies I've carried on that day!  It's a record breaking step for me to have them in my arms as I was one a lil kid who's super duper afraid of dogs!!!  Believe or not?  I tend to shout(as thunderous as whenever I see cockroaches), run everywhere, jump onto sofa/chairs, step on ppl's legs and tried to climb on them just to avoid DOGS & of course burst into tears because of those  dog got excited (lick, jump here and there with their scratchy paws) == reflecting back I'm like so dumb.  As I grew older I started liking dogs and tried to play with them but then I never learn how to carry dogs.  I was too afraid that I might hurt them as I really don't know where should I grab them and what if their are uncomfortable in the position I'm carrying them?  Later I'll get bitten for nothing and so never really carried one till I visited 4PAWS. :D  "Therefore I officially declare that I'm not longer that scaredy-cat that would go panicky because of dogs which means that I've successfully overcome my 3rd degree of fear ;)" yay! 

Just focus on Charmaine and please excuse my == expression

Cuteness overloading right!?  Not only that two lil puppies but the only blue T-shirt lady of the day whom we used to address her as '亲爱的'!which literally means 'my dear'.
lol!  Look carefully & you'll notice my blueish lips & teeth cuz I have monster candies! :P  LOL!  Look at the puppy Yong carried, its actions was like it can't wait to get off her arms :P unlike mine blur but still steady!
Yong & Me :)

"These two 8 week old puppies were thrown in a garbage bin at Straits Quay by someone very irresponsible! The pups were in PERFECT condition - no fleas, beautiful skin and fur. They were lucky to be rescued by a lady named Theresa. She brought the puppies to 4PAWS yesterday with her daughter Charmaine. That was how these two female puppies got their beautiful names. They were even luckier when they were immediately adopted yesterday!

The two furry babies came in the morning, went out in the afternoon. They never even enter the shelter actually! The white puppy was adopted by a wonderful family, with 2 little boys Wei Jie and Wei Sheng who love dogs and promised to help take care of the little pup. 

Everyone fell in love with the brown puppy too - Li Lian, a very committed and passionate 4PAWS volunteer decided she had to take her home. 

We are so happy for everyone including the two very fortunate furry kids! 

(Photos by volunteers Fiona and Joey Tan)"

Speaking of cuteness, I totally lost off to this two!  Those two furry kids are so adorable right!!?  How on Earth the owner are willing and able to abandon them??  Btw, I really miss carrying them in my arms.  The warmth of their petite body, cute nails, small and smooth paws, little floppy ears & silky smooth fur made me enjoyed molesting...hehe...I mean patting them. They were  my first love at the first sight but in reality I only believe in hate at the first sight rather than love :P  Sounds so negative but then I really don't get what's all about love at the first sight which are constantly being rave in dramas specifically Kdramas, do you?

Interested to know more or contribute about 4PAWS?   Do take note of the event below! ^_^ 

Our class photo of the day!

Signing off still have lots of work to be done and preparations to make! (have been lazing around for the entire day) That's makes me a Tak Ada Rehat University College Student :P but who cares, no one can stop me from stealing some time to laze around during days that goes ~ 'today I don't feel like doing anything' ►♫♫♫♫

♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥   ♥ ♥       ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥ 
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