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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jelly Bunny Opening Event at Gurney Paragon Mall

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It was pretty surprising for me to receive an  invitation to join Jelly Bunny to celebrate their second store opening in Penang at one of the most glamorous mall in town aka Gurney Paragon Mall.  From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you for having me there and I did have a fun-filled day meeting fellow blogger friends in person, having the opportunity to mingle with them as well as browsing through myriad choices of merchandises at the newly opened outlet.  
*pops confetti*

Don't they just have a great interior design?

Preview of their latest catalogue 

OMG!  Just look at those vibrant colours of their shoe selections.  I don't know about you guys but then when I first visited their store everything seems to be so eye-catching and my eyes were like zooming in and out throughout the store :P  

Not for sale!  Snap a lil of their decorative items & I specially adore this corner due to the antique looking practical telephone with floral prints!!!  

*eye twinkling*
This particular shelf is filled with the contemporary designs of bags embellished with studs and it's transparent version which means there are definitely a collection of the in style bags.  Besides that, on the same shelving unit itself  there are several pairs of comfy heels with spikes. OMG!  Major love, if only we were allowed to get those bags as our door gifts.  Not only me but this is what the other bloggers are wishing for as well as all of us actually got so obsess with their monochromatic bag collection.

I guess I should stop talking about those bags or else I could just write a whole page of how much I love them as there are really easy to mix and match with any outfit and I could see the durability of their bags!  So for bag lovers, do drop by Gurney Paragon and don't miss the chance to feel the bag as they only have limited stocks for this.

Placing beside their counter are pastel colour casings for Iphone with their logo as well as watches

ps.  Still can't get over it as this is one of my love!

Don't really use cosmetic bag or clutch but them I'm just attracted to their light gold or dune colour which I found them to be quite unique in the market

Closed-up of the colours.  I actually have this pattern of a different colour in my own shoe collection which I have bought it on my own budget.  Therefore, I would like to provide you with my personal non bias review.  They are comfy to walk in even tough its not super but then good enough to be walking around college for around half a day as it doesn't really cause blisters (something that I pay attention a lot when I'm buying shoes) plus you could definitely put it to a good use especially on a RAINY DAY like seriously.  I bet that you'll be thanking God that your shoes don't absorb water like how my ballet flats of sport shoes does which will provide you with an *extraordinary fragrance* later on :P  Ever since I've got my Jelly Bunny it has became my rainy day savior! :D

Matchy-matchy bunny print bag and slippers
They have a few colours for this series and I'm just showing you one of it.  You may visit their store to view the others.

Last but not least, door gifts I've got from this event!  
- Shoes of my own selection (got a pair of glittery wedges after solving my dilemma as well as a pair of nude coloured ballet flats)
- Jelly Bunny Privilege Card (applicable for 10% discount on normal items

I actually got mine when Jelly Bunny first opened in Penang so there's no point for me to have another one and if I were to give it to my bffs only one could get it, later the other gets jealous I was thinking of hosting a mini giveaway.  What do you think?  Should I?

picture credits to Crystal
 From left Rachael (ME) aka owner of immtherandom-ista (this blog!), Chloe from Applefish, Crystal from Crystal - step drop box & Amber from Kharnyee blog

We look like shopaholics
                                                                                picture credits to Crystal
 The rose among the thorns in this picture is Henry from iblogmyway

Take note!!!
this promo will last till 25th November 2013 which is until Monday which is tomorrow.  So if you wanna get a pair of shoes for Christmas or CNY or whatever strike while the iron is hot! :)

I know you guys are waiting for this :P JK
As I took some time to decide what to wear for the event.  How could I not post my #lotd #ootd ??  It'll be a waste of effort if I don't :P
From head to toe
- Earrings are birthday pressie from +Eileen Pang 
- Necklace from Padini
- Bangles from Brands Outlet
- Blouse from JJ
- Skirt Pants from a random stall in One Stop
- Sandals from Jelly Bunny

look into my eyes :P
hehe...Have to show close up cuz I actually drew eyeliner!

Thanks to the GM of JPS Fashions (Malaysia), we (bloggers) get to enjoy a delectable lunch as well, will be blogging about it whenever I felt like tempting you guys with food :P

in the meantime
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