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Monday, October 14, 2013

Magnificent Mask Review Part 1

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Welcome back guys!

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the lucky winner for my giveaway!!! I know it's a lil too late to congratulate but excuse me can or not?  I was feeling unwell for the past few days, & worst of all is being ill on my mummy's birthday fml . Since I can barely talk the other day and  extremely bored, I spammed my WeChat with all sorts of statuses to express my grievances :P  Then, Iook what I've got from that cheeky fellow >_< #youknowwhoyouare but then nevertheless you are one of the person who knows me best :D  Love ya!

Lucky thing we have already did a pre-birthday celebration or else I'll be regretting for life for being an unfilial.  

Family photo taken by the friendly waiter to sum up the simple celebration :) 

Let me share with you guys a lil awkward conversation between me and my mum to show you what kind of *hitty daughter I actually am :P

"Mummy : Girl!  Don't buy me any birthday cake for my birthday celebration.
ME : Since when I said I'm gonna buy you a birthday cake? :P
Mummy : sorta speechless...."

*pops confetti*
Specially ordered this for the limelight of that night as birthday cake is way too mainstream nowadays :P  Glad that I did managed to surprise mummy for this year...

Don't wanna go to far on my personal updates anymore....Just wanna say Congratulations Serah! :D  Not to forget from the bottom of my heart I sincerely thanking all of you who have participated in the giveaway as you guys helped me to boost my blog traffic and for those who have left comments for my postings extra ♥s for you guys .  :D  Do keep your comments rolling in for my future entries as I really love getting feedback instead of just practicing the one way blogging which could also be said as SS :P

Without further ado, do let me share with you my verdict on the Dr. Post Snail Aquaring SOS Mask which I've roughly talked about in my previous posting.  So here I am presenting you with my somewhat horrid looking bare face with zero edits == imperfections & dark circles....when will u leave me alone??  However, I'm glad that my skin condition is getting better from day to day perhaps it's due to my new skin care regime :)  

Like usual steps of applying masks, cleanse & apply toner on to your face before applying kick starting with the rest. 
 As for this product, they have a separate packing ampoule.  Firstly, gently rub those slimy liquid evenly onto your face and then you may unfold and apply your mask sheet like you used to do for approximately 15-20 minutes.  

Remove the mask and pat the excess essence to ensure better absorption into your face & voula!   However, I'm a person with oily skin and I'm kinda afraid that it will over moisturize my skin, therefore after removing the mask sheet instead of patting the essence into my skin I've used cotton pad to blot the excess essence away.  What I would say for this product is it'll definitely aid in skin that is damaged by the sunlight due to the presence of its moisturizing properties.

What I like : ~ the slimy consistency lol! I know it's very disgusting but then this won't be dripping here and there so easily :P
                          ~ moisturizing which actually aids some parts of my combination skin
~ the kinda unique packing

What I dislike : no complains but then nothing to rave about as well as this is not the perfect mask for my skin but I bet this would suit those of you who doesn't have acne prone skin nor oily combination skin type!

Overall rating : 3.5/5

That's all for now, thanks to the inconsiderate fellow now I have to get back to college for class till 8pm or else I would have laze around till Wednesday :P

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