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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Day Spent with My ♥s cum Foodporn

Hello readers!  Ever since I started working & now resuming back to college life I seldom update my blog with postings about my personal life most of the time I'll be doing those sponsored posts which I have been prioritizing lately(forgive me okay?  I wonder if you guys know that sponsored posts are always given a specific dateline and due to my packed schedule which basically is working at least eight hours per day during sem break bla bla then now juggling back to study life once again as sem break is over!... but lucky thing my superior is considerate enough to cut down my working hours to fit my college schedule ^_^)  Enough of those rantings, actually I am not here to rant about anything but just lol! giving excuses :P   Whatever it is, now just let any of the negative energy flow out and replace it with some positive vibes!

Thankful enough people around me told me that I've been enjoying my life ever since I have step into college and honestly that is indeed the truth!  Therefore, I could finally say it confidently that opting out from the place that I thought I don't belong to is actually the most wise decision I have ever made that has certainly changed my life into a more vivacious lifestyle instead of being monotonous and depress despite I had wasted some donkey time.  

So here you go, introducing you guys my forever young mummy! :D  I hope she doesn't see this post as lol!  I presumed that she's gonna be like 'yo!  why on earth you put my ugly pics??'  ~ no one knows my mummy better than I do :P   Fyi, though she's elder than me <<< 废话 she has more radiant complexion than me which is one thing I envy always!  It's a pretty rare happening when my mum actually initiate to camwhore with me.  Therefore I was asking her why?  She said because I dressed down and she sorta dress up >_<  I was like ok fine then we started snapping while waiting for our food to be served.  How does the pictures I took look like?   Obviously I find it not too bad and I really think that my selca skills have been improving tremendously as compared to before but it seems people even my mummy also criticizes about my skills. No worries I'll try to work my way out to snap better quality photos.  Btw, erm...good or bad just be frank with me what do you guys think of my blog posts pictures?  Fyi, all pictures are captured using my smartphone. 

Anyway this is not a promotional post about my mummy lol!  cuz I'm gonna share with you guys my current favourite place to dine in aka Miam Miam which is a French cum Japanese Restaurant.  I randomly found this place via Foursquare and read about what they have in details on KenHuntsFood blog(a very informative foodie blog I've used to check out constantly and stay tuned for updates ever since I randomly reached it through the search engine)!

Country Style Minestrone
RM 11.00
Sourish yet there is a hint of herbier sweetness which did not overpowered the fresh vegetables soup.  Appetizing is the word to describe this soup as a whole, definitely a good starter before you hop into your main meal ;)

Miam Miam Spaghetti 
RM 24.80
With onsen egg, eggplant, bacon, shimeiji & sausages.  Personally, I think this dish resembles a little with the Aglio e Olio but just with some extra calories :P

Matcha Kanteen & Ogura Souffle Pancake
RM 19.80
Sweetness which are definitely just nice!  The fluffy pancake goes so well with the unsweetened matcha ice cream, by drizzling some maple syrup and allow it to flow down the toppings as well as the velvety smooth ice cream and then sip into the pancake, gosh this is absolutely a spoonful of heavenly dessert! *drools* 

Chocolate & Banana Souffle Pancake 
RM 19.80

Bananas & chocolate always tend to turn out fantastic and with the add on of vanilla ice cream this is something highly recommended to you guys who always have a sweet tooth!

Enough from Miam Miam...
Another current favourite outlet aka Milkshake Factory and this is for milkshake, you can tell from their branding itself!   Thanks to my classmate who randomly mentioned this place to me and now I'm longing for more of their milkshake.  After trying the somewhat recommended shake aka Brisbane (watermelon + raspberries + yogurt), I knew I'll get back to get more of those despite it's kinda pricey but then still not as pricey as Starbucks I would say...Then through enough...I went back for more lol!
Yours truly 
Enjoying every single sip of my Penang Milkshake (coconut + blueberries + yogurt if I'm not mistaken)  
Fyi, I'm currently kinda active on Foursquare as I'm using it constantly to keep myself update with some new interesting eateries to explore.

Catch up with my girls aka my high school besties!  Sorta a farewell for that 'gina' Regina Lim who has already left to further pursue her studies somewhere in UK(ps. Regin if you are reading this don't kill me cuz apparently I've forgotten the exact city/state you are going to again :P) and this time it is not for months but years, oh I'm gonna miss you so!

 Guess that's all for now, do stay tuned for my upcoming update as I'll be hosting my first ever sponsored giveaway real soon! ;)  I hope you guys will be excited to participate in, till then c ya!
Smile & always be yourself

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