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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Semester One Break Free Day Trip ~ Part 1 (Posers with Heritage Site Murals)

*cage door opened*  

HELLO!!! ^_^  It's like finally I'm done with the tormenting finals!  *pops confetti*  Actually it has been few days since I was freed but gosh!  I've been busy running errands throughout the week from settling my personal documentation stuffs as well as being an on call driver > <  and till now I don't think I have the chance to laze around yet, how sad is that :(  Anyway, I felt kinda guilty to say this but I'm really sorry to say that BUT I think I'm somewhat like the type of person as below :P
I love and always enjoy learning new things and reading is quite a fun thing for me but then I honestly and seriously hate examinations (ask me why?  I can give you 999999 of reasons lol! fine...I'm slightly exaggerating but reason number #1 it made me RESTLESS thus draining my brain power)  but guess that's just unavoidable plus this is only semester one of year one which means I still have another 5 more finals to deal with before I could surpass Diploma....still a loooooooooooooooong way to go >_< Whatever it is I just hope I will like the results when they are release *fingerscross* but again I'm hoping for the best(pretty ambitious this time, pls don't let me down!) and preparing for the worst as always!

Topic of the day is yeah!  'The day trip around Penang Island' which have been planned beforehand and being much anticipated by my bunch of *hong so kakis* (outgoing people) in Hokkien.  As no one else could really drive nor have a car, it's like for once I've volunteered to be the driver of the day which is an ultimately rare thing as I really dislike driving esp. when there are lots of motorcycles, 'butter & jam' I mean that freaking traffic jam & worst of all fighting for a place to park!!!  zzz...Oh!  One more thing I have a total "wondrous navigation skill", lucky thing Yongshin was clever enough to download the GPS app and our whole journey was sorta depending on it lol!  & if you ever, I'm a Penangite & so as Yongshin!  Good joke right? :P

Peeps!  Let's just skip the wordy part and start the journey along the heritage pathway in a pea size island namely Pearl of the Orient aka Penang (lol!  fine...I'm just a typical long winded human).  So don't worry from this point onward you don't have to strain your beautiful eyes to read so much as I'll be allowing the pictures to takeover the story telling ^_^

First station was the painting with a pervert little boy who's standing on a chair and trying to peek into the bathroom.  Naughty kid! 

This Lion painting somehow makes me feel like it's Chinese New Year again

Look at the cat's eyes, it was going like 'oh man!  camwhorers zzz....I better look up the sky"


I have two versions for minions caption as Take 1, they all commented that "yo why you pose till so barbaric type one??" so I decided to snap another side of me Take 2 aka cute or at least acting cute like a little girl ^_^
LOL!  Whatever I pose...minions expressions are just so priceless with their wtf faces...

After walking from one street to another, we also strolled down to the stretch of living heritage where I suppose it's like a fishing village since it has many motor boats.  Felt so lucky to still have the chance to walk down this sort of wooden pathway which planks are supported by stilts as nowadays apart from skyscrapers we could hardly get to see this sort of villages anymore in our mini island as it steps onto the transitional development.  If any of you were to have a trip to Penang, no matter how hot the blazing sun is, this fascinating site aka Chew Jetty is a must visit itinerary as we don't know how long will this place last in this ever changing world.  Therefore, spare some time to escape from the hustling bustling city temporarily by strolling around this nostalgic of this good old serene days.  

Pictured by me :)  As at first I was too afraid to sit in that kind of position like what my four beautiful ladies did even they tried convincing me that I won't be falling off the plank but I was still so reluctant because till today I'm still sorta traumatized by water :(   So I offered to snap pictures for them instead and I also accidentally recorded an Insta Video with Yee Shuen's Ipad Mini due to lol!  I'm really not an Apple person so I'm not really well verse on what should I click on to navigate to its respective functions.

Cannot stand them already, so I was like hey!  I also wanna have a picture with them at this scene. Obviously, the way I placed my legs was already good enough to show you how was I cowardice by the water T.T

I think they are so gonna kill me if they see me posting this *epic fail* jumping picture but if you guys(ladies in the pic) were to see this hehehe....forgive me kay? :P I'm really liking this sorta candid shot!!!  Like seriously due to Wen Shie's priceless bunny expression with a joey jumping motion, Yee Shuen's lol!  constipation pose, my 'chok' in Hokkien which literally means cool according to them & Estina's happy-go-lucky little kid pose how could I not love this particular picture captured by our sweetie Yongshin???  

You wanna fight???  C'mon! :P 放马过来啦!JK
Btw, really thanks to the uncle who's working in the store telling  us that there is another minion behind the door and then close the door just for us to snap pictures.  I don't think he will be reading my blog lol! as wth am I?  but then really THANK YOU!!! ^_^

Another crazy shot!  
Basically, it's like a battlefield where Estina & I are the contestants while Yongshin & Wen Shie are the spectators.  I think Yongshin placed her bat on me, that's why she was so happy after I defeated Estina! lol!  I know this is pretty lame but who cares?  WE ENJOYED & probably overjoyed on that day! ^_^

Personally thinks that I look like I'm a part of the mural.  Do you think so? or it's just me having hallucination?  I WANNA GROW TALLER!!! *rawrs* but I don't think I can still grow :( to my ideal height so hopefully my enthusiasm could lead me to achieve whatever I'm endeavoring as I step into my adulthood.  

Our attempt to make a NO SMOKING AWARENESS!
Sometimes I really wonder why would people pay to harm their own body???  Kindly tell me why if you are a smoker as I'm pretty curious why would people willingly throw their $ which could be used for better things instead throwing them into the sea which will eventually kill them? Seriously *no offence*!
Nagore Road

Looks so realistic right? :P  Like model on SS for a moment but I'm loving this shot by the pro Yee Shuen for getting such a perfect angle ^_^
China House
In the art gallery which is situated upstairs at our first chillax place.
China House

Though we are not great bowlers but we did enjoy our time here :)

Spot someone missing in the picture below?

credits to the passerby ^_^  

Anyway though all of us just met for not long but as days pass our friendship tend to become closer as we are spending most of our time together in college.  Hopefully no matter what happen we could maintain this sort of bond and continue to work well with each other and of course enjoy our time to the fullest before graduating.  Tolerant is the key to secure it I guess lol!  since all of us have different *siao siao* which literally means mad or chaotic characters esp. when we play hard after working hard :P

This is not all about our trip yet  have you guys notice anything that is missing?    It's FOOD!!!  How could we survive with not eating for the whole day?  Don't tell me you didn't notice that foodie have not blog any on what we ate on that day!!!  *ANGRY FACE*   Fyi, we actually checked in to seven places on that day including all the heritage sites.  Will blog about it asap and ps. for creating suspense but I wanna make the best post I could and I'm in need of getting some rest right now as I'll be starting my job tomorrow!  *excited* 

At the mean time excuse me for going mia.  Ending this post with an 
credits to Yee Shuen
Shades from Ipoh (a shop in Jusco mall but ps. forgotten the name but I can rmb I bought it for only RM10!)
Necklaces from Beads Zone
Inner Tank Top(ollive green) from FUSE URBAN
Outer (yellow) from Kitschen 
Bangles from Brands Outlet
Watch from Polo Club (my faithful watch since Standard 5 if I'm not mistaken *winks*)
Floral Denim Shorts from Brands Outlet
Cross body bag from Taiwan
Anklet from lol!  pasar malam :P
Flip flops from Flippers

don't forget have an awesome week ahead!!!

Note : Remember to be back to check out my blog as and when.  Hint : I have something for you readers ;)  C ya!

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