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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sem One Break Free Day Trip ~ Part 2 (Foodporn)

Welcome back!   Shoo away the Monday blues, keep calm and read my posting which is a continuation from the previous post, have you read that?  If you have not, kindly read it here as I've jotted down some where to go places if you are in Penang!  


 This post is gonna be focusing on food, food, food & MORE FOOD :P  Can't help cause I'm blessed to have a bunch of foodie sweeties ^_^ & you don't expect us to leave our stomach empty for the entire day right?  Walking from streets to streets is very energy consuming you know?

#1 Chew Jetty
Mango Fried Ice
I know I will sound like a frog under the well if I say this but seriously this is my first time eating fried ice!  I always wondered how do they fry the ice when ice always starts melting at room temperature and it is not something like fried ice cream which has an outer skin which somewhat similar to bread texture to enclose the ice cream at the inner, but fried HOW?  Finally with my own ice I observed how it was done and it was pretty simple the preparation was just like pan frying lol! garlic??  Excuse my poor interpretation as I am not a chef so...haha...skip this part and I'll tell you something more important which is the TASTE! :P    My verdict for this is *thumbs up*, the texture of the ice is finer than what we used feel from our local popular delicacy aka the "Ice Kacang" but then there are less toppings as they only sprinkle some peanuts, dried nutmeg shreds and sweet corn whereas the typical ice kacang usually has toppings such as red beans, sweet corn, atapci(palm seed), peanuts, cubed grass jelly, shredded dried nutmeg etc.(may vary) on the shaved ice drizzled over with evaporated milk, red rose syrup or sarsi syrup or both over the mountain of ice.  Another thing is you may add on ice cream of your desire flavour which like I always do!

Chew Jetty, Weld Quay, 10300 Georgetown, Penang ‎

#2 ChinaHouse (click here to be directed to their website)
All nuts pie/cake (ps. forget the name)
Eating this is like eating the "Sak Ke Mah" of the Western version where all sorts of nuts (pine nuts, cashew nuts, walnuts are fuse together but the harden caramelize thingy)  If you ask me to rate this I would say it's too cloying and never ever eat this alone as you'll take forever to finish the whole thing esp. if you are small eater.  Fyi, five of us did not manage to finish this piece no matter how hard we tried and the reason is not to say it taste not nice but just could not finish!

In case you are not sure how a "Sak Ke Mah" looks like :P
credits to online source
Tiramisu Cake
Loving the creamy texture part as well as the peanuts, all of us  kept on eating that part instead of eating it together with the other layers :P   Ain't too cloying and moderate sweetness if it's being shared I guess...

Walnut Espresso
Actually I wanted to order this badly as this is the first thing that catches my eye but then we don't want to order two cakes that contains alcohol(guess they are afraid that the driver might get drunk or what, lol!) so we just had Tiramisu which also contains alcohol and that nutty slice.

153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai and 183B, Lebuh Victoria, 10300 George Town, Malaysia

#3 Marshall's Burger

Bacon Special Chicken Thigh Burger

Perfectly marinated patties!  The chicken thighs are sooooo succulent with slices of bacons, the crunch of the fresh onions and lettuces being sandwiched in between the burger bun = definitely a heavenly BITE if you don't count the calories!  :)  After trying their burgers I finally get it why this outlet is being highly rated in Foursquare!  Yes!  I started using Foursquare mainly to get to know more nice places to hunt for food loool :P

124-C, Burma Road, 10350 Georgetown, Penang ‎

#4 Vintage Bulgaria 
Cafe Latte

Sea Breeze (Sprite & Blue Curacao)

Soup of the day ~ Leek...
All of us were super dissatisfied with this!  We paid RM7 for this somewhat like chicken stalk sprinkled with spring onions stuff???  Was expecting something creamy but wth knew that the soup of the day turned out to be this way >_<

Orley Wraps
A traditionally Bulgarian dish consisting of cheese wrapped in bacon, skewered and grilled to perfection ~ Vintage Bulgaria
Saw someone on Foursquare stated that this is a must try appetizer as it tastes superb so despite the kinda pricey pricing we ordered!  After trying it, I would say one man's meat is another's poison.  Another disappointed dish as it does not have a significant bacon taste but instead all of us find it way too SALTY!   Bacon hardly gone wrong like this way before :(  

Baked Cheese Pasta
Finally saw the ray of hope after tasting this!  The sauce was well flavoured(not too sweet nor sour) with a hint herbs and springy baked mozzarella cheese mm...absolutely a nice concoction! :)

Chicken Stroganoff 
Nice but the portion is definitely not enough for sharing lol!  Btw, mashed potato is yummy!

Herbed-Poached Salmon Fillet
If you are a person who loves fish yet dislike the fishy smell (I know this is a somewhat irony statement but I'm assure that there's somebody out there are this way! :P), this is something you could order as the salmon fillet is absolutely fresh thus no fishy smell.  Actually this is something like the IKEA food court's salmon but just with a more expensive pricing! :P

Creme Brule (Vanilla)
Upon breaking through the brittle caramelized layer, the rich and creamy custard with superb aromatic egg and slight hint of vanilla is definitely a dessert to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.  MUST TRY! :)

1E, Jalan Sungai Kelian, 11200, Tanjong Bungah, Pulau Pinang

Basically,  I'm done with compiling what we did the other day into two postings consisting of seven places ;)   Here's a recap just in case you wanna know:

1. Heritage Sites (Armenian Street, Beach Street,  Step by Step Lane, Nagore Road...etc.)
2. Chew Jetty
3. China House Cafe
4. Marshall's Burger
5. Penang Bowl
6. Rainbow Paradise Beach
7. Vintage Bulgaria

Last but not least...
le Blogger with her Sea Breeze

by the time you read this, I'll most probably be at work...
till the next time

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