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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hishop August Beauty Box Review Part 2~ "Scrape & Treat"

Hey guys!  Happy Belated Malaysia Day! :D

Sponsored Review
Once again I'm gonna talk about product that Hishop has sent to me through their August Beauty Ambassador's Beauty Box! :D  

Having those disgusting heads on your nose?   Fret not!  Your saviour is here!  Tadaa!  Introducing the
#1 Skinmiso Nose Pack Trial Kit view it HERE
continue reading to see how this impressively wondrous product works...
Basically there's three steps to follow in order to scrape off those maggots like thingy from your nose with this product!  For a better outlook on how it works like you may view the diagrams below:

By following the steps I applied the first layer of mask after cleansing and toning my face with my newly won Biotherm product :D  < will blog about that some other day!
After 10 minutes of applying the mask.  Just look at those disgusting protruding white heads...I know that's pretty disguise but for some reasons I like to see as whenever you see this it will definitely made the exfoliating process much more easier and less painful.
Since I've already mentioned exfoliate, you guys should know what should be done next right?  If'll have to remove the impurities with a cotton swab or the black/white heads removing tool to scrape it off!
Gently wash off the excess impurities with water and move on to applying the second layer of mask for another 10 minutes & you're done!  Bet that you are gonna have a smooth dermis layer on your nose after using this!

Rating : 5/5
definitely works better than those products I've reviewed about here  as it did a great job in eliminating heads without peeling off your skin!

ps. already shown you guys my super shitty complexion around my T-zone area, so now get ready for the bare face which means...zzz...the overall skin condition as I'm gonna show you the results of the
#2  Beauty Clinic Mediheal Overlab Yellow Pumpkin Powder Mask view it HERE

Dark circles, zits, pimples etc. impurities it's like I have it all T.T

Camwhore when mask is on is a must! :D

Here you go with the results
What I like ~ the scent (pumpkin scent, can I EAT??? :P)
           ~ the uniqueness where you'll have to squeeze to serum over to the mask sheet
~ made my complexion appeared brighter
~ slightly firm SLIGHTLY only har!

What I dislike ~ actually nothing but I don't think this is the perfect mask for my skin type (oily combination skin) still prefer my bias hehe...spoiled ><  (click HERE to view which is my favourite mask) but I guess it's gonna work perfectly for those who's in need of moisturizing properties!  

Overall Rating : 2.5/5

Here is an offer for my lovely readers which is brought to you by Hishop:

Besides that, below are some multiple transactions voucher given by Hishop which came together with my beauty box.  So what are you guys waiting for?  If you are eyeing something on their website you may use this code to slash down your spending and if you are not and wondering what should or could you get, I highly suggest to you bias aka ePure Membranous Jelly Masque!

Better act fast before the sale ends as I noticed that this hot selling jelly mask is a somewhat a fixed price item I guess since I seldom see them going on sale!

an online lifestyle store

If you are not sure on how to make this discount code applicable kindly read up my previous posting here!

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That's all for now till the next time peeps! :D

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