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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hishop August Beauty Box Review Part 1 ~ "Hues & Swatches"

Sponsored Review

Happy Huedays beautiful people! :)  

Without further ado, I'm gonna review some products I've got from the Hishop's August Ambassador Special aka the return of their Beauty Box.  Feeling lucky and I was jumping for joy when I received an email from them notifying me that I've been selected to review for their filled with makeup goodies box.  Shout out to Ms. Mabel Yan!  Whether you are reading this or not I just wanna say thanks for giving an infamous yet passionate blogger this opportunity! ^_^

Sneak peak of the "August Beauty Box"

This post is all about colours and shades in this beauty box.   So stay with me till the end of this posting okay?  For once, I have something for you readers ;)   Featuring two of my personal favourite products which are from Jelly Pong Pong!!!

From left Jelly Pong Pong's Super Model Stain & Jelly Pong Pong's Lip Cushion

Sometimes I wonder is it only me or what, when it comes to lips, treatments is what I prioritize over colours as chapped lips with dry skin peeling off looks kinda sickening.  Therefore, allow me to talk about the Lip Cushion first before moving to the other product, okay?  Ps you have no choice but to agree with that :P

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Cushion Lip Balm (Cerise)
for more details, view it here

In my opinion, this is definitely an awesome twosome product!  Besides providing a sheer colour it also treats your lips.  Swiping this cushion-soft and somewhat jelly look product on your lips generally gives you that feeling of applying lip balm that treats and lip gloss that gives you that plump effect but what I absolutely love about this product are the fruity scent and it is not too sticky yet moisturizing.  Amazing right?  Seriously if you are looking for a trustee lip product among all those lip products I've used before this one is something that offers something like a 2in1 deal thus, THE BEST product as of now that I would suggest to you guys!

What I like : scent, sheer colour, packaging, affordable pricing, not sticky, moisturizing, 2 in 1 (treat & primp)
What I dislike : Speaking frankly NOTHING

Overall rating : 5/5 

Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain Lip Gloss & Cheek Blusher (Cupcake Pout)  
for more details, view it here

What I love about this product is this packaging which comes with an attached mirror, thus making it ultimately compact and could be easily taken on the go.  Besides that, omg!  Idk why but I'm seriously liking that buttery and slightly chocolaty scent (idk if those two ingredients are use to form this product or not but my nose somehow roger to my brain that kind of scent).  The colour of this creamy lip product is so pigmented that with only one swipe you could already get that perfectly stained lips without surfacing any chapped lips.  Oh!  Another thing is you could also used this as a cheek stain or if you have lighter skin colour you may also use it as a bronzer which will definitely have longer lasting effect rather using the normal powder ones.  However, if you have oily skin or acne prone skin I don't really encourage you to do so due to it's absolute moisturizing properties.  

What I like : scent, classy packaging, moisturizing(cream based), pigmented, 2 in 1 usage (lip & cheek)
What I dislike : colour and price :P

Overall rating : 4/5

I hope my review about this two products could help you and if you do have any questions regarding any of these products do feel free to drop me a comment and I'll reply you asap. ;) The effects of the products definitely looks better than my somewhat poor quality pictures(apologizing for that) :( and all opinions are still based of my personal preferences despite being sponsored, results may vary on each and every of you out there but then I'm 100% truthful in making my stances. :)

Unpleasant looking lips before using any lip products (not the worst yet) :(

Brought to you by Hishop
As I've mentioned I have something for my lovely readers, you may type in the discount code as shown as below upon checking out to get RM 20 rebate upon your placing your order but the T&C is with a minimum purchase of RM99 and above, valid until 31st October 2013 only.  So what are you waiting for?  Act fast and remember to type in AUGBOX to apply the rebate before checking out!  

Happy shopping!!!  See you guys soon, don't worry it won't be too long.  

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