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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sneak Peak for an Upcoming Product Review ;)

*sprinkling fairy dust *

Placed my order on Friday night if  I didn't remember it wrongly, received an email few days later:
Guess what?  I've received my parcel earlier than I've expected :)  If I'm not mistaken Hishop's policy stated than orders will be reaching purchasers' doorstep within three working days, so one day earlier could really make a whole lot of difference especially when you are eagerly waiting to lay your hands on your products!

Oh yeah!  Another thing I'm really impressed  is the delivering agent they collaborated with aka GDEX. You are able to check your parcels' whereabouts with their super efficient tracking system which is constantly updated! 

Fyi, this is my second time shopping  for beauty products with Hishop.  You may read my first post here.  
Being a returning customer of Hishop, they are...
credits to online source

or else I would not have choose to return to shop there also :P   Right?  Plus as and when they'll be offering great deals which tend to attract me to shop there as most of the times prices over there are cheaper than retail outlets.  Idk whether you guys felt this way but sometimes I really hate being follow by salesperson everywhere when I'm shopping or I should say when there are days where I window shop.  
credit to online source
That really made me feel super uneasy to test out those products on the shelves as once you lay your hands they'll approach you and that'll lead me to an awkward situation esp. when I'm not planning to buy anything. (Can't blame them, they are paid to do so after all, but if I have a choice I seriously prefer those salesperson who just greet then leave me alone & I definitely won't blame but I'll seriously THANK them for their act of kindness).  

Now back to the point...

Reminder!  To those of you who wish to try out this product, fyi in conjunction of Raya Celebration it's on sale till 13th August 2013.  So what are you waiting for?
credits to Hishop

"Sebelum Si Nyanyiok lupa ucap, saya kat sini ingin ucapkan 
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 
kepada semua yang bakal menyambut perayaan tersebut!!!  Maaf Zahir & Batin (not sure whether is it ok for a non muslim to mention but I literally just wanna seek for forgiveness if I've directly or indirectly offended you) secara tulus saya mengambil kesempatan ini untuk memohon kemaafan jika ada tersinggung perasaan anda dalam penulisan kat blog ini secara langsung ataupun tidak langsung.  "

Dropping by erm...not to review about Fairy Whitez yet as I haven't finish them so patient okay? :P  I'm just here to add on some info and reviews about Hishop.  What I like about them is their #1user friendly navigational website which allows us to view whatever we want to according to its respective categories varying from skin care, make up, health food etc & as you could see at the caption below they have a wide collection of brands which also includes some well known brands like epure, Bloop, Baviphat...Do check them out here.
 Secondly, I really appreciate how they #2 handle my products with care by wrapping them with bubble wrap and then placing them into a box.  So, no worries that your fragile products will end up being damaged as at most the box will be slightly dented, that's all.  The #3delivering agent they used which I've aforementioned is definitely an efficient one!  Therefore, including this time, this is my second time shopping from Hishop(first time was here) and I find this site to be a trusted one so I'm kinda looking forward to my next purchase :)  

However, there's something I really hope they will improve on, which is their choices of samples as sometimes I really have no idea what to select but for this round consider okay.  

Last but not least, they've recently introduced an Affiliating Program.  So, if you are a blogger or a person who owns a website you should take note of this newly introduced program as you'll be rewarded handsomely.  

I've already registered, so what are you waiting for! ;)

Ending this post at the moment with.....
"Flying Without Wings"

Stay tuned peeps!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Foodie says Hello to August!!!

Say Hello to August!!!   July was a good month for me so August please be good to me ya!  Feeling a little guilty to be here as finals is just around the corner.  Like haha...a fortnight and that's it!  Apparently, I'm driven away by fatigue when it comes to facing all the books but FACEBOOK is of course an exceptional one :P > Guilty pleasure <  *giggles*  enough of blabbering.  

 Well I guess this is just gonna be another food posting :P   Idk why but it seems that I always like to update about food at this kind of hour???    

Restaurant of the day is gonna be Harvest In Cafe, I know this is not a new outlet but then it seems ratings for this particular dining place are highly rated probably due to the cheap and good yet nice ambiance of the interior.  It has been like forever I've wanted to give a try till today as it was too packed during my last visit on Saturday lunch hours.   Reached there pretty early as we went there straight after picking up mum from work.   Opted for set dinner instead of ala carte as it includes drink(coffee/tea/peach tea/lemon tea) + soup + main meal + dessert(jelly/cake) with an add on of RM5.50 if I'm not mistaken, so its more worth it.  

Mushroom Soup with Bun
The mushroom soup is definitely to my liking as I've always prefer it with pieces of blended mushrooms over the just liquid base type.  However I don't think this is the best I've ever had because its too dilute in my opinion but still satisfying on the overall.  The best mushroom soup I've yet to taste is from Little Italy(@ the shop lots in front of BJ complex which have already shifted to a complex to be exact the building where HSBC was previously situated before moving to nearby QB mall but if I'm not mistaken the restaurant has already ended their business ps for crapping ><), another place which serves this type of mushroom soup is at Little Cottage @ Jalan Burmah and as for this the business is still operating!   As for the bun, its warmed!  So, when you spread the butter onto it, you're gonna have heavenly melted butter bun! 

Grilled Almond Fish
The setting of this really looks simple yet got the high class feel despite of the pricing but the taste is very disappointing.  The grilled fish was as dry as those deep fried and its rather tasteless, guess it was not well marinated and I don't think I can taste the almonds at all besides feeling the crisps :(  Vegetables were tasteless except for the nature sweetness from the carrot.  Lucky thing there's still something nice about this, their aromatic and crispy on the outer wedges!  Honestly, I'm still not satisfy with this because it seems that the side dish has just outshone the limelight ><  Things like that are not suppose to happen!  *showing demanding face* or maybe I'm just expecting too much?  

Desserts ~ Cake & Ice Cream
I was expecting the usual slice of cake and was about to ask them to pack it for me to be taken away but then when the waitress served me this....I'm like now this is really dainty and I'm loving it!  By the time I've finished my my meal, oopss correction because I've also *ta bao*aka take away (really hate wasting food!  so have to...) the wedges as I could hardly stuff anything in anymore but when I see this, lol!  immediately told mum that I can still enjoy it because I've different compartment for desserts! :P *greedy*  Cake and ice cream could really complement each other especially when it tastes just nice(not too sweet).  Having this really makes me feel like I'm dining in a fine dining man though I've never been to one yet.  :P

Basically that's all for my dinner today, consider plentiful for a weekday dinner!  Overall, despite me being fussy over the food served, if you asked me whether I would ever dine there again, my answer will certainly be YES(but idk when lar) without a second thought! :)  Wondering why?  
1. Simple yet cozy atmosphere 
2. Reasonable price without tax 
3. I already know how to get there!
4. Good service even though the crowd is there

Harvest In Cafe
Address :10, Jalan Irrawaddy, 10050, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Pinang, 10050, Malaysia ‎
Business Hours :11.00am-3.00pm / 6.00pm-10.00pm (close on Sunday & for dinner on Tuesday)
Contact +60 4-226 1718 

Btw, gosh!  I've just noticed that a few restaurants which I've listed on my places to visit list are just around Harvest In Cafe >_<  
                      idk if u guys do things like this or not but hehe...a foodie like me certainly does this often! :P

Just realized that I've been feeding myself with good food for the entire month of July....

Humble Beginnings!  Craving satisfied! :)

The Wine Shop

AZUMA @ QB mall current fav. of mummy & I!
all time favourite order whenever I visit Japanese Restaurant >>> "Cha Soba"

small Potato cafe

Cafe nearby my college.  Just came to noticed that there are many food outlets around my college area!  I'm so gonna try them one by one before I graduate (*sighs* still a long way tough)....

Bazar Ramadhan!!!!   Only get to eat once a year leh!!!! insta follower who is also a Malay friend of mine was reacting in amazement just because I eat "Nasi Dagang Kelantan" lol!   Have you guys tried that?   Fyi, I'm a *tong sampah*(rubbish bin) who eats practically everything that are eatable la of course!
Gusto Cafe
Another cafe nearby college which my friend and I randomly walked in just because idk what to do to kill time at that time...haha..and so I've found another nice cafe which serves Bagels!   Click here to view my previous featured cafe which freshly traditionally oven baked bagels are their trademark!

The Little Nyonya
Birthday girl's suggestion during our Wednesday evening movie date!
Ong Cheng Huat Seafood 王清发海鲜 
you may read the post here


Finally I'm putting my movie marathon to an end and picking up with my revision marathon! Twelve more days to my finals! :P   Btw, just finished watching the Singapore 30 episodes drama series "志在四方 aka The Dream Makers" in the afternoon ^_^  For those who are fans of Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Chen Han Wei, Qi Yu Wu, Shaun Chen Hong Yu, Chen Li Ping, Rebecca Lim, Zoe Tay, Desmond Tan & Guo Liang this is definitely a MUST WATCH drama!  Personally I'm quite a hardcore fan of Rui En(RE) ever since viewing her cool and charismatic character in Metamorphosis & Unriddle, not to forget the photogenic beauty Jeanette Aw(JA) who has breakthrough with the blockbuster The Little Nyonya few years ago.  Not gonna blabber too much about the castings or else it's gonna be an endless post as so many favourite artists of mine acted in it!! :)  

Personally I find this drama as an unpredictable one, pretty similar like the happenings of our life and it's quite surprising to see the icy queen RE aka Fang Tong Lin aka 大头虾 (big head prawn/ scatterbrain to be exact) portraying a vivacious and down to earth character which is totally unlike her usual trademark which is the ultimately opposing the typical lady like character!  Thumbs up to RE <3  

As for JA aka Zhao Fei Er instead of being the goody-goody, she started as a simple lady who eventually became more and more materialistic especially after raising to stardom and tend to lost her identity.   

Overall, I should say the best line is ......
"The end of the world isn't the most scary thing, it's when you tell yourself you can't do it!"

Ending this post with #poytd
Green Tea Frap(large)
 I don't even have to mention where to have this.  You guys definitely know it!
Speaking frankly, I'm not a frequent customer of Starbucks cuz whatever happens there my demand is just inelastic :P   It'll only come across my mind when I'm craving for their green tea frap.  Stopped by the only drive thru outlet in Penang and upon placing my order the barista suggested that it'll be tastier with some choc. chips & YEAH!   I'm liking this blend!  So its worth the penny to splurge a little bit once in a blue moon :) 

Signing off!


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