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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Hey guys!   

Food, reviews, sponsor today I'm writing about something that's out from those topics ;)  erm...Its gonna be the Liebster Blog Award!  Anyway I don't really take this as an award cuz where got people shamelessly nominate themselves as an award winner one!?  Besides ME :P but I don't think I am that extreme yet since I also indirectly got tagged by the generous blogger for giving me the opportunity to somewhat blog about an indifferent topic!  
"So if you read this blog post and if you own a blog then consider as I tag you"

Actually, I've seen this award mushrooming among bloggers from other countries and find it pretty fun to participate in as its sort of a tagging game enable bloggers to interact with each other despite not knowing them in person.  This is basically what you need to do once you get tag:

The only thing I don't get it with this award is the name,  out of so many words why Liebster?  I couldn't find a definition of it on my trustee online dictionary and one of the closest word to it was lol!  LOBSTER :P   Perhaps Liebster is a person's name???  Kindly tell me if you know about the originality of it as I am very curious about it!

So now 11 facts about ME, MYSELF & I:  
this is gonna be easy-peasy ;)

#1  Rachael is not stated in my IC but its given by my mummy & it's spelled indifferently which is  Rachael instead of the usual Rachel.  Call me Rachael, 宝音, Poh Imm, Teoh or etc. nicknames(if u know me in person) you call me I'm also fine with that :)
#2 A dreamer as well as an endeavor 
#3 Loves trying new things esp. FOOD!
#4 A shopaholic who enjoys shopping anything but always shops with a budget < wise shopper         right/aunty style
#5 Loves to travel with my family, bff & alone someday
#6 Dislikes negativity, hypocrites & vulgarism!  
#7 Always wish that I could read others' minds
#8 Sleeping is a hobby!(anywhere & anytime I don't have a prob. to doze off!)
#9 Longan, Mangosteen & Seedless Grapes are some fruits I don't know how to stop eating unless I'm halt
#10 Homely person rather than an outgoing one esp.when I'm seeking for freedom & inner peace
#11 Before you know me and after you know me might show a vast difference ;)

That's all about myself, so now I'm going to answer the tag questions from Kharyee.  
So here it goes:

Q1 : What do you think about me and my blog?
>>> Hardworking and cares about your academic.  As for your blog, nice layout!

Q2 : Who is your favourite blogger?
>>> Cheesie from Cheeserland!

Q3 : What are you addicted to?
>>> erm...not sure...but not drugs for sure!

Q4 : What is/are things on your wishlist? 
>>> wardrobe related as usual....& probably a new smartphone!

Q5 : What is/are the thing(s) you want to do but still have not achieve?
>>> to earn my very own permanent pay! 
>>> to get perfect scores
>>> to walk gracefully in heels
>>> primp myself professionally 

Q6 : If you were famous what would you be famous for?
*I hope you guys don't need vomit bag :P*
>>> being myself :P

Q7 : What colour do you wear most frequently?
>>>  I thinks its pink

Q8 : What is your favourite apparel brand?
>>> Vincci I guess?  I don't think I'm bias on I? lol!

Q9 : Which country do you like?  Why?
>>> there's Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Italy, France, Indonesia....this is a tough one but answer is probably JAPAN!  The reason is I've been wanting to get there since I was a kid, my favourite flowers are there, sashimi!!  

Q10 : Do you like tattoo?  If yes, which part of your body would you like to tattoo?
>>>  so-so only....adore the artistic designs but on my body??? I rather want a flawless complexion...

Q11 : Are you a gadget geek?
>>>  I don't think so...

So now are 11 questions from me to you guys!
#1  What and who inspires you to blog?
#2  What type of blogs do you usually read?  Do share with me some of your favourite blogs!
#3  Who's your fashion icon?
#4  What gadgets do you own?
#5  If there's a time machine when will you want to turn back & why?
#6  What is the talent that you wish to own?
#7  List 3 of the most important things that you can't leave without.
#8  Friendship versus relationship which is more important?
#9  Your ideal home is a (apartment/condo/mansion/country house...)
#10 Name 3 of your all time favourite songs and give a brief reason for the liking.  
#11 How did you find my blog?  (via Facebook...etc.)

So now I have to nominate 11 blogger friends...speaking frankly this is the toughest part since I only have a handful ones:

As of now I can only think of those above still lacking of blogger friends to tag so I'm tagging any of you who are reading this!  Deal?  Do let me know if you've done as I would like to check it out during my free time! :)   As for those I've tagged it's up to you whether you wanna do it or not it's not a compulsory thing but of course I hope you guys will do it!  You may drop your link to your posting in the comment section below or via Imotiv after you've done participating in it! ;)

Till the next time, chao!

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