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Friday, July 26, 2013



Blogging mood on since today is a public holiday for me so that means I've no classes & parents are enjoying their off day as well!  ;)  Went to St. Anne's Church at Bkt. Mertajam during the day for the very first time in my life.  In conjunction of St. Anne's day, the church was very happening.  Many believers were praying with lighted white candles in their hands to this particular Saint.  Honestly, my knowledge about Christianity aren't that much besides knowing some general ones regarding Jesus & Mother Mary.  

In case you guys are wondering if I'm a Christian, fyi, I'm not a Christian but a believer and I've made some wishes in that hall itself not because I'm superstitious, it's just I somehow believe in the existence of God even tough sometimes I'm not really that religious nor being a person who's leading a holy life, that's all.  How about you guys?  Do you guys believe in Gods of your respective religions?    

The picture below is the best #potd I have with me or I should say the best picture combination as the picture below was highly edited by compiling two of the best shots to show what the statue was suppose to look like simply because I don't have a professional photographer with me to take a perfect shot :P  

Though I'm not a follower of Jesus but then I somehow like this statue because in my perspective, it somehow looks like the Statue of Liberty which symbolizes the universal symbol of freedom

#jotd < idk whether if there's the existence of this kind of abbreviation but jotd is my own version of joke of the day! :P

Those were the two photos I selected to compile into one how it was suppose to look like...picture 1 was somehow a horrid as the blurred part(too bananonina to show!) was actually my head sticking out, epic failed selca...picture 2 captured by mum if I'm not mistaken/uncle who just capture half of the Jesus statue ><   Actually they took a few shots but guess those were horrible, terrible and vegetable shots till I was like 'nevermind d lar!  no need to take liao! :P but couldn't blame them lar...hahaha...reflecting back to the situation was kind of *awkward*    Whatever it is I still manage to somehow make it into a picture I wanted it to look like despite of those distortions, sincere thanks to those who invented PHOTO EDITORS!!! like Adobe Photoshop and so on but in my case I'm just using the foc MTXX aka 美图秀秀 which is my current favouite life saver.  

Before moving on to what I've for lunch, here's a panoramic view of St. Anne's Church. 

So now allow me to tempt you guys with my yummy lunch since I've never do this for quite some time :P

Spring Chicken was finger licking good!

Char Bihun (Fried Vermicelli)

The chef's speciality aka Steam Fish 
ps. for the distorted caption due to me want banana! :P Btw, super liking the blend of the sourish yet garlicky flavour gravy

虾饼 aka Prawn Crackers
Simply irresistible crisps in each and every bite!  

"Lai  lui ha"(canto) aka Mantis Prawn

Last but not least, this is one of the main reason why we had our lunch here! 

At a glance, this really looks like those antibiotics medicine I used to vomit when I were young :P or in a more polite way of speaking it probably looks like Barli water.    Back to the point, speaking of alcohols you guys could easily named a few types(beer, red wine, white wine, champaign, stout...) and brands (Tiger, Heineken, Asahi, Guinness...) which are very mainstream but have you guys ever came across this traditionally fermented 'tuak'(click to find out)?   I've always wanted to taste this ever since I saw my parents drinking it years ago but at that time I wasn't allowed to drink as the effect of it is similar to any other alcoholic beverages which will eventually make you hallucinate, dizzy and drunk.  Finally I get to taste it today and I simply like the sweet yet a little sourish taste but then have the fragrance of our cooking wine???(not really good at describing this rare taste but it does taste like Tapai! but apparently some people might be loathing about the taste)   Just in case you don't know how a what is Tapai(fermented typically from cassava/white rice/glutinous rice) and how does it look like:
credits to online source
According to my mum many people find this distasteful as well but I really misses the sweet and sour alcoholic paste taste of the Tapai but I could hardly find it anywhere these days not even in Bazaar Ramadhan :(  Any idea where could I buy this?  It has been ages since I last ate it.  hehe...  Guess I've been way off topic, always happens when I'm talking about food....but now back to Tuak!  Instead of drinking it solely, mixing it with stout is definitely a suggested way of enjoying this particular beverage as tuak is cooling and stout is more of a heaty beverage and when both are mixed together it'll equalize it.  As for me, I would add some ice cubes to chill and of course dilute it as its pretty thick in my opinion and of course I don't wanna get drunk lar :P  

Tuak + Stout + Ice cubes
Ong Cheng Huat Seafood 王清发海鲜 
Address            : 2004 Bagan Lallang, 13400 Butterworth, Penang

Business hours : 11am-5.30pm (close on Monday)
Phone no.          : 04-3314782

Reference just in case you came across any weird words I've used in this entry :P

Speaking frankly, I'm quite obsess with the minions lately especially after I've watched Despicable Me2  :P 

 Minion Rush!

However, you won't be seeing me queuing at MCD to get those minions lo :P  


Monday, July 15, 2013

Esse Gives Back Fund Raising Event

Hope you guys are having an awesome Monday without the blues especially Penangites who believed in this!  

& then LOL!

Btw, I used to love holidays but nowadays no thanks or else I'm gonna have REPLACEMENT CLASSES again!  So I rather 先苦后甜! :)

 As for me I am stealing some time to blog again :P  Let me ask you guys a question, have you guys ever wonder how could you do something for the society?  Touch your heart and think about it, some might be answering yes but sometimes thoughts like 'I'm not filthy rich, what can I contribute?' might have crossed your mind and others might be going with a negative.  Sometimes it's just the thought that counts rather than anything else and there it goes with the saying when there's a will there's a way!   So let me show you the way:
 I don't usually blog on weekdays lately but this time it's exceptional as I'm just dropping by to share the good news for you guys who have the heart to contribute.  So kindly read till the end of this post as there's also a contest as a token of appreciation for those who are willing to spread the news for this event!

"Esse Organic Skincare, an eco-conscious skincare brand promoting a sustainable lifestyle, will be hosting a one day "Nature" themed charity art sale event. The artwork will be painted by children, for children. Proceeds from the artwork will be donated to SHELTER – Home for Children in Malaysia. We protect what we love. By encouraging our children to paint the beauty of nature, we are also teaching them to love our irreplaceable Mother Earth. We would like to invite you to come join us on the 19th July at Annexe Gallery, Central Market, to show your support for these amazing young artists and to SHELTER. Gallery can be view here and is available for bookings." ~ Esse Organic Skincare

Fyi, this time I'm not sharing something for the sake of winning something even tough I'm already in the run of winning :P but honestly I'm doing this because I seriously adore those arts!!!!   Besides blogging, narrating, writing or expressing feelings and thoughts in words, drawing is another best way to picture out what's on your mind.  Agree?   That's why, I really admire people who could draw, sketch, paint or whatever related to art because I could hardly draw or even if I could I guess its gonna be worse than a kids drawing esp. when I try to draw humans >_<   So now scroll down to some colourful pictures(credits to ESSE Organic Skincare Malaysia) which are some of my personal favourites as well as the main point of this posting:

At a glance I thought this were drew by a calligrapher but looking at the details really surprised me!

"青山绿树, 那红色的小房子里住着森林小仙女.”

“ The forest fairies live in the red house surrounded by green mountains."
 Victoria Ruiyue Lin, 5, Hong Kong

I really love the colour contrast of this picture

“When everything faded from the front - Animals and nature faded to the back, all factories and dying trees.”
Nature Vs City - Truman Zhe Tew, 12

This cute rounded fishy really reminded me of buffer PUFFER FISH! due to some silly mistake I've made

"Please look after our oceans so our fish will always be happy"
 Jake, 6, South Africa - Happy Fish

From our neighbouring country
The Big Tree - Natalie Yong, 7, Singapore 

It just reminds me of the song:
Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul....

“Inspired from the Van Gogh’s work Starry-Starry Night. Amazing night scenery of our mother nature.”
Beautiful Scenery of Starry-Starry Night - Teh Yoke Peng, 11

Liking the details even tough its only black & white
Pia Steyn, 12, South Africa - Our feathered friends

Hannah Steyn, 15, South Africa - Birds of a Feather

idk y?  But it seems that this picture manage to possess a calm feeling in me ♥ 

Kyra Pope, 15, South Africa - Spring Blossom

Last but not least, art works from our very own little artists!  

Cars, motor, bicycle, plane, ferry, boat, LRT I've already ride before but someday I wish I could be on the hot air balloon as well! :)  

Fly Away - Charmaine Ng, 14, Malaysia

"Tree of dreams" really gives that heavenly feeling...or I should say serenity since I've never been to heaven :P

her other wondrous paintings....

Enough of the photo viewing session, aren't those beautiful?    You may click here to view the full gallery as they will be on auction, you may spare some time to head to the event on this 
coming Friday.  Perhaps consider to take one back home with you if you are interested and 
have some extra penny to spend for this good cause as all the proceeds will be donated for the needy or to be exact its for SHELTER  - Home for Children in Malaysia.  

Date   : 19th July 2013
Time: 11am to 7pm

Media Event : 2pm to 4pm
Location: ANNEXE Gallery, Gallery 2

For further details:

RSVP: Camy Ling | +6012-976 5737 |
Sales: Maria Yap | +6012-212 0371 |

You may also click on this link  to join the event!

Visit Tammy Miu's blog for the Share & Win details (take note contest ends 19/7/13 midnight!  So act fast bloggers!)

Signing off with 'Serenity'
another piece of art from Charmaine Ng

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Hey guys!   

Food, reviews, sponsor today I'm writing about something that's out from those topics ;)  erm...Its gonna be the Liebster Blog Award!  Anyway I don't really take this as an award cuz where got people shamelessly nominate themselves as an award winner one!?  Besides ME :P but I don't think I am that extreme yet since I also indirectly got tagged by the generous blogger for giving me the opportunity to somewhat blog about an indifferent topic!  
"So if you read this blog post and if you own a blog then consider as I tag you"

Actually, I've seen this award mushrooming among bloggers from other countries and find it pretty fun to participate in as its sort of a tagging game enable bloggers to interact with each other despite not knowing them in person.  This is basically what you need to do once you get tag:

The only thing I don't get it with this award is the name,  out of so many words why Liebster?  I couldn't find a definition of it on my trustee online dictionary and one of the closest word to it was lol!  LOBSTER :P   Perhaps Liebster is a person's name???  Kindly tell me if you know about the originality of it as I am very curious about it!

So now 11 facts about ME, MYSELF & I:  
this is gonna be easy-peasy ;)

#1  Rachael is not stated in my IC but its given by my mummy & it's spelled indifferently which is  Rachael instead of the usual Rachel.  Call me Rachael, 宝音, Poh Imm, Teoh or etc. nicknames(if u know me in person) you call me I'm also fine with that :)
#2 A dreamer as well as an endeavor 
#3 Loves trying new things esp. FOOD!
#4 A shopaholic who enjoys shopping anything but always shops with a budget < wise shopper         right/aunty style
#5 Loves to travel with my family, bff & alone someday
#6 Dislikes negativity, hypocrites & vulgarism!  
#7 Always wish that I could read others' minds
#8 Sleeping is a hobby!(anywhere & anytime I don't have a prob. to doze off!)
#9 Longan, Mangosteen & Seedless Grapes are some fruits I don't know how to stop eating unless I'm halt
#10 Homely person rather than an outgoing one esp.when I'm seeking for freedom & inner peace
#11 Before you know me and after you know me might show a vast difference ;)

That's all about myself, so now I'm going to answer the tag questions from Kharyee.  
So here it goes:

Q1 : What do you think about me and my blog?
>>> Hardworking and cares about your academic.  As for your blog, nice layout!

Q2 : Who is your favourite blogger?
>>> Cheesie from Cheeserland!

Q3 : What are you addicted to?
>>> erm...not sure...but not drugs for sure!

Q4 : What is/are things on your wishlist? 
>>> wardrobe related as usual....& probably a new smartphone!

Q5 : What is/are the thing(s) you want to do but still have not achieve?
>>> to earn my very own permanent pay! 
>>> to get perfect scores
>>> to walk gracefully in heels
>>> primp myself professionally 

Q6 : If you were famous what would you be famous for?
*I hope you guys don't need vomit bag :P*
>>> being myself :P

Q7 : What colour do you wear most frequently?
>>>  I thinks its pink

Q8 : What is your favourite apparel brand?
>>> Vincci I guess?  I don't think I'm bias on I? lol!

Q9 : Which country do you like?  Why?
>>> there's Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Italy, France, Indonesia....this is a tough one but answer is probably JAPAN!  The reason is I've been wanting to get there since I was a kid, my favourite flowers are there, sashimi!!  

Q10 : Do you like tattoo?  If yes, which part of your body would you like to tattoo?
>>>  so-so only....adore the artistic designs but on my body??? I rather want a flawless complexion...

Q11 : Are you a gadget geek?
>>>  I don't think so...

So now are 11 questions from me to you guys!
#1  What and who inspires you to blog?
#2  What type of blogs do you usually read?  Do share with me some of your favourite blogs!
#3  Who's your fashion icon?
#4  What gadgets do you own?
#5  If there's a time machine when will you want to turn back & why?
#6  What is the talent that you wish to own?
#7  List 3 of the most important things that you can't leave without.
#8  Friendship versus relationship which is more important?
#9  Your ideal home is a (apartment/condo/mansion/country house...)
#10 Name 3 of your all time favourite songs and give a brief reason for the liking.  
#11 How did you find my blog?  (via Facebook...etc.)

So now I have to nominate 11 blogger friends...speaking frankly this is the toughest part since I only have a handful ones:

As of now I can only think of those above still lacking of blogger friends to tag so I'm tagging any of you who are reading this!  Deal?  Do let me know if you've done as I would like to check it out during my free time! :)   As for those I've tagged it's up to you whether you wanna do it or not it's not a compulsory thing but of course I hope you guys will do it!  You may drop your link to your posting in the comment section below or via Imotiv after you've done participating in it! ;)

Till the next time, chao!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ben's Diner Restaurant

Hello peeps!  hehe....Instead of doing what I should do, imma stealing some time to do with a backdated post....

It has been ages since I last dined there ever since we've moved away from Bayan Lepas area.  My family were frequent customer to this particular restaurant who will at least dine in this place weekly or at least a once in a fortnight.   Therefore, I insisted to dine at Ben's Diner for my birthday and guess what?  It was closed on my birthday but due to my longing, I decided to postponed my traditional birthday celebration.   Good things are worth waiting, I'm such a faithful customer :P So, I was like FINALLY I get to dine at my favourite Western Restaurant again!  Not too mention I have lots & lots of fav. places to dine at but as for this one no matter its taste, price, atmosphere & lol!  CLEANLINESS OF THE TOILET(I'm very particular about this!) Ben's Diner Restaurant is a place which really worth my liking ;)

Watercress Soup
creamy but ain't too creamy (get what I mean?)  
soup of the month is one of the fav. besides their carrot soup!  

I seldom order pasta at this restaurant not because they are not tasty but then its that they offer too many indifferent dish in their menu!  Mum told me that the meatballs were very juicy and has its significant taste....I think I could get what she mean cuz there weren't any left for me to taste as she already did it on my behalf >_<    

Lamb Shank

Uncle's main meal.  Tender & juicy but ain't chewy till you would feel like give up on breaking them into smaller pieces and just might as well swallow it.  I admit sometimes I did that when I'm eating lamb :P   No worries for those who are worried about it having the lamb odour?  idk what the *yang shao wei* (mandarin) called but their lamb chop don't have that gamy smell at all!

smtg chicken & sausage???  Ps.  *goldfish* couldn't recall the name for this 
Ps. I think this weren't as special as the other dish but not misunderstand, its still tastes good due to the gravy.  Anyway this belongs to my daddy :P

Baked Pork Belly
mm...succulent pork belly....wth cares about calories when the taste of the apple sauce blended so well with slightly toasted fragrance of the pork skin!!!  Now I'm making myself drools ><

Snapper Fillet
Aunt's.  Instead of those normal fish sauce which are mostly garlicky, BBQ or deep fried this serving is definitely something special to excite my adventurous taste buds.  The gravy has semi-sweet tomato paste taste with a hint of sourish as well as minty herbs.  Super nice concoction!  

Even though the environment is not really the glamorous type but then with their dim lighting with background music which plays harmonically it surely has that cozy ambience.  Plus, I am liking the portion of their servings which include veg.(oh yes!  I'm a VEG. LOVER) and of course all sorts of specially prepared gravy.  I would sum up that,  you could enjoy an awesome meal without burning a hole in your pocket as their pricing is fairly reasonable for Western Restaurant.   

Restaurant name : Ben's Diner
Operation days : Everyday except for SATURDAY
Contact : 019-5288271
Address : 43G, Persiaran Mahsuri 1/1, Sunway Tunas, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang 


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