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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Malaysian German-Society Open Day 2013

Went to the Malaysian German-Society (MGS) this afternoon for some German delicacies in conjunction of their open day after duty.  Bff tagged along with us as well! :)  Btw, before I continue with this MGS mini event let me recommend you guys a place you could head for yummy street food in my food heaven hometown aka Penang.  I went there with my bff before we headed to college for duty.  
credits to the photographer...
which is lol! ME! #selca #potd

Pork Sate with Hainanese Sauce & optional 'roti bakar' 
holimygosh!  This is one of the BEST sate I've ever had besides Sate Kajang/ Indonesian Style Sate!  Being an ultimate picky foodie who hardly gives compliment to food, I have to say that the juicy yet grilled sate with its specially prepared sate sauce(not the typical sate sauce but Hainanese sauce which I guess it has a combo of tomato etc. not really sure but i guess it contains potato starch or smtg due to it's consistency???) is a perfect match!   Finally get to have this after so, this is one of family's favourite stall to enjoy sate and according to my parents this delicacy is becoming a dying trade :(.   Btw, this tricycle stall is park by the roadside instead of inside the coffee shop but then you could still enjoy your sate at the nearby coffee shop.  But then the business operating hours for this stall is a little odd so you need to have the luck to have this, if I'm not mistaken they only operates on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday during morning till before lunch hours only.  

Besides that, you could have a plate of super duper yummieh 'Mee Goreng' over here as well.  Sorry because I didn't have any captions of it because we were too hungry to capture anymore pictures :P  I have to say that you can get the best Mee Goreng in town in that coffee shop itself and for 'sotong' lovers you gonna love it even more because this stall's cuttlefish is perfectly marinated and is very chewy yet soft(unlike some stalls which cuttlefish that are way too difficult to chew into small pieces and make you fed up of chewing that piece of 'rubber' thingy)  

Anyway if you haven't and would like to give those recommendations a try you may head over to:
Seng Lee Cafe
270, Jalan Burma, Georgetown, 
10050, Penang  (located along Bangkok Lane)

Now, back to the main topic for this post.   After her usual half day work, mummy 'jio' (invited) me to join her for lunch or I should say brunch with my aunt & uncle at MGS.  

MGS Open Day 2013 flyer A5

Our main interest to attend this event is not anything other than lol!  the FOOD :P   Ps. I know it's quite late over here but then still I'm gonna do this 'food picture spam'

Variety of German pies!
Prune, Apple & Peach

The pie/cake which caught my attention!!  Looks so tropical..but ps. apparently, I've forgotten the name for this :P

My takeaway
Prune pie

idk the name cuz it was my aunt who chose this & it's liek one of the best pastries over there

Lemon smtg smtg & Apple Crumble pie if I;m not mistaken

We had our pastries while waiting for the main thing!
German Sausage!!!

chengX3!  German Sausages (Chicken Cheese & Pork) with Sauerkraut & Mashed Potatoes!
Now I'm making my self drool...This platter is a total killer!  The cheesy meaty humongous sausages which is very filling has been paired up with the slightly sourish Sauerkraut which made this even more appetizing and mm...creamy MASHED POTATOES!! MM...

Meatloaf with Bread 

I find this nothing special (except for the size) and rather disappointing due to we could only taste nothing else but the saltiness :( 

Not advertising for Tiger Beer :P

This is like one of the best beverage to go with all those food we had besides the dilute coffee/sky juice.  Actually I dislike drinking beer especially when it has overwhelming  bitterness after it lingers in your mouth ><  eeeks...Idk which one cuz I'm not a drinker after all but I think the one in green can Heineken/Carlsberg taste much more better than this. :P

Last but not least we had Sorbets as well!  :)  Nothing is like having some ice cool desserts on a super hot day

Lemon Sorbet & Orange + Mango sorbet

Don't doubt but then yes I had ALL those for brunch today.  LOL!  Of course NOT!  but then those were the portions for five humans including me :)  Just realised that it has been quite some time since I last enjoyed my meal time.  Btw, can't wait to go to my favourite dining place for dinner tomorrow for my birthday replacement dinner cuz it's another place that I've not visit for ages ever since we've moved out from Bayan Lepas area.  Too sleepy to further elaborate anything in this post already...still have some never ending homework ><    

Before I end this post, just wanna hint you guys for my upcoming posting...It's going to be a product review entry.   If you guys are curious to see swatches of some daily basic makeup products, do stay tune for this post!

Good night!
At the mean time, can you guess what brand are those? ;)  

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