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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Freebies to my Doorstep

Welcome back readers!!!

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As I've aforementioned in my previous entry that I'll be reviewing products and here you go! Fyi, besides reviewing products from Amway (Artistry) I am also going to review a sample product I've recently got from Only Beauty! :)  

#1 Eyebrow Pencil

So, here are the swatches for the Artistry eyebrow pencil.  

Coincidentally wrote out a Chinese character 'δΈ‰' (3)
1st stroke
2nd stroke
after 3 strokes

Below are the before and after pictures. Hope you guys don't get freak out by my creepy looking eyes :P

- messy browns
- kinda sparse
- not so appealing (looks like zombie)

- fuller looking brows
- frames up the eyes 
- neater look

After trying this product I realized that their eyebrow pencil actually suits me more than the previous one I've been using.(fyi, I don't usually fill in my brows and all along whenever I fill my brows I just use whatever my mum uses lol! so it goes the same for the brow pencil :P but now I don't think so!)  Anyway the eyebrow pencil or I should say just refill without the spoolie brush that I got from my so called sponsor is brown.  Another thing that I have to mention why I love this product is because of the soft strokes formed upon application, where you have to draw a few times(at least three strokes to be precised) to ensure its visibility.  It might sound quite troublesome but I personally find this an epitome product especially for beginners.  With this you don't have to worry about the too pigmented colour which might make your brows look too harsh or like a doll :P  

And so I did this guess which brow did I fill?  Right of left?  Excuse me for the poor picture quality, hope you guys are able to detect the difference...Many people won't notice whether if I've put on makeup or not because even if I did I'll just do that type of no-makeup-makeup to enhance a little bit. mirror is a bit dusty :P

#2 Lip Liner

Swatch of the Artistry pink lip liner

 Actually I've asked for nude pink instead of pink but it seemed that they ran out of stock so my friend just replaced it with the pink one.  Lucky thing!  It may look visible when you swatch on your skin but on your lips different story, you can barely see anything.  So whether you apply or not, still back to square one.  Anyway the thing I like about this product is its very easy to glide on as well as not too dry nor moisturizing, I would say the semi creamy pigment is just nice for lip liner.  That's all I can talk about it as haha..this is my first time using lip liner as I usually just use lip balm only.  

ps. chapped lips >< 

#3 Breath freshener ~ Glister from Amway
As this product is not being sponsored I will just mention about it without any close-up caption.  Generous enough d right?  lol :P  actually I'm too lazy to capture after I've missed out lar :P  So, you guys could just refer to the sponsor haul picture. This product is the one with the mini green cap bottle.  Personally, I like the scent of this because its MINTY! and all along I'm obsess with anything that has mint like BR chocolate mint ice-cream, chocolate mint cake, minty drinks etc. ^_^

Wondering where to get those products?   Fyi, I'm just reviewing products but not an agent nor affiliate to that particular company.  If you wish to purchase any of those you may opt to contact the person below:  
Amway's Agent : Dhremjot Singh
Contact             : 014-3074277
Facebook          :

A humble reminder to all of you is that I shall not be liable for any transactions between you guys and the supplier.  Kindly spend some time to read through my blog Disclaimer.   Reviews made are 100% based on a consumer's point of view.

Just wondering have you guys ever heard of OnlyBeauty?  I was unaware of the existence of their website till I stumbled upon some random blogs and from there I was directed to their website. :)   

Looking through their website I found out that they actually distribute freebies to members doorstep but in return you would have to review products you've got.  Moreover, I've noticed that most of the things they distribute are either hot selling products or products that are new in the market, which means you will have the chance to try the newest products before others.  Interesting right?   All you need to do is just to sign up as a member with  and don't worry its FOC!

Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Serum
Got it recently from them. ^_^  I'm a lucky girl!  Btw, I've already applied approximately six times and could see some mere improvements on my skin condition.  Plus I'm loving the light apple scent of this product and the rapid absorption of it even tough it may be a little sticky at first but it does help in drying out acne especially tiny ones and at the same time make them shrink! :)

current toe nail art :)

Not boasting or what but apparently I got a few appraisals for this.  Guess what?  I hand painted it myself!!!  ^_^  I know its pretty *wu liao* (ridiculous) to do things like that but lol!  I enjoy doing it when I'm bored...believe it or not?  I actually mixed the base colour which is somewhat Emerald(colour which I've been really obsessed with lately) by myself...teehee*!  

That's all for today!  oh no!  *doomsday tomorrow*


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