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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Annual Happening ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ?

Was busying with the endless homework (yeah...hw..noob right?) till "Putting me defenses up, cause I don't wanna fall in love....but when it comes to you I'm never good enough...then I just can't hold your hand, you make me glow, but I cover up, won't let it show, so I'm putting my defenses up....."(my current ringtone which is my current favourite song which somehow indirectly expresses...) my phone rang.  Looking at some of my friends who are currently in a relationship sometimes I felt that they've transform into such an adorable princess but at the same time I personally feel insecure for some of them but whatever it is still hoping that they'll remain happy forever.  Anyway,  +Eileen Pang was actually the first person to call and wished!  <3  Honestly, I was totally unaware of the time at that time and till I received that particular call, I knew that is it.  Here comes my 19th birthday!  

So the story beings when a GEMINI girl was brought to this world on
  2nd of June in the year of 1994...
This post is gonna be spammed by pictures, so before it is too late to regret, you might wanna hit the X button but since I'm sorta having my story telling session of course I hope you could just stay and listen about it till the end.  Honestly speaking I hardly tell people about my life story (cause I was like wth is interested to know about the infamous me?) but idk why today I suddenly felt like doing so??   Perhaps I just wanna see how much transition I've undergone throughout my growing years, so readers since I'm the birthday girl kindly bear with me okay? *ss*  委屈你们啦!

Days as an infant...
eh?  got ppl take pic of me izit?

Then I must ^_^  so that I can show off the adorable side of me

Take 2
Annoying side ><
squinted eyes???
gosh!  my pattern seriously banyak...zzz

Perhaps show my serious side as well...
idk what dafuq I was doing ><
looks like I'm checking whether if there's BED BUGS???

so the bed was free from BED BUGS invasion...mission ACCOMPLISH!  yay!
now I can play!!! yippeee!

My playmates!
What do you expect from a kid who doesn't have any siblings??
the cameraman(daddy) asked me to include this pic mia!

hmm...maybe I could be the future Miss Universe?  lol!  lame*

Face palm*

Paparazzi please stop snapping!!!  I'm shy *blush*

My Childhood
standing on the rocking chair @ my mum's friend's house.  How many girls do that?  Besides that, owh!  I  LOVE CLIMBING ON GATES as well.  Wondering how?   Just imagine what a monkey does when they are caged in the zoo then you could just get a clearer picture of what I'm trying to describe.  So whenever people open the gate, I'll be like weee.....  weirdo*
one more thing is I enjoyed doing this as well

So I wonder...if I were a boy...

A GIRL not a BOY!
I know right?  I looked like a boy...zzz cuz I have so little hair ><

HAHAHA....what do you expect?  ;)   My parents will complain $(@#% about me at that stage because I was becoming more and more mischievous and kinda rebellious I would say because I have my grandmother to back up for me! :P  If I did anything wrong or I dislike anything or anyway my parents treated!  I will say "I'll tell AH MA!"  & my parents will definitely GET IT from her :P :P :P   and not too mention when I'm with my grandma I'm literally FEARLESS!  ;)  The reason is...scold me, cane me, cut/pull my hair(idk wth so brave to cut my hair when I was in kindergarten) you'll be in big trouble cause my grandma will definitely fight for my justice! bluek!  

Not to mention, I'm from Ping Hwa Kindergarten!  Whenever I told people about it they'll surely ask, why I didn't continue my studies over there.  The reason was because we've shifted to Bayan Lepas area since they bought a new Apartment over there.  :)  Got swimming pool & some other facilities instead of low-cost flat.  So lol! better standard of life? (since when I became an economics freak?)  
kesi2 mia graduation picture
One fine day I'm so gonna WEAR THE REAL ONE!

Whatever it is I remembered days in Ping Hwa kindergarten was kinda awesome.  
Picture taken during some sort of concert day...but ps. I think I look extremely horrible here...
I think the make-up was terrible ><

Reason that I posted this picture is just to let you guys know that dress was one of my favourite piece!!!   I still remember we bought that for RM50 and I was super duper angry with my mum for borrowing it to her friend's daughter which never return me my lovely dress :(  till today I still blame her for doing so LOL!  childish right?  :P  Enough $@#$ about that dress after all it won't come back to me...So lesson learned!  NEVER ALLOW MUM TO LEND ANYTHING TO HER FRIEND! :P  jk lar... 

I've aforementioned that we've moved to a new place right?  But a sad incident happened not long after we've moved into our new apartment, grandma was diagnosed with a tumor and had passed away due to that :'(  To be exact her death anniversary is on every 农历初一 or in other words its the first day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar which is also on Chinese New Year.  Remember that I was asked to follow my aunt and chased home by my parents because at that time my grandma was already in coma stage.  At that age, I was too young to know that humans actually have to leave this world one fine day till I received a call from my mum who asked me to strip down all the CNY decors in our house.   That period was actually one of the worst memory in my life which I've always tried to not reflect back that sad memory.  Nevertheless, that was the time where  I could actually understand about life & death and felt what is it like to lost someone/something, it was really a very heartfelt sense of lost! glisteningtearsrollingdown*   Lucky thing I was able to fulfill my grandma's last wish (which is to see me in Primary School Uniform). Not gonna elaborate more on this sad scene of my life anymore especially today...Guess everything just happened for a reason ><  Perhaps God no longer want my grandma to bear all her illness sufferings in vain anymore and want me to learn how to appreciate???  God knows...but then one thing for sure if my grandma is still alive till today, guess the percentage of me becoming a spoil child is extremely high! 

Before I continue my blabbering, I would like to express a little gratitude to those awesome friends of mine who have spared their precious time to celebrate my birthday in advance with me the other day and thanks for the pressies! :)  

From left +Sim Kai Chong+Richie Oon, Jocelyn, Poh Ling, Fern & CK
Group picha with the bff at Morganfield ~ credits to the waiter

Even though I'm already nineteen but I'm that kind of human who don't fancy birthday celebration and rather have a simple meal to sum up my annual thing.   Remember when I was a little kid, parents used to ask me if I want a celebration or what but then the answer never changed ever since...always negative.  Such a boring person right?  That's the reason I only have a handful of birthday party pictures.  I guess the grandness birthday I've ever had was when I'm four years old if I'm not mistaken..

oppsy...missed out 3 years old bday picture!
guess I was distracted by?? 

So here are some of the pictures captured by my beloved parents as I continue growing...

In our ex-ex car
White Proton Saga
I've always wanted to drive a car ever since my younger days and now MY DREAMS JUST BECAME TRUE! ^_^ lol!

Owh yeah!  This picture is a MUST to include simply because I noticed that my daddy carried it with him in his wallet all the time...idk if he still does till today but lol!  I gotta tell you that the tiger in this picture was the most unfortunate tiger among all!  I was so reluctant to take a picture with it even though mum and dad persuaded me too cause I'm afraid that it would eat me up ><   When I finally willing to take the picture guess wth I did?  I can still freaking remember lor!  I've pinched the it, the tamed tiger just avoided me then I still *boh gam wan* (not happy) then I just released my frustration by PLUCKING IT'S FUR!!! ROFL!!! :P  Lucky thing it didn't hurt me even though I was so mean to it!  GOOD TIGER!  

Ps. readers I think I have to *potong stim* you guys for now due to the time restriction and having some stuffs(not planning to procrastinate again) to settle since tomorrow is MONDAY again.  

Putting a , to this post at the moment with a sneak peak of my transition throughout 19 years:

To be continued......

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