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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Updates & Sneak Peek of Upcoming Posts

Happy Monday!  ^_^  Unbelievably ding dong ding dong like that its already my second week in college or I should say third week if orientation week is included.   As of now I have to say that I'm kinda satisfy with my college life at least enjoying it much more than my super lifeless period when I was a Sixth Form offence* and all the best to you guys out there who are most probably coping/struggling/striving with it since Semester 2 is just around the corner right(few more days if I'm not mistaken)?    Whether is the environment, awesome bunch of people I've met, lectures...etc. except for the weather which is beyond our control ><  typical Malaysia weather which could made candles melt when the blazing sun in action.  

Stove was running out of gas when I was about to prepare lunch for myself.  So what? (gonna starve myself? going for classes without lunch?  definitely NOT!).  That's why its good to have a spare induction cooker in the house??  Pasta is my lunch of the day! :)  Not bad right?  winks*

Pending posts: 1. College life
fyi, this is my simply comfy #ootd

                 2. Review on some latest products I have in hand (newly bought BB cream...etc.)

                      3. GE 13..racial harmony sort of stuffs in Malaysia

1/2/3 I still haven't decide which one should I blog about first.  So, what would you guys like me to write about in my next post?  Just let me know in the comment section below!

Close-up of my graphic tee 

Stay tune for the next update!
Signing off with the idea of 
in mind :P

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