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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life as a College Student & Mini Foodporn Column

HELLO!!!  Finally the hottest topic aka the most anticipated GE 13 of Malaysia is overrr...For the past few weeks the whole Facebook news feed was full of election related topics. ><   So here you go with the post one of the post I've aforementioned in my undecided sneak peek entry almost a week ago.  I'm like....finally!  I get to spare some time to sit down to surf and jot down what's happening in my real life in this virtual space of mine!  Anyway, I'm pretty fatigue at the moment cuz this week is starting to become restless.  Attended First Aid Society's Team Building which was happening early in the morning yesterday. Even tough I have to somewhat crawl out from my beautiful sleep before the sun rose, this well planned activity is something that worth my time as I think it was pretty fun! ( really glad that I'm lucky enough to meet a number of sporting people in the society.)  The only setback of this activity was lol!  NO FOOD :P  ps. my team mates super 'tam chiak'/ I should say 'iao lo' (greedy) cuz we were asking our poor leader for food from time to time during the ongoing of the activity.

Is there any difference within wearing this with my shorts or not wearing any???  Can't even see my flowery shorts at all >< T.T  I got L size which is more like a mini dress rather than T-shirt for me.  Tucking in the T-shirt and pairing it with a belt could at least made it looks neater!  Anyway, kinda loving the design of it! :)

Nowadays schedule have been kinda packed for me and there will be more to come with co-curricular activities, assignments, presentations and whatsoever stuffs to fill up my time 24/7...  (I estimated that  the full-fledged of busyness will officially start from Week 3 onwards which is next week) However even though life has became more hectic than usual, I'm still enjoying it!  Probably because I've met many awesome people over here as in TARC > ps. it's TARUC (still can't adapt to the upgraded status lar!  but then apparently, we are no longer sitting for Hubungan Etnik but taking Pengajian Malaysia 2 instead which is the latest syllabus for Diploma in TARUC to replace Hubungan Etnik and a few other subjects..Pendidikan Moral or smtg else?   if I'm not mistaken)  Moreover, I don't have to wake up early on Monday like an usual school goer cuz my class only starts in the afternoon!  cheers*  so, no more Monday blues and I can be fully energized on every beginning of the week instead of returning reluctantly like a zombie like those effing days...  

Don't want to bore you guys too much with my blabbering, so enjoy scrolling down to view some colourful pictures:

A picture which I'm superb liking due to LOL!  someones*  priceless expression ;)  Gazillion thanks to the person who captured this!

If you started following my blog since last year I think you guys probably have seen the below two bff of mine.  If you have not, you might wonder who are they?  Fyi, they were my NS bff, to be exact Fern & Ling were my company mates as well as dorm mates who I've spend time sleeping, enjoying meals, bathing...etc. with throughout the days we undergo training in the jungle located in Kedah's district.  So I'm glad to say that we still have the chance and fate to reconcile though we are not taking the same course not are in the same year ^_^

Fern & 大姐大
Picture taken on the same day as the above picture.  That day was a 'lite n easy' day which we have almost five donkey hours of break before of next lecture...zZZ right?  So, we went out for lunch at the nearby hawker centre and then went for window shopping at Gurney Plaza or I should say to *steal air-cond' as the weather on that day was freaking hot!  Btw, haha..don't you just love gigantic mirror which is undoubtedly the best place to produce nice selcas? #girlsbeinggirls snapping in the restroom.    
Shan & Jo/Jie! < my very first NS friend b4 I step into my camp as well as ex-classmate ;)

Lecture hall picture with some of my classmates
please ignore those dumb faces ><

Xuan, Michelle, Wen Shie, Fish & Estina
So happy to have another classmate at the same age as me! :)  Spot her if you could :P 

Coincident of what?   We might be varying in size, height, age (lol!  I'm only 18 years old, SS, happy die sia or I should say jumping for joy a little cuz the pretty girl got shock in disbelief when I told her my real age.  Perhaps I'm still that childish fellow?)  or whatsoever elements but then we are a bunch of GEMINIS!!!(haha...not easy to find trio sharing the same horoscope unless you have fate)  swt case*  This picture was captured when I was in the middle of driving...#girlsbeinggirls
from left is the happy-go-lucky, chatterbox, hyperactive, ss queen, sporting, straight A's St.Georgian aka MICHELLE which is also my classmate
posing cutely in the middle is the pretty yet friendly, forever smiling PEI KHIM which is also a chatterbox.  Perhaps being a chatterbox is the nature of our star sign :P  Agree? 
Long break again on Tuesday.  Therefore, we went to chillax a little at Straights Quay.  Apparently, I was the driver/so called tour guide of the day cuz I was the only Penangite on that day.  Had our lunch at Subway and I'm glad that they enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere over there as I always did.  Went for a stroll after we had our meals as well as clear up some homework. 
Ps.   Starting from this point it's gonna be SPAMMED BY PICTURES (just scroll down as fast as you can if you don't wish to see)

by the sea...feel the breeze.../ I should add in the blazing sun who actually complimented to our captions

outside Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown bench again but I'm the person who captured this!  Not bad a caption right?  ss

When I went to chitchat a little with some ppl I've met.
They bo jio lo! :P jk

Now all in!  Nicer right? :P

Idk whether this is still the 'IN' thingy or not but...
GWIYOMI attempt

so who't the cutest of all?
I think Estina's pose totally owned this picha!
candid shot by ME :P  ss people...  Btw, it's good to have people like them cuz I don't have to be so shy to snap or ask for pictures since we are the same species of people.  Idk whether you guys felt that way but sometimes it's just super awkward to ask for pictures..especially in public ><

My favourite group picture of the day!

The other day while.resting at Wen Shie's Hostel.
ps.  idk what kind of silly angle is this???
Overall, college life definitely has more flexibility and not as strict as compared to schools (I know that's 废话) but then it isn't as relaxing either but then I would say if time is well managed, working at your own pace which is something I fancy is something possible.  One more thing is that you won't be seeing the same teacher subject for more than twice a week which is like the best thing ever! 

Last but not least, to those who are sitting for your STPM Semester 2 examinations ALL THE BEST in claiming your 4 flat!  Who cares if your results were $%#$@$ for the last semester just JY in UBAH-ing for the better this time!  I'll be striving along with you guys as well but just in a different perspective. ;)

Mini Food Post Column 

Just came back from Chulia Street after dinner.  Suppose to have my usual favourite 'wantan mee' but I think I ended up eating more of the below with a glass of Grape+Lemon juice.  Actually, I knew the cafe was somewhere around the street food area after reading an anonymous blog but that I didn't expect to be right opposite the place I frequent to as lol!  my sense of direction is so *tip-top*. :P  Good things are mend for sharing and I definitely have to recommend you guys The Mugshot Cafe.  Roti/bread lover, their Bagel Muffins are highly suggested for you people!  An extra info for you guys, one of the partner of this cafe is the owner of Rainforest bakery which is located beside the cafe, no wonder such simple yet wonderful bites could be produced over there.(wonder how did I know that?  my mum actually interviewed one of the owner while we were waiting for our bagel...) I'm really loving the traditional oven-baked aroma if you get what I mean, it's somehow unlike those modern day oven made this even perfect when it was accompanied with the slight fragrance of the toasted sesame seeds.  Really ps. if I made you gulp and your stomach churn at this hour :P    Anyway, the one I had was Turkey Ham with Cranberry Sauce :)  

gtg that's pretty much at the moment
Have an awesome week ahead!

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