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Friday, April 12, 2013

Skincare products restocked!

This post will probably be overrun by all those beauty grabs I've got to restock my used up ones.   Went to QB mall last weekend with my mum.  Instead of a family day it was just a mummy and daughter dating day due to my dad will never like to follow me to shop after kekezz...I've probably caused him nightmares.  Not only him but I think if I really want to shop for a particular item, the person who is together with me might bore to death due to...not telling*  If you are really that curious, maybe you should accompany me to shop next time?  JK :P

Stopped by for lunch at Azuma Japanese Restaurant.  Normally whenever mum craves for sushi we will head to Sushi King or sometimes Sakae but since she allowed me to make the choice I'll definitely grab my opportunity to try out something new. ;)  It seems I've discovered another nice place for sushi!  Those two dishes below are highly recommended for you guys if you gonna have your meal there.

I think till now Salmon is a must dish for me to order whenever I'm at a Japanese restaurant!  Mouth watering when I think of the taste of this plate of creamy yet full of somewhat fish oil taste. #fml 11.40pm stomach churning*  
Clams Miso Soup < idk if that's the name of it or not but no worries, picture is in the menu
Actually we were not really hungry at that time so we only had four plates of sushi plus a bowl of soup which summed up our lunch for that day.  Btw, after having our meal there, mummy said : 'we will be coming back here again' ^^ 

going off to bed first, to be continued...

back with
Skincare Haul! on a rainy day*
#Etude House ~ Wonder Pore Clay Clear
                                  ~ Help My Finger Nail Treatment
                 ~ Sky Blue Nail Polish
                ~  Free SAMPLES ;)
#Watson ~ Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel
#Daiso ~ Oil Blotters
            ~ Eyelid Glue
#Nature Republic ~ Blackhead Break

If you want me to make a review about any of the above products, just feel free to drop me a comment below!:)

Even though I've already went on a somewhat skincare shopping spree but then I still haven't completely restock all my used up products until my parcel from arrived yesterday! :)  I'm pretty sure that most of you who fancy online shopping already knew about this beauty store so I'm slightly outdated to  only find out about it this year.  This time I've opted to shop with them is because they allow us to choose 10 of our desire masks from a variety of brands to make up a Mask Combination Box.  So I've got myself a box for a very awesome approximately 50% mark down deal! ^_^  $ saved!

Let's see what I've got for RM 32.60 (masks only):

My Scheming Herbal Anti-Acne Mask 

Functions : balance oil secretion, relieve skin problems, reduce inflammation & pores
Price : RM 3.30 per sheet
Rating : 8/10

I've bought it from Watson several times but then still not at such a great deal as Hermo provide even tough it was on sale over there.  Personally, I like the scent and the size of the mask which fitted my face quite well and the price is also fairly reasonable.  What I like most about this mask is after 20-30 minutes you can just pat and just leave those mask extract to absorb into your skin without the need of washing it away which make you do double work.  Overall it did its job as stated on the packaging well but to be frank it can only help those micro size zits so don't expect too much from it to eliminate your pimple after once cause it definitely won't work that way.  
Instant effects : balance oil secretion, whitening, pore tightening & reduce redness

Among all those I've in my mask combination box, this is the only one I've used before so I'll just skip reviewing about the others. :P

Last but not least, it's the Natural Republic Tea Tree Blemish Zero Powder Toner.

Direction : Cleanse face > shake the bottle > dap appropriate amount of toner onto the facial cotton > gently blot onto your face

I bet majority of you have listed toner as a must skincare product in your routine, so as I!  Ever since I started using toner, I will definitely use it after I've cleansed my face to make sure I can have that squeaky clean breathable skin but according to dermatologists toner is an unnecessary step.  In my opinion toner is still an essential routine especially if you have applied makeup(foundation, BB cream, powder etc.) or has an oily skin combination because toner has the capability to remove your leftover impurities or residues from what your cleanser or even exfoliator has left out.  Moreover it could help to tighten up your open pores.  Honestly, I think I could still reluctantly survive in vain without pimple cream (I did for approx. 2 weeks ><) but  toner? NO WAY!  Perhaps you may doubt my review since I'm not a professional, I suggest you to read this article here to gain some extra knowledge from the expert in the field of the following polemical statement.  

credits to Michelle Phan

was using Secret Diary's Mask while typing this :P

Looking for skincare products or makeup products?  Hermo has it all ranging from a wide variety of those well known brands!

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That's all for today!  Hope you guys will have an awesome weekend ahead!
Signing off! ^_^

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