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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Obsessions & My 24/7 Checked In Social Sites

TGIF!   My happy-go-lucky days or I should say rusting period is coming to an end.  Yay!  So looking forward to step back to the life I'm suppose to live, hope it'll be awesome :)  At the moment I'm kinda exited to hangout with the best bunch tomorrow after ter-ppked them and causing some reschedules :P   Really ps for being a..........................................V
"Troublemaker "

woots!  Checked my blog archive and noticed that I've just posted four entries including this one, what have I done round the clock for my entire holidays??   Neh!  I didn't waste my time doing nothing because I was really really really... busy keeping up with my OBSESSIONS! :P  Reasons for mia-ing, I don't play Resident Evil or whatsoever but lol:


not only playing this using my smartphone whenever the TV shows are on interval, in the car, elevator... but still can't get enough crushing candies, thus playing it on Facebook as well!  So if you are playing this game, I have an order to give or a humble request which is PLEASE SEND ME LIFE!!!  

@Tetris Battle
Apparently, I've lost interest in this one because every time I played this I got interrupted and also let others KO me >< or maybe CANDY CRUSH has manage to overrun this?? this is one of my favourite childhood game I'm sure my interest towards it will reignite one fine day...

After Monopoly aka 百/亿万富翁, scrabble is another fav. board game of mine.  Playing this all time favourite on Facebook is also much more easier as I don't have to do any calculations :P  but then sometimes it's pretty difficult to get an opponent which is at the equivalent level of mine :(  intermediate ><  and mostly random opponents are kinda expert!

One of the best site to read blogs and connect with bloggers!  Mobile app is also available for this social stalking site but I still prefer to view it on the laptop screen rather than on my smartphone.  Besides composing blog entries, reading blogs is my latest discovered entertainment to past time as well as gaining some knowledge of various fields!  :)  

Besides watching MVs, I specially love watching YouTubers like:
1. MichellePhan!  The well known millionaire beauty guru!    Besides viewing her videos, I love checking out her blog as well :)  Actually I did learned a lot of useful skills from her videos!  My Mani Monday post on how to "DIY Macoroon Inspired Matte Nails Using Steam" was patially inspired by her ;)
2. Jen fromheadtotoe is another beauty guru who focus more on everyday makeup looks who also owns a blog
3. sweetandtasty A station where you could learn about Korean cultures and traditions, basic Korean words etc. regarding Korea
3. Comedy channels like JinnyboyTV, wahbanana...
5. Tosh Rock aka ABTM's Seargeant Ong
6. Off the Great Wall 
7. Chriselle Lim ~ stylist and fashion blogger at the same time.  Really love her styling tips which are mostly build up from basic pieces/fabrics!  
Singapore channel ^clicknetworktv  XiaXue's Guide to Life 
                                                         BongQiuQiu's Budget Barbie
                                                         ShuAn's Tried & Tested
                                                         That F Word
& many...more channels which are impossible for me to list out all but those above are my favourite ones which I could watch them from dawn till midnight :P exaggerating*  

Believe or not?  I spent practically half a day watching tv, I mean solely watching our local channels without Astro.  The minute I'm wide awake when the sun rises I'll kick start my day by watching The Breakfast Show > various cartoons :P (till now I still love watching cartoons, shameful* but who cares?  as long as I enjoy ^^ doing so)  > Bella which are all programs on NTV7 ~ sincere supporter of the feel good channel... ;) Then allow the tv to have a break till evening while I spare my time with my laptop and continue with dramas from 5pm - 8pm or ps..mostly from 4pm to watch Feng Shu's cooking program lol!   Just wondering how much time you guys spend on watching tv programs within a day when you have holidays?  

Those above are my how I spent my time without getting bored or not ranting about how life is such a boredom. ><  It's pretty easy to eliminate the core word 'bore' from you life because as long as there's something to be busy with eliminating it is just fingertips.  In my case, I tend to keep myself occupy round the clock not only doing those but then reading magazines, hangout, cooking, organizing, chatting on the phone ("bou tin wa zok" < canto.) with my gfs...etc. just trying not to let myself sitting and doing nothing which is super duper meaningless! 

Oh before I conclude this post, here are some of my social sites which I'm active on:

Facebook is definitely topping the list!

By now I bet majority of the netizen already have at least a Facebook account other than just an email right?  So as I ^_^    no offence* I knew that there are some famous people who owns several accounts but one account is definitely more than enough for me no matter what because I'm not a celebrity or whatsoever and also not that free to manage another same account from the same social networking platform.   hehe...Don't you guys love the cover picture on my profile?  camera in action* I think we were as steady as models on set! plus haha...I did the editing work of that picture so lol! extra loving it! :P  fyi, my FB account is syncing with some other applications as well, for instance Instagram(the #hashtags spam site) and Network Blogs(direct posting of my blog updates).   One more thing is ps har!  I don't simply approve any friend request not being lansi(proud) or what but I just prefer to keep some things P&C.  Even though I might not accept your friend request but I enable anyone to subscribe/follow me which is consider more than enough for an non famous human as of now as you will be able to see what I permit you to do so.  Apologizing in advance if I've offended you in any means.  

Most of the time picture speaks a thousand words, so yeah I'm also on the #hashtag spamming site aka Instagram.  If you have an account on this site, kindly follow @rachael_imm  to see what I eat...and some shameless selcas. 

 Lately I've also started using Twitter :)  I know I'm very outdated but then since last time not many of my friends using it so wth should I be there for besides stalking celebrities updates occasionally?  plus I was a little confused about the features... but now different story!  After updating myself a bit, I find it quite convenient to use.  So, if you have this blue bird thingy, appreciate if could contribute to my absolutely pathetic followers list by clicking the follow button here or via the badge on the footer of my blog which is an easier option.   


That sums up what I wanted to say before I go mia a bit...  Last but not least,
is my official email, for any enquiries just feel free to contact me there and I shall respond to it asap.   

"Time is Gold or perhaps beyond its preciousness,
Time is probably the treasure of everything,
Timing is a determinant to a destiny,
Time machine does not exist in reality,
Thus its irreversible,
Therefore time is not to let it go but to grab hold"

lol!  Signing off with a self written poem.  Strictly no imitation!

Silent night zZzZ

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