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Monday, April 15, 2013

Mani Monday ~ DIY Macoroon Inspired Matte Nails Using Steam

Listen to this classical tune to get the feel while you read this post.  Hopefully you'll feel what I've felt.
Instead of having those blues why not opting to have a colourful Monday?  ;)  Fyi,  this DIY nail tutorial is going to be filled with colours of the season which is spring.  I bet you will be tempted to grab those pretty little things after looking at it but lol you can't. :P ignore my childishness*  Generally, I was inspired by one of my favourite dessert aka MACAROONS!!!   Hey!  I really don't mind if this dainty pieces were used to replace those traditional cakes in any of my future special occasions you know???  ps. I think I've gone out of topic, so I better skip those unnecessary concoction description of mine.
credits to various pictures contributors
Macaroon Collage by ME! :)
#optional but highly suggested step before you start painting your nails

For this time, I've massage this gel-type treatment from Etude House before I started coating my nails with those coloured polishes to replenish the nutrients of my slightly damaged nails.  Picture to proof that this product is working out impressively:
After application: - shinier nails                                                      Before application: - dry nails T.T
                             - softer cuticles                                                                                   - slightly powdery              
                             - not so yellowish (after a few applications lar!)                                   cuticles 
                                                                                                                                       - yellowish like                 
                                                                                                                                     smokers' fingernails    
                                                                                                                                     (I'm not OK!)
This nail treatment product works similarly like those cuticle oil even though it's slightly more economical.  So, choice is yours whether you want to use it or not.

#1 Have five different nail colours in hand
my collection of nail polishes from
SASA, Etude House & The Face Shop
Then start off with your nicely trimmed and squeaky clean nails with your desire colour!  Each colour for each nails.  I've chosen some spring colours which were bright yellow, sky blue, purple, beige and hot pink for this tutorial.  You may opt for other colours as well, EMERALD is one of the best option you could go for as it's definitely an in style colour for this year! (not I say but the experts said so)   

#2 Boil water to create matte finish

After you are done with the first layer. Allow it to dry for a while and then apply the second layer to ensure that the colours will appear more pigmented and could last longer.  Leave it to dry again and then apply your trusty top coat.   I'm using my current liking top coat (Skinfood's Nail Vita) which I've also featured in my previous Mani Monday post  Before the top coat dry out, quickly move your hand towards the simmering water to catch the steam in order to get the matte finish for your coloured nails without the need of using a matte top coat.  

***Remember to turn down the heat after it boiled to its minimal heat or else you are going to cook your hand which I never thought you to!  lol!
#3  Voula!

Macaroon Matte Nails!

Inspired by Antonio Vivaldi's Spring/ La Primvera tune
What else if not MACAROONS?!
Michelle Phan's DIY: Matte Nails using Steam video 

 Have an awesome week ahead!

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