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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Affair with Mother Nature @ Pantai Kerachut

It has been ages since I last hiked or went on a jungle trekking till last weekend, specifically it was on Sunday (24th March).  Headed to our destination aka Pantai Kerachut after having our breakfast.  It is a natural attraction of "Pearl of the Orient" which was established as Penang National Park since year 2003.

Now, allow the pictures to be the main storyteller:

Selca-ed with my beloved mummy and the surroundings while waiting for the others to arrive.  Btw, I specially adore the simple wooden crafted furniture under the shade looking towards the sea.  Really don't mind if I'm given a chance to sit there all day long just to enjoy the sea breeze accompany by the sound of the swooshing waves which is seriously a gifted nature's melody....

After walking on the track for a few meters, you will reach this spot if I'm not mistaken.  Navigation board to your desire destination.  At this juncture I personally could relate it to what's happening in reality.  Do you?  Choices to be made, pathways towards your goals which is always the pre-determinant of how you want to live your life, sometimes there's no right or wrong answer but just how you opt to(ps. for the blabbering)

So our destination is Pantai Kerachut not the destination which is more for hardcore hikers aka Rumah Api Muka Head (light house).  Actually I have not seen the pathway towards there but then I've heard from my mum who has viewed some bloggers post saying that it is pretty tough route to get there.

hiak*hiak* purposely hiked a few steps ahead so that I can snap some pictures from of the others from the top view :P  Despite there's proper steps, hiking up do requires more stamina thus it's definitely more challenging than going down.(exactly like how we struggle to reach our goals which is easier to topple rather than achieving if you could relate)  

Completed our hiking path around afternoon and just relaxed at the beach before going back.  Immediately went to change into shorts and of course flip flops instead of my long pants and sport shoes since I was at the beach.  Even though the sun was blazing hot at that time, it didn't stop me to go for a stroll along and around the beach area to explore, sometimes prefer to stay indoor humans like me should really head out to get some Vitamin D.  Guess what?   I've found some scenic views and not to mention one of my favourite shell seafood wear spotted around the meromictic lake.

'Balitong'! (shell seafood)
After struggling to walk on the sand bed which was an extremely heated and uneven ground, went back to our shedding place and took a nap on the beach.  Apparently, I can also sleep on the sandy beach not just laying but zzzZZ :P   Waiting for our boat ride back to get back to the main entrance during the late afternoon at the jetty.  The boat man charged us RM 10 per person for a one way ride.

Bet you guys have instagram, if yes kindly add me there!  ;)
I'm rachael_imm

Personally, I think RM 10 per head for the boat ride is consider reasonable as the boat man did made an effort to tell some jokes plus stopping by to show us those unique shape rocks there. 

Turtle shape rock
He told us to keep calm and quiet when he stopped by this crocodile shape rock.  At a moment I thought there were crocodiles nearby our boat then I was like do crocodiles live in an open sea??   idiotic*  So bravo to the boat man for the suspense before the introduction!  Hiking was the main activity but then the boat ride was what I enjoyed the most on that day!  ^_^  super like the bouncy speed...weee...but then my mum was kinda having seasick..poor mother ><  but your daughter really enjoyed this sort of roller coaster ride in the sea.

Crocodile shape rock

Was kinda exhausted on that day but then that was definitely a fun trip!  Additional fact, previously I've been to hike in a few places like:
1.  Bukit Jambu (kinda season place during my younger days with my parents)
2.  Bukit Mertajam (during school's camp in year 2011)
3.  Pulau Jerejak (day care outing in year 2005 if I'm not mistaken)
4.  Penang Hill (day care outing...couldn't remember the exact date but then it was during my primary school days)
5.  Tropica Spice Garden (day care outing as well)

Honestly if you want to compare, I can tell you that Pantai Kerachut is probably the easiest track I've ever encounter asa Pulau Jerejak's track was the toughest among all!

Will update some group photos later on since I don't have any yet now...Chao for now!

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