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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paying Tribute ~ "Flashbacks of NS"

Hello readers!

   Time really flies.  So, it has already been a year since I've completed the National Service(NS) during the gap period after SPM yet I'm still here to talk about it.  No matter how strenuous those training were, numerous uneasy moments, etc. till today I still miss those days.  Sometimes when I look back at those pictures my eyes somehow brimmed with tears, no joke* and History of kept on repeating during our NS BFF's gathering.  Since when I've been such an emotional person, I'm really unaware of it? 

  Bet you guys already know about Director Jack Neo's latest box office production aka Ah Boys to Men Part 2 which is a military based film if not please go and keep yourself updated.  If you are selected to serve NS or an ex-trainee especially, you should not miss watching this awesome film!!!  I just can't wait to watch it!!!  rawrs* and it was kinda regretful for not being able to attend their Penang fan meeting last Saturday due to some circumstances :(  Hopefully they will be here again to promote ABTM in future as I'm already anticipating it though I haven't watch ABTM2.  

  Actually my main point today is just to share a video I've made to pay tribute to NS in accordance with the one year anniversary as an ex-trainee but then I don't know why I've been blabbering so much?  So, here you go:
Flashbacks of NS

Songs that I've inserted in this video:
1. Hijau by Zainal Abidin ~ Just like the birds' chirping intro
2. Antonio Vivaldi ~ Spring was just one of my favourite classical/instrumental song so I just inserted it here :)
3. 那些年 by 胡夏 cut the piano intro

4. 分享 by 伍思凯 chorus ~ kinda outdated song but whatever it is I'm basically using this 
song to express my humble gratitude :P 
5. OST City Hunter's "Suddenly"(click for lyrics meaning) by Kim Bo Kyung ~ my obsession!  Felt that the lyrical somehow sync so..
6. OST City Hunter's "So Goodbye"(click for lyrics meaning) by Shinee's Jonghyun ~ the lyrics somehow mention partly of what I want to express through this video

Re-posting from my ex-blog:

Title: Hip Happenings during my indifferent holidays at KEM PLKN SRI KANDI, KUALA MUDA, KEDAH (click to be directed)

"STUPID NS!!!!  OF ALL PEOPLE U SELECT ME FOR WHAT???, KENA JACKPOT PUN BO AH NEH ZUN" < that was among my famous quotes once I saw :

Sistem Semakan Penempatan Pelatih PLKN
Kumpulan 1 Siri 9/2012












1-Jan-12 (LAPOR DIRI on NEW YEAR DAY???  WTH is this????)

9:30 PAGI

Already knew that I was chosen to undergo National Service (NS) training in July 2011 but I didn't expect myself to be chosen for 1st batch of NS as I'm just an average student.  Hence, I was cursing like crazy when I browsed through NS website & found out that I was the only one among my best friends who was chosen as a 1st batch NS trainee & my thunderous scream made my parents got shocked :P  

MY BFF from left : Adelyne, ME, Regina & Eileen
ALL CHOSEN FOR NS!  What a coincidence. 

Reflecting back to that situation my reaction was a little exaggerating.  Actually, being chosen for NS, I was fearless but the actual thing that made me mad was I CAN’T TAKE MY CAR LICENSE yet till I’m back!!!  Like many other SPM  leavers, I finally received the official letters from JLKN (sent to my doorstep when I was still enjoying my holidays in KL & my dad had to 签收 it for me since he was at home) to join NS in KEM PLKN Sri  Kandi, Kuala Muda, Kedah as a first batch trainee of the NS ninth generation.  Sighs* Since I can’t change the fate, all I have to do is just adapt to my new lifestyle throughout my 77days training period. ~ emotionless (others including my parents, relatives,  seniors...were more worried for me then myself :P) 

Hence, I was constantly consoling myself to think towards the brighter side of NS.  By attending NS the benefits are: 1. FRIENDS , 2. Free meals 3. Keep fit….Eh, it seems attending NS has many benefits too.  Finally, it was the registration day, dated 1st January 2012 (NEW YEAR DAY) I went out from my house carrying all my bags like a humpty-dumpty & headed for breakfast (no appetite to swallow my food) then straight to PISA.  Met up with a friend (Jocelyn Lee) I’ve get to know through Facebook & sat with her in the bus till we’ve reached our destination.  Our parents followed us to the place our camp is situated but they were not allow to even lay a footstep into the compound of our camp.   Off we are to a brief orientation & we were segregated into four different companies varying AlphaBravo Charlie & DELTA & notified which dorm we are supposed to live in.  Unfortunately, Jocelyn & I were neither in the same company nor dorm.  However, I managed to get to know a new friend, named Eileen Leow(my 1st friend in camp) when I was on my way carrying my humongous luggage to my dorm.  Besides, on that very day itself I already can't stand of being alone, started interviewing people around my dorm since I've nothing better to do.  As a result, I've befriended Atikah, Cheah Poh Ling, Kirtini & Hui Fern but there's only one person I dare not approach not because I don't want to make friends with her but she seemed to be a very cool & emo person.  So,  I'm kinda worried if I will make her burst into tears since almost every time when i took a glance at her, her eyes seemed to brim with tears.  Therefore, I opted to leave her alone till one day teacher came in & asked us to get along with her.  I was mesmerized & kinda *blur* for a moment & felt really bad(it's like we were gang bullying???).  Honestly speaking, we were not abandoning her but her cool behavior made us presumed that she's very proud & unapproachable till we knew the actual fact why she was constantly emo.  MOTHER OF GOD!  She doesn't understand Mandarin, so that means whatever we've been talking she doesn't understand at all. :( Poor fellow...  After knowing that, we've finally done some official ice breaking with her.  

For three consecutive days, we've been left out like idiots doing nothing & knowing nothing besides kept on welcoming new people from other states & regions.  ahaah!  We were asked to go to the Logistic Store to get our gears which includes 2 sets of Full Celoreng, class attire,  exercise attire, a pair of spike boot,  class shoes,  sport shoes, 2 pairs of grey socks, black socks, white socks, a brush, Kiwi & a notebook.  <<  That's our GOODY BAG!    Trying those shoes was not a big matter but we were also asked to try our uniforms at the corner which is only covered with just a banner-like sheet.   Worst of all, we were required to try on to our outfits in front of a group of strangers, kinda AWKWARD man!  Seriously felt like I'm turning into a wild girl fighting for survival in a deserted jungle :(  yer...reflect back to that *jalan buntu* moment, i felt like burying my face in the ground.  

Days passed by, the full schedule for our training was out [from 6.20am till 10smtg pm] Basically the schedule was something like that:

6.20am ~ non-Muslims gather at "Padang Kawat" while waiting for the Muslims to "tunaikan their Solat Subuh".  Then we'll sing the National Anthem(Negaraku),  Lagu Rasmi PLKN, baca ikrar, squad leaders will have to report the strength to the Penghulu & then physical activities
7.20am ~ Breakfast (1st meal of the day) >>> servings : *char koey teow/fried bihun/ fried rice/nasi lemak/bihun soup/koey teow soup*
8.15am ~ Gather at "Padang Kawad" 
8.45am ~ Class
10.30am ~ 2nd breakfast (2nd meal of the day) >>> servings : *kari puff/ samosa/sweet potato donut coated with sugar/normal donut/"kuih jagung"/cucur udang/kacang hijau dessert...& fruits such as red apple/green aple/banana/orange*
11.00am ~  Back to respective classes 
12.30pm ~ Lunch time (3rd meal of the day) >>> servings : *chicken(curry /kurma/masak merah/kunyit...)/squid/prawns/fish/glass noodles with fish balls/cabbage/bean sprouts...can't rmb exactly & fruits such as red apple/green apple/orange/banana/papaya/honeydew/watermelon*
2.15pm ~ Gather at the "Dewan Makan" for outdoor activites (marching...)
4.30pm ~ Tea break (4th meal of the day) >>> servings : *almost similar with the 2nd meal*
5.15 pm ~ Recreational activities (volleyball, netball, aerobics, jogging...)
6.30pm ~ Dinner time! (5th meal of the day) >>> servings : *almost similar with lunch*
9.30/10pm ~ Supper (6th meal of the day) >>> serving : *biscuits/bread & curry/cake(banana/chocolate/butter)/muffin & milo/hollicks/tea*
10/10.30pm ~ Roll call
11/11.30pm ~ LIGHTS OFF! >>>> Here goes a day...  
Don't be too fussy & appreciate it.  "Eat to fill your stomach, not the taste!!!" 

Honestly speaking, the starting of the hectic schedule was tough because there were NO time for tv, NO facebook, have to wake up on time(no chance to toss around or else late & NKB) & bla bla bla...which lead me to a little homesick for the first few days (LOL! Don’t know why but my eyes were brimmed with tears whenever I spoke on the phone with my parents.  Almost every time I talked to them, I was thinking of my small yet cozy room with my comfy COMFORTER & PILLOW!!!)  hmm...After the first week, i'm starting to get use to my new lifestyle & could totally adapt to it ^_^  HAHA!!!  Since that day onwards, I will only contact my parents once we get back our cellphones (max I'll only call them thrice if I'm not mistaken :P cuz hehe...too busy with my own stuffs & of course socializing).  

By the way, I don't know what has made me so brave to take up the challenges with Eileen & Hui Fern (maybe it's because of Mr. Gee who came to us & said, there're only 3 Chinese in females...) to sit for the Squad Leaders Selection tests which are categorized into three stages.  1st stage - written test on History & general knowledge, 2nd stage - marching & giving commands (Hukum Kawad) & 3rd stage - interview by respective company teachers & camp commander.  They were a total of 66 pupils who sat for the particular test.  However, we were shortlisted into 22 pupils who managed to score 50% & above for the written test.  Guess what?  I was one of them!  Unfortunately, Eileen & Hui Fern were not entitled for the next level & I'm the only non Muslim (Chinese) female who managed to surpass the 1st stage.  Since I've already passed the 1st stage, off I went to the 2nd stage - marching & giving commands which was the only thing that was able to make my heart palpitate like an accelerator due to my *excellent* marching skills.  However, I don't know which angel was beside me on that day, I just managed to pass the 2nd stage (maybe because I'm a good follower in marching?).  Hence, the teacher in charge (Cikgu Mas) announced the results on the spot.  Another heart attack for me, I was chosen as Delta's Squad Leader but immediately I told the teacher that I wanted to step down to just be the Assistant/Deputy as I know nuts about the exact marching.  How would a person be a leader if she doesn't know how to march?  That surely got to be the most humiliating fact ever!  By making this kind of stupid decision, many lectured me for throwing this opportunity into the big sea & my Chinese sir even set an initial phrase which goes this way in Hokkien "老婆不做,做姨来", ish! long as I know how to "ukur kain di badan sendiri" & follow the old folks saying "没有那么大个头, 不要抬那么大个帽“ I'm not that stupid after all. Am I?  I should really thank Mr Gee for giving me the sense of vindictiveness or else I would not have stepped out to take up the challenge to lead a team.  Speaking frankly, post to me wasn't that important, the only thing I wanted is to polish my leadership skills as well as gaining experience through this rare exposure as this is something that only takes part once in a lifetime. Throughout my probational period before the 28th Jan (official Opening day of Kumpulan 1 Siri 9/2012 trainees as well as "Majlis Pemakaian Bala"), I've been learning how to march with Nini (Delta's temporary leader form Kelantan), Cikgu Siri, Poh Ling, Lala (Delta's Leader which I've switched post with her) & many other people.  Glad that those people were willing to help :) 

Since it was the Chinese New Year (CNY) month, all of us are busy counting down to our CNY holidays after knowing that we are permitted to go back to our respective hometowns for this spectacular festival for all Malaysians.  We were notified for the 1st time we could go back on the 21st Jan, then they changed to 20th Jan...couldn't really remember how many hundred times they changed till out of sudden on the 18th Jan night, we were told that we'll be released back on the 19th!  Last minute notice! OMG!!!  I haven't finish nor started packing my thing yet.  Everything went topsy-turvy during my packing process & I'm rushing to stuff everything into my luggage since it was already midnight.  On the 19th most of  the Penangaites when back by bus then took the ferry from Butterworth's Jetty back to Penang Island.  As usual, I've to carry three bags in total (one back pack, one hand carry & one big luggage bag...i seriously looked like a "pelari" at that time according to my mum).  Luckily, a GOOD SAMARITAN ^_^ helped me to carry my luggage up those freaking stairs or else I think I might tumble down the stairs with all those belongings of mine :P 
Last minute need to send to the laundry :P
Back to the camp after CNY holidays, life resumed back to normal & various activities have been carried out since then.  Below are the listings of activities we've carried out throughout the whole NS programme :
1. Water activities (water confident, kayaking & rafting)
2. High rope (flying fox & "litar tinggi")
3. Low rope
4. Self-defence 
5. Obstacle crossing (9 obstacles for fellow heroins)
6. Colt M16 A1 target practice
7. Jungle survival
8. Community service
9. Visit to Kedah FM studio
10. Motivational classes
11. Mentor-Mentee
12. Recreational activities (volleyball, netball, jogging...)......those highlighted were new to me.

Water activities were among the toughest activity for me as I have water phobia.  However, I 'm glad that I managed to overcome & completed every single water sports despite that stupid life jacket's buckle opened by itself which seriously freak me out! :)  There were many things I've never did before joining the NS & this programme gave me the opportunity to expose myself more to those outdoor activities I've never encounter before.  High rope (Litar tiga segi) was something quite new to me whereas the Flying Fox was already a normal outdoor activity as I already did it thrice before entering NS & I totally enjoy doing that!(felt like I can fly! wee!!)  Kayaking & water rafting were also something new to me, if I weren't chosen as an NS trainee I wouldn't have tried it till today.  Colt M16 A1 target practice was one of the most anticipated activity which satisfied my longing to fire a weapon!  Finally, I get to hold on to the rifle & get to fire 20 live bullets at a time with the original M16 rifle!!! NO KIDDING whey!  <<<  My dream came true!!!  I've been dreaming to fire a gun or rifle or whatsoever weapons that can BOOM since I was a kid & always admire those hot female movie stars who get to hold guns & all sorts of weapons ;) ~ hehe...kinda violent girl right?   

By the way, community service was one of the programme which surprised me the most.  Let me tell you why.  It's not because I never did any community service before but I was called for a live radio interview by Kedah FM.   

The sir just came over to me while I was lining up to get my meal and said "akhirnya saya dapat jumpa kamu!  mari mari!  cepat cepat!  ada orang tengah tunggu kamu untuk temu ramah! "   Question marks were all over my head???  After walking a few steps away from my long queue only he started to tell me the exact thing & ask me to stay calm & so on.  Before leaving me with those Kedah FM's DJs & another male trainee from our camp, he once again reminded us to stay calm :)  the whole  live broadcasting went on smoothly with us chit chatting on live radio with those headphones & microphones in hands. 
with the family we've helped during the community service :)

Last but not least, OBSTACLES CROSSING were my favourite activities among all. >>>  Listen up!  In order to win it doesn't mean we need to race with our competitors.  The most important thing is to win our own members first by making sure everyone is ready to lend each other a helping hand when someone is in need of help (especially the stronger ones should be ever ready to help those who are not so fit) & also make sure safety of every single representatives!  Hence, unity among all members are essential to ensure that everyone could complete the race successfully. <<< And I'm pretty happy with the results of our team, we managed to place 2nd!  Our efforts did paid off ^_^  I felt like leading to cheer the "awoogaa ahak ahak" again!  

Time just passed by day by day,  our training was already reaching the end & of course since we have already had an Opening Ceremony, here comes the Closing Ceremony themed "Malam Jalinan Kasih" which was on the eve before NS ending date.  On the 16th March 2012 was the most meaningful night, all of us sat together according to companies & had our specially prepared dinner together while enjoying performances by fellow performers.  For your info, I was one of the performer on that night too :)  CK, Marylyn, Kah Hung, Poh Ling, Sim & ME teamed out to perform a simple Chinese Dance by using 無盡的愛; Endless Love sang by Jacky Chan & Kim Hee Sun in the movie "The Myth".  We also have some sort of "mohon restu"   during the celebration which caused me to burst into tears & mashed up my eye makeup which made me looking like a panda.  It was very unbelievable & unexpected that there were quite a number of people (not only from my own company but there were people from Charlie & Bravo) who came towards me to apologize on that night.  Some including our Delta's temporary squad leader even thanked me for willing to be their leader.  What a relief and a sense of satisfactory achievement.  :) 

It supposed to be the last night to dwell at the camp since we were officially released on the 17th March but because of insufficient coaches, Penangites were given an extra day to remain in the camp.  Not many stayed back, so the camp were left with less than 30 trainees.  Even though we were allowed to call our parents to bring us back; I insisted to stay there as promised.

Taken at "Teluk Nipah" beach.  Personally, this is my fav pic.  thx to CK, photographer of this perfect shot!
Who's that?  Do you know this girl?
On that special day, we get to take our sweet time while having our meals, use all the facilities without any disturbance, eat as much as we like, sit at the trainers' cafeteria & get to use their utensils as well as having the same meals with them, play games with them, stroll by the "Teluk Nipah" beach with our FLIP word to describe that day AWESOME!!!
showing off my Flippers flip flops :P  See we are allow to wear slippers to the beach!

Sighs* "Every beginning will have an ending..."

On the next morning, all of us received our "Sijil Penyertaan PLKN" & finally its time for us to bid our goodbyes with our fellow "Rakan Seperjuangan" in NS since our parents have been awaiting for our arrival at PISA.  
LAST PIC TAKEN!   At PISA before everyone walk on their respective ways...~ bidding each other GOODBYE as well as friend hug :)

 “I’m not trying to promote this programme (I’m a just an amateur  blogger, no point for me to do that too. :P), I’m just writing to share the story of my endeavours & experiences with everyone who has the opportunity to read my blog” J

Speaking frankly as an ex-NS trainee/ alumni of NS : 
According to the popular Malay folks “TAK KENAL, MAKA TAK CINTA”.  As soon as I've experienced the entire training of NS module, my attitude towards it was totally POSITVE. J  I know many out there, including me myself before taking part in NS used to lash out all sorts of negative feedback (safety awareness, food, waste of time, hygiene factors…or whatsoever exaggerated shenanigans you've heard and try experiencing it yourself people rather than trusting humans who listen to a quarter of the story, understand half but tend to talk DOUBLE like a prow :P ) about this programme & I think it’s about the time for us to scrap off all those nonsense from our mind.  As an ex-trainee of this programme who has already experienced everything in NS, I shall stand firmly on my stance and justify NS is a very beneficial programme as throughout this well organised programme by our Malaysian Government, it provides the opportunity for the ‘young blood’ like us to step out from our comfort zone & expose ourselves to greater challenges that we’ve never encounter before.

“belum buat belum tahu, sudah buat hari-hari mahu”(adapted from a Singapore movie) *If I were given another chance to enter NS, I’ll certainly join it again!*  I'm not kidding!

 So, smile ^_^ & GO FOR IT if you are selected to undergo NS training!!!  Bear in mind, you are damn lucky if you are chosen for  it because not everyone have the opportunity to be entitled for NS.  My advice to future NS heroes & heroines would be have fun & appreciate this once-in-a lifetime experience as a golden opportunity to broaden your horizons. 

As for me, there’s no more turning back to get back to those wonderful moments.  NS is already a History in my life.  Hence, I’ll bear in mind all those memories & engraved them deeply in my heart.  ~  protagonist’s  flashbacks 


Thanks for spending your valuable time reading my lengthy post!  Don't hesitate if you have anything to ask regarding NS :)

*bidding goodbyes*

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