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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just can't get enough of ABTM!

Utilizing some time to make a brief post about one of my current obsession which was abandoned in my pending posts for a few days due erm...cut* just ignore the reasons behind my mia days.  

  Finally, I've watched Ah Boys To Men Part 2!  yay!* :)  
Went to GSC Queensbay Mall to watch Director Jack Neo's awesomely hilarious yet full of emotions military based film with my family last Saturday.  Instead of their childish pranks they started to become more mature in their comeback even though they still commit those cunning schemes.  However, those emotional aspects especially the sense of humor has not been neglected which made this movie so enjoyable to watch.   

  'for nation, our country with blood, sweat & tears...'  sounds familiar?  It's the "Recruit Anthem" composed and sang by Tosh Zhang aka Sergeant Ong and his fellow comrades in the movie.  I find it really sounded as patriotic as Malaysia's Faizal Tahir's "Gemuruh Jiwa" which potentially brought out the oomph/fiery enthusiasm of the NS trainees to serve the nation.   In addition, the chorus and rap part is kinda catchy type which made it extra addictive!   Superb loving it!  Really can't wait for Part 3 to be released! (Idk how many times I've been saying this :P)   Just an extra info for you guys who are also fans of Joshua aka Recruit Ken Chong, you can actually stalk him at his personal blog and as for Tosh his personal YouTube Channel which is also my current like to visit pages whenever I open my browser. ;)  One more thing I've found out in ABTM2 cast, remember the army officer who made his appearance holding food in hand while the boys are training in the jungle?  His actually a blogger who is known as mrbrown

What's this?
STEADY LAR!  It's the ost. of ABTM aka"Recruit's Anthem"

  Guess it's about time for me to sign off and get my chores done.  Before that, just let me update a little on my current mood which is almost similar to the below MV.  I've been trawling over blog shops and e-commerce websites for the past few days and I bought something on sorta good deal, so now I'm just waiting for the parcel to arrive at my doorstep. teehee*!  exited cuz this is probably my first time buying online for and by myself ;)

  If you want to know what did I grab online, do stay tune for my upcoming posting.  'please...Mr. Postman'  humming* deliver my parcel!

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