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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jocelyn's 19th birthday celebration

Back to blogging before I'm off to bed.  Gotta sleep earlier tonight because couch potato has actually woke up before the sun rose and went for a solo jog this morning, thus fatigue is already starting to overpower me.  

Right now is 11.45pm & I've posted that 16 hours ago (what time is it?  Do the counting by yourself :P) which was right after I've reached home climbing the staircase half way (lol! thought of challenging myself to climb till my level but till level six, my legs were already feeble :P epic fail lo)
  Honestly I couldn't remembered when was the last time I workout & sweat till this extent.  Parents were wondering why on Earth I've woke up so early cuz usually they don't have the opportunity to see me in the morning(zzZZ) ever since I stepped out from the typical school goers life.  Btw, did it for the sake of building my poor stamina a little before I go for jungle tracking or else I'm afraid that I might just die out of breath lo choi!* believe or not I also did this to distress myself & bring myself back to serenity.   Felt kinda relieve after doing so. :)

Now back to the topic I'm suppose to blog about which is Jocelyn's 19th birthday celebration
Birthday girl & me in the car
 Once again we manage to celebrate with her but this time it's on the actual day :)  Last year's celebration(click to link). Happy Birthday or I should say Happy Belated Birthday now to the her who had just turned nineteen!  Basically, we did almost the same thing like what we did for last year, which was karaoke-ing again at Red Box.  We probably sang or screamed loudly till our voice became harsh at the end of the day for certain songs.  STEADY LAR!  has became the phrase of the day sia, we also sang our current obsession aka Ah Boy's To Men's Recruits Anthem.  I'm super in love with the rapping part by Tosh Zhang aka Sergeant Ong!  OMG!  I just can't wait to watch ABTM2!!  Headed over to Straits Quay's Starbucks after we had our dinner at James Foo.  I think the only difference for her birthday celebration is we have a longer time to chit chat yet it's still kinda insufficient!  Guess good times always pass rapidly...but then glad that all of us did enjoy chilling & chit chatting about random topics (clubbing stuffs??  etc. & of course repeated NS story as usual since all of us were ex-trainees)  

Group picha!

Goodnight peeps!

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