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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Tuition ~ because education is everything

Having a hard time coping with your studies or looking for an opportunity to become a tutor?  If that so, this post is mend for you!

Allow me to share with you my personal experience on how a good and compatible tutor could change your academic performance.  Reflecting back to those days when I was in my lower secondary days, especially during Form Two, I didn't or I should say never concentrate during school Mathematics lessons because I dislike the boring teaching method of my subject teacher yet never enroll myself for tuition class and worst of all I don't have someone to guide me through studiously.  As a consequence, my results totally flopped and I guess I was the one with the lowest score in class.  So not cool right?   However, I think I should not put the blame entirely on that particular teacher as I am the one at fault for being ignorant.  Lucky thing after facing the music from my mum, I've came to realise that if I continue to be that way I'll definitely ruin my PMR as well as my future.  Since that day onwards, I've been attending tuition class for Mathematics nearby my residential area from a home tutor after the recommendation of my mum's colleague.  The beginning of the lessons have been quite tough for me to deal with as my basics were weak and Mathematics is a subject which you somehow need to practice frequently.  Thank God all my strugglings and efforts paid out handsomely.  Imagine your 'red inked' grade had improved till Ace!  I was really jumping for joy at that time even though it was just a school based assessment but it seriously means a lot to me and helped me to regain my confidence to strive.  

Now lets get back to the main point, just wondering if any of you have came across this website called   For your information, this website is a specialised hub for students as well as tutors.  It is actually a web portal which provides services such as... look at the pictures below to get a better idea:
The Homepage of
#1  For Parents/Students
Parents who are constantly dealing with hectic schedules and students with tied up activities.  If you are having a hard time to search for quality tutors, fret not!  I suggest you to try your luck here as they provides impressive service which includes helping clients to match tutors and students according to the details as shown in the below picture.  
Hesitate not as those tutors have their respective niches varying from subjects and also tuition which are beyond academic or school syllabus.  Just click to be directed.

#2  For Tutors/Teachers
As aforementioned, this website is also mend for tutors and also tutor wannabe.  Hurry up and register here for free, if you have the passion in teaching and would like to earn extra income.  Yes it's FREE!  So what are you waiting for?

#3  Singapore
Not only domestically but has also successfully made into the Singapore home tuition industry as well.

In my opinion, as usual there are always pros and cons in anything, so here are the:

Positive facts that you could expect from tuition classes:
- provide a more conducive learning environment, thus allowing better concentration
- students are able to gain better attention from teachers, provided if the class is not too big
- parents are able to freely consult the teachers regarding their child's performance

Negative issues that might arise:
- teachers who are not well verse in a particular field
- tutors are qualified academically but not in conveying the knowledge to the students
- greenhorns that are not experience enough to guide

A gentle reminder before I end this post is always do some research before engaging yourself in any form of tutoring services.   That's all from me, do feel free to drop by their Home Tuition Job Facebook Page to stay connected with them.

Happy striving!  

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