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Saturday, March 30, 2013

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque, testing 123...

Yay!  Finally receive my parcel this afternoon from HiShop after awaiting it for 3 days. :)

  Fyi, this is my very first time shopping online myself with my own $ ><  outdated* What I have to say is that I'm really satisfied with their on time delivery service plus pink box is such a nice packaging!  The next thing why I've chosen to shop in their website is because they provide free shipping for purchase above RM50 plus you get to choose three sample items upon your purchase.  Missed out one important note which might trigger your excitement, if you purchase products at HiShop by 31st March 2013 for RM 50 & above you will have 10 entries in the run to win an Ipad Mini and above RM 100 for 50 entries.

shhss...I'm a person who always shop with a budget and when it comes to mask I'm usually a super cheapskate person and this thingy is consider expensive for me as I hardly spend more than RM 6 for a sheet and this product is RM 9 beyond my normal mask budget!  With that amount of $ I could actually buy dozens of mask from any local drugstores you know!?   Reasons why I've decided to pamper myself with this newly launched product is because of the numerous positive reviews and testimonials I've read regarding this current hot selling product.  Then I was like not bad...since it contain properties that is able to solve my trouble skin (whiteheads, blackheads, acne, visible pores..) hmm..this might be a chance for me to improvise my face complexion without going for facial! ^_^ 

  Despite all the positive reviews made, I was still doubting about it a little :P  Then I decided to made it on half side of my face first for easier and more visible comparison.   I hope I won't regret by showing you my bare face. I swear this is the worst situation ever and zits, acne, disgusting heads invaded my face due to that stupid monthly business, sleeping very late and went under the blazing sun for the whole day last week. :(   So, this jelly form mask really arrive JIT to save my day.  Don't get heart attack but yea...the picture below is me after my first application (only slight difference could be seen here but then in reality it was kinda obvious):
Nah!  Spot the difference?  No edits/filters or whatsoever editing stuffs except for the wordings & blur out eyes...
- the redness actually reduced
- fairer complexion
- firmer skin and slightly more elastic than usual

Actually I have to say that I got it for a pretty good deal though it's still a little pricey.

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque(6 packets) + 3 FREE samples of your desire choice + FREE shipping = RM 89.90

Stay tune for a more detail testimonial after I'm done using the whole pack!  Be patient and give me at least 10 more days to determine the effectiveness of this product in a more precise manner.  

oopsy, already work a little over time.  So, signing off!


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