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Saturday, March 30, 2013

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque, testing 123...

Yay!  Finally receive my parcel this afternoon from HiShop after awaiting it for 3 days. :)

  Fyi, this is my very first time shopping online myself with my own $ ><  outdated* What I have to say is that I'm really satisfied with their on time delivery service plus pink box is such a nice packaging!  The next thing why I've chosen to shop in their website is because they provide free shipping for purchase above RM50 plus you get to choose three sample items upon your purchase.  Missed out one important note which might trigger your excitement, if you purchase products at HiShop by 31st March 2013 for RM 50 & above you will have 10 entries in the run to win an Ipad Mini and above RM 100 for 50 entries.

shhss...I'm a person who always shop with a budget and when it comes to mask I'm usually a super cheapskate person and this thingy is consider expensive for me as I hardly spend more than RM 6 for a sheet and this product is RM 9 beyond my normal mask budget!  With that amount of $ I could actually buy dozens of mask from any local drugstores you know!?   Reasons why I've decided to pamper myself with this newly launched product is because of the numerous positive reviews and testimonials I've read regarding this current hot selling product.  Then I was like not bad...since it contain properties that is able to solve my trouble skin (whiteheads, blackheads, acne, visible pores..) hmm..this might be a chance for me to improvise my face complexion without going for facial! ^_^ 

  Despite all the positive reviews made, I was still doubting about it a little :P  Then I decided to made it on half side of my face first for easier and more visible comparison.   I hope I won't regret by showing you my bare face. I swear this is the worst situation ever and zits, acne, disgusting heads invaded my face due to that stupid monthly business, sleeping very late and went under the blazing sun for the whole day last week. :(   So, this jelly form mask really arrive JIT to save my day.  Don't get heart attack but yea...the picture below is me after my first application (only slight difference could be seen here but then in reality it was kinda obvious):
Nah!  Spot the difference?  No edits/filters or whatsoever editing stuffs except for the wordings & blur out eyes...
- the redness actually reduced
- fairer complexion
- firmer skin and slightly more elastic than usual

Actually I have to say that I got it for a pretty good deal though it's still a little pricey.

ePure Membranous Jelly Masque(6 packets) + 3 FREE samples of your desire choice + FREE shipping = RM 89.90

Stay tune for a more detail testimonial after I'm done using the whole pack!  Be patient and give me at least 10 more days to determine the effectiveness of this product in a more precise manner.  

oopsy, already work a little over time.  So, signing off!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just can't get enough of ABTM!

Utilizing some time to make a brief post about one of my current obsession which was abandoned in my pending posts for a few days due erm...cut* just ignore the reasons behind my mia days.  

  Finally, I've watched Ah Boys To Men Part 2!  yay!* :)  
Went to GSC Queensbay Mall to watch Director Jack Neo's awesomely hilarious yet full of emotions military based film with my family last Saturday.  Instead of their childish pranks they started to become more mature in their comeback even though they still commit those cunning schemes.  However, those emotional aspects especially the sense of humor has not been neglected which made this movie so enjoyable to watch.   

  'for nation, our country with blood, sweat & tears...'  sounds familiar?  It's the "Recruit Anthem" composed and sang by Tosh Zhang aka Sergeant Ong and his fellow comrades in the movie.  I find it really sounded as patriotic as Malaysia's Faizal Tahir's "Gemuruh Jiwa" which potentially brought out the oomph/fiery enthusiasm of the NS trainees to serve the nation.   In addition, the chorus and rap part is kinda catchy type which made it extra addictive!   Superb loving it!  Really can't wait for Part 3 to be released! (Idk how many times I've been saying this :P)   Just an extra info for you guys who are also fans of Joshua aka Recruit Ken Chong, you can actually stalk him at his personal blog and as for Tosh his personal YouTube Channel which is also my current like to visit pages whenever I open my browser. ;)  One more thing I've found out in ABTM2 cast, remember the army officer who made his appearance holding food in hand while the boys are training in the jungle?  His actually a blogger who is known as mrbrown

What's this?
STEADY LAR!  It's the ost. of ABTM aka"Recruit's Anthem"

  Guess it's about time for me to sign off and get my chores done.  Before that, just let me update a little on my current mood which is almost similar to the below MV.  I've been trawling over blog shops and e-commerce websites for the past few days and I bought something on sorta good deal, so now I'm just waiting for the parcel to arrive at my doorstep. teehee*!  exited cuz this is probably my first time buying online for and by myself ;)

  If you want to know what did I grab online, do stay tune for my upcoming posting.  'please...Mr. Postman'  humming* deliver my parcel!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jocelyn's 19th birthday celebration

Back to blogging before I'm off to bed.  Gotta sleep earlier tonight because couch potato has actually woke up before the sun rose and went for a solo jog this morning, thus fatigue is already starting to overpower me.  

Right now is 11.45pm & I've posted that 16 hours ago (what time is it?  Do the counting by yourself :P) which was right after I've reached home climbing the staircase half way (lol! thought of challenging myself to climb till my level but till level six, my legs were already feeble :P epic fail lo)
  Honestly I couldn't remembered when was the last time I workout & sweat till this extent.  Parents were wondering why on Earth I've woke up so early cuz usually they don't have the opportunity to see me in the morning(zzZZ) ever since I stepped out from the typical school goers life.  Btw, did it for the sake of building my poor stamina a little before I go for jungle tracking or else I'm afraid that I might just die out of breath lo choi!* believe or not I also did this to distress myself & bring myself back to serenity.   Felt kinda relieve after doing so. :)

Now back to the topic I'm suppose to blog about which is Jocelyn's 19th birthday celebration
Birthday girl & me in the car
 Once again we manage to celebrate with her but this time it's on the actual day :)  Last year's celebration(click to link). Happy Birthday or I should say Happy Belated Birthday now to the her who had just turned nineteen!  Basically, we did almost the same thing like what we did for last year, which was karaoke-ing again at Red Box.  We probably sang or screamed loudly till our voice became harsh at the end of the day for certain songs.  STEADY LAR!  has became the phrase of the day sia, we also sang our current obsession aka Ah Boy's To Men's Recruits Anthem.  I'm super in love with the rapping part by Tosh Zhang aka Sergeant Ong!  OMG!  I just can't wait to watch ABTM2!!  Headed over to Straits Quay's Starbucks after we had our dinner at James Foo.  I think the only difference for her birthday celebration is we have a longer time to chit chat yet it's still kinda insufficient!  Guess good times always pass rapidly...but then glad that all of us did enjoy chilling & chit chatting about random topics (clubbing stuffs??  etc. & of course repeated NS story as usual since all of us were ex-trainees)  

Group picha!

Goodnight peeps!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paying Tribute ~ "Flashbacks of NS"

Hello readers!

   Time really flies.  So, it has already been a year since I've completed the National Service(NS) during the gap period after SPM yet I'm still here to talk about it.  No matter how strenuous those training were, numerous uneasy moments, etc. till today I still miss those days.  Sometimes when I look back at those pictures my eyes somehow brimmed with tears, no joke* and History of kept on repeating during our NS BFF's gathering.  Since when I've been such an emotional person, I'm really unaware of it? 

  Bet you guys already know about Director Jack Neo's latest box office production aka Ah Boys to Men Part 2 which is a military based film if not please go and keep yourself updated.  If you are selected to serve NS or an ex-trainee especially, you should not miss watching this awesome film!!!  I just can't wait to watch it!!!  rawrs* and it was kinda regretful for not being able to attend their Penang fan meeting last Saturday due to some circumstances :(  Hopefully they will be here again to promote ABTM in future as I'm already anticipating it though I haven't watch ABTM2.  

  Actually my main point today is just to share a video I've made to pay tribute to NS in accordance with the one year anniversary as an ex-trainee but then I don't know why I've been blabbering so much?  So, here you go:
Flashbacks of NS

Songs that I've inserted in this video:
1. Hijau by Zainal Abidin ~ Just like the birds' chirping intro
2. Antonio Vivaldi ~ Spring was just one of my favourite classical/instrumental song so I just inserted it here :)
3. 那些年 by 胡夏 cut the piano intro

4. 分享 by 伍思凯 chorus ~ kinda outdated song but whatever it is I'm basically using this 
song to express my humble gratitude :P 
5. OST City Hunter's "Suddenly"(click for lyrics meaning) by Kim Bo Kyung ~ my obsession!  Felt that the lyrical somehow sync so..
6. OST City Hunter's "So Goodbye"(click for lyrics meaning) by Shinee's Jonghyun ~ the lyrics somehow mention partly of what I want to express through this video

Re-posting from my ex-blog:

Title: Hip Happenings during my indifferent holidays at KEM PLKN SRI KANDI, KUALA MUDA, KEDAH (click to be directed)

"STUPID NS!!!!  OF ALL PEOPLE U SELECT ME FOR WHAT???, KENA JACKPOT PUN BO AH NEH ZUN" < that was among my famous quotes once I saw :

Sistem Semakan Penempatan Pelatih PLKN
Kumpulan 1 Siri 9/2012












1-Jan-12 (LAPOR DIRI on NEW YEAR DAY???  WTH is this????)

9:30 PAGI

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home Tuition ~ because education is everything

Having a hard time coping with your studies or looking for an opportunity to become a tutor?  If that so, this post is mend for you!

Allow me to share with you my personal experience on how a good and compatible tutor could change your academic performance.  Reflecting back to those days when I was in my lower secondary days, especially during Form Two, I didn't or I should say never concentrate during school Mathematics lessons because I dislike the boring teaching method of my subject teacher yet never enroll myself for tuition class and worst of all I don't have someone to guide me through studiously.  As a consequence, my results totally flopped and I guess I was the one with the lowest score in class.  So not cool right?   However, I think I should not put the blame entirely on that particular teacher as I am the one at fault for being ignorant.  Lucky thing after facing the music from my mum, I've came to realise that if I continue to be that way I'll definitely ruin my PMR as well as my future.  Since that day onwards, I've been attending tuition class for Mathematics nearby my residential area from a home tutor after the recommendation of my mum's colleague.  The beginning of the lessons have been quite tough for me to deal with as my basics were weak and Mathematics is a subject which you somehow need to practice frequently.  Thank God all my strugglings and efforts paid out handsomely.  Imagine your 'red inked' grade had improved till Ace!  I was really jumping for joy at that time even though it was just a school based assessment but it seriously means a lot to me and helped me to regain my confidence to strive.  

Now lets get back to the main point, just wondering if any of you have came across this website called   For your information, this website is a specialised hub for students as well as tutors.  It is actually a web portal which provides services such as... look at the pictures below to get a better idea:
The Homepage of
#1  For Parents/Students
Parents who are constantly dealing with hectic schedules and students with tied up activities.  If you are having a hard time to search for quality tutors, fret not!  I suggest you to try your luck here as they provides impressive service which includes helping clients to match tutors and students according to the details as shown in the below picture.  
Hesitate not as those tutors have their respective niches varying from subjects and also tuition which are beyond academic or school syllabus.  Just click to be directed.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mani Monday ~ DIY Ombre Nails

Having Monday blues?  I used to have it practically every week when I was still schooling but now,  Mondays are just so wonderful for me including today because no one will have the chance to interrupt my soundly sleep till my biological clock rings me and I get to do whatever I like and enjoy doing as long as I've completed those household chores:)  Basically my daily routine is just watch TV > surfing the net(blog, blog stalk, watch videos...) > clean > cook > read..??  How good if this kind of days would last forever...better NOT or else my mind will rot and officially become a white elephant existing!  If that is so, by the time I return to pursue my tertiary education I'm gonna be like the dumbest mammal among my peers ><   Rather than talking rots, I shall start occupying my time to avoid that kind nightmare from happening!  

Just wondering what you guys did for today, I bet it should be a productive day, right?   As for me, today is a Mani Monday as I've DIY my nails while watching TV this morning.  Actually I was planning to do Marble Nails instead of this but then haha...that thingy just failed messily so...

 Here's my DIY three colours ombre nails ;)
First timer so if it's not that prefect...still excusable la :P
Of all nail arts, I think this is probably the easiest to be done.  So here you go with some baby steps:

Gather all those tools you need before you start.
Tip:  Leave the nail polish caps open.

Select at least two of your desire colours in order to bring out the gradient effect.
I'm using yellow, beige & hot pink
Next, just use your sponge to get the colours and dab it lightly onto your nails.
Tip:  Use a sponge with smoother surface(something like the nail buffer surface) in order to get a smooth texture.

Don't worry if it's slightly messy.  Just wet the cotton buds with nail remover and clean the around the edges.

I suggest you to invest in a better performance top coat & layer it on top of the coloured nails when it's at least 80% dry & just wait for it to dry up.  This time instead of my 'capelang' top coat, I'm using 'Skin Food's Nail Vita Crystal Pearl Top Coat'.

Close-up of my ombre nails
This is my first attempt in doing ombre nails.  So what do you think of this nail art?  

Nail art inspired by Qiu Qiu after I saw her tweetpic
Blog title inspired by 'Manic Monday' song by The Bangles cuz I think it kinda rhymes

Hope you guys enjoy this simple nail art tutorial!  waves goodbye*

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just a random & brief declaration

woohooo!  Exam is finally over :)

Raisins endorsement?  
Nah!  Just random captions when I was revising for MUET ytd, when I actually believed that raisins could work wonders and make me cleverer overnight.  cuckoo* :P  In fact, according to researchers, raisins DO HELP to improve memory k!  Benefits of raisins are even stated in the erm...ok fine.. I could not remember the exact place I've read but I am pretty sure sharpening memory is one of raisins' benefits.  You could just Google it up if you wanna try to proof me wrong.  

"Life is really unpredictable"

Speaking frankly I didn't expect myself to leave the life of a Sixth Form Student and will be hopping into college soon before seeing my STPM first semester's results.  This sort of decision is really not easy to be made especially when you are having contrary reasons within yourself but then in life we should really learn how to make up our mind.  As a result, I have finally concluded my hesitation with a no turning back decision.  I don't know whether this is really the right path for me but since I have chosen this way I shall make things right rather than getting myself back into dilemma.  After all making things right is just a pre-determinant towards a right decision.  Agree?

Upcoming posts which have been in my pending posts for some time:
1. smtg abt NS
2. ABTM..
3. ....
actually I still have not decide which one to publish first, guess I'll just let my mood decide.  So peeps if you wanna find out, stay tuned!

With the below #lastpicinschuniform, I shall say goodnight and sweet dreams readers! 


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