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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vegetarian Lunch @ JenxDan Lifestyle

Another food entry for this time...

I just  having meat-free meals occasionally especially when I've been a carnivore for a certain period to transform myself into an omnivore at least.  How about you?  If you intend to go on vegetarian someday, this post is for you!

Planned to go for lunch at Harvest Inn Cafe but then it was really packed during lunch hours and we were too hungry to wait.  In the end we dined at JenxDan Lifestyle (click to link) again.  This is actually my second visit to the place and besides Lily, it's also my current favourite vegetarian restaurant which servings are more to Western & Fusion more than typical Chinese dishes.

Chilled Fruit Punch is one of my all time fav. beverage  as I just love drinks with zesty flavour :)
Mummy's warm Roselle
According to her it's tasted something like blackcurrant  with a minimal salty taste
Egg-less Strawberry Cheesecake
I don't quit like artificial strawberry flavouring as it tend to remind me of the stupid fever liquid medicine..ill.yucks!    However  I could still tolerate with this slice, maybe I was to hungry at that time(ate the cake before having my main meal)???  & this was the only choice left so...whatever lar beggars can't be choosy.
Only Veg. Sushi
grated carrots, cucumber, beetroot, lettuce, seaweed & smtg like glass noodles, veg.  ham in the roll to be eaten with wasabi and soya sauce.  The reason I love this is because of the crunchy veg. wrapped with the seaweed.
can't really rmb the name, it should be smtg. carbonara I guess basically it just tasted like normal cream of carbonara sauce, not really special but then I like the 口感(not sure if u guys understand what I mean?) of this serving. 
Vegetarian fish in creamy ginger lemon sauce to be eaten with brown rice.  So healthy right?   yay!  My fav veg is included :)   The slight lemon flavour actually neutralize the entire creamy gravy to a minimal level and made it more appetizing than just plain creamy.
Spaghetti ~ ps. forget the name again
not too sour not too sweet, just nice!  broccoli + cherry tomatoes.  No wonder I've to order this.
Pumpkin soup ~ ps. forget to snap picture for this one.  The taste was not too bad but it was too thick till we have to ask them to add some water to liquefy the soup which was kinda jam-like at first.

JenxDan Lifestyle
Store location: 21 Jalan Chow Thye,10050 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

Bye readers!  

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