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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

It is so not a great timing to talk about food at this time because it somehow triggers your desire of wanting to eat!  Worst of all it tends to make your stomach growl but then I am still doing it in order to avoid procrastination.

Close-up of the signature Taiwanese Dessert
Black soya ice+Taro Q Balls(sweet potato...)+Baby Pearls+Peanuts

This bowl of 'Black Soya Series Taiwanese Dessert' from Snow House 雪花坊 @ Precinct 10 totally satisfied my longing for Taiwanese Dessert!  The vibrant colours of the ingredients and the fragrance of the peanuts already made it looked so mouth-watering.  Moreover the concoction of a portion of aromatic peanuts, sweet potato flavored Taro Q balls and chewy baby pearls as the toppings of the refreshing soya ice with an add on drizzle of milk, mmm...such a delightful dessert!  If you are a dessert maniac like me who can actually replace meals with desserts, what are you waiting for?  Do drop by Snow House which I highly recommend and I bet you will spoil yourself with the variety available on the menu there.  Besides, I do hope that you guys will relish every spoonful like I did the other day!  :)

Zombie blogger signing off!  Bye!

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